Scott Steiner on grudge with WWE: “You’ve gotta let it go”

Apr 23, 2022 - by James Walsh

In an interview with The Detroit News, Scott Steiner spoke about letting his past issue with the WWE go, which included accepting an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Here are highlights:

On playing a heel: “I actually appreciated the boos more than I enjoyed the cheers. It was a lot more fun, and it just fit my personality then. It was a lot easier for me to piss people off.”

On the ‘Big Poppa Pump’ character: “I knew I had to go in a totally different direction. So I just totally flipped the switch. In amateur wrestling, you really didn’t talk too much trash. Wrestling is a humbling experience: if you get too big, you’ll get beat. So I had always had that mindset. But after awhile, once I saw everything in the business, the politics, I had a totally different mindset than when I broke in. I had a whole different attitude, it was more of a rage. And that’s what came out.”

On wearing chainmail: “I saw it one day, I liked it, and I wore it out to the ring. It was really that simple.”

On letting his grudge against WWE go: “You’ve gotta let it go, you can’t harbor all the bad feelings. You’ve gotta grow up.”

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