Rebellion PPV, Impact Wrestling 4/23/22

Apr 23, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight at 8PM for live results from Impact Wrestling’s PPV, Rebellion Impact World Champion, Moose will face Josh Alexander in the main event.

The Pre Show also begins at 7:30 PM and we will cover that right here as well.

Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rehwoldt are once again on the call.

Match 1.  Eddie Edwards (Honor No More) VS Chris Bey (Bullet Club)

The members Honor No More walked out with Edwards, but quickly left the arena.  Bey enters on his own.  Bey annoys Eddie with a quick arm drag.  Bey takes a shoulder block, then scissors Eddie to the mat.  Eddie lands a stiff chop.  Bey then eats a atomic drop and belly to belly combo.  Bey takes a chop and fights his way out the corner.  He then hits a few spin kicks and ultimately spin kicks him from the ring.  He then launches himself to the floor on Edwards.  The fans are firmly behind Bey.  Eddie thumbs the eye and then hits a big knee strike for a two count.  Eddie then taunts the sell out crowd.  He then rakes the eyes, while choking Bey over the ropes.  Bey gets to his feet and hits a knee strike and chop of his own.  Bey heads to the top and clotheslines Eddie to the mat.  Bey gets a quick two count after another kick to the head.  Bey then starts laying in “Bey Kicks.”  Bey reverses a tiger driver into a destroyer.  Eddie catches Bey on the top rope and hits a backpack stunner.  Bey kicks out at two.  This is awesome chants are already loud.  The two trade blows.  Bey hits a superman punch and then a cutter.  Eddie kicks out at two.  That was a counter to the blue thunder.  Bey takes a tiger driver but kicks out.  Eddie then hits the death valley driver and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Eddie Edwards.

Match 2.  The Influence, Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne, Knockouts World Tag Team Champions VS The Inspiration, Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay

The match starts off with all ladies brawling.  The Influence is in control.  Madison gets a few pin attempts on Cassie and then tags in Tenille.  Dashwood doesn’t keep the advantage and Lee gets a two count off a scissors.  Tenille then hits a backslide and drops Cassie on her head.  Jessie and Madison enter and Jessie gets the best of both of The Influence.  She gets a two count on Rayne.  Cassie knees Rayne from the outside.  She then tags in and gets another two count.  Madison hits a backbreaker and Dashwood hits a splash.  Cassie kicks out at two.  Madison throws in one of the belts.  Cassie spin kicks the belt into Dashwood’s face, but she only gets a two count again.  Madison break up a double team.  The Influence hit the Ka-Lab and it is over.

Winners.  The Influence

Main Card 

Match 1.  Jay White (Bullet Club) VS Chris Sabin VS Steve Maclin

The feed is really bad right now.  We have the Spanish announce team speaking and English announcers commenting over each other.  Not Good.

Maclin gets thown from the ring on White.  Sabin kicks both from the apron and planchas on Maclin.  Maclin back in the ring, takes out Sabin and clotheslines White on the floor.  He then suplexes him on the apron.  Maclin goes back on the apron, but Sabin dropkicks him.  He then gets reversed suplexed on the apron by White.  This match is awesome already.  I had to turn off the volume.  Back in the ring, White chops Sabin and suplexes him onto Maclin.  Sabin blocks another suplex, but takes a back breaker.  White is really focusing on one body part, the back.  He whips Sabin in the corner.  Maclin interjects, giving Sabin time to go to the top and splash them both. Maclin lariats White from the ring.  Sabin hits a backdrop on Maclin and another on the returning White.  Sabin then DDT’s Jay.  Maclin is shook, but cracks Sabin from behind.  Jay gets to his feet and suplexes Sabin and sidewalk slams Maclin.  Jay then chops Sabin repeatedly.  Sabin ends up on top rope, Jay joins him.  He ends up in the tree of woe.  Maclin then puts Sabin in the tree in the other corner.  He spears Jay, but misses Sabin on the other side and lands on the floor hard.  Sabin goes right after Jay.  Jay reverses and hits a half and half.  Sabin hits a cradle shock, goes for the pin, but Maclin sneaks behind Sabin and rolls him up.

Winner.  Steve Maclin

Josh Alexander is backstage with his wife and son.  She tells him he has trained for this for 16 years.  She says she is there with her son to show everyone he is ready.  Scott D’Amore shows up and tells him to take Moose’s belt, but don’t let anger get the best of him.  Josh’s wife agrees.

Match 2.  Deonna Purrazzo (ROH and AAA Women’s World Champion) VS Taya Valkyrie  (This match is for the AAA Women’s Championship)

Taya heads out first.  Purrazzo heads out next.  She has both belts, even though she is only being challenged for the AAA belt.  Tom Hannifan mentions Valkyrie heading “elsewhere,” and not getting a return match when she dropped the title a year ago.  Taya hits a arm drag and a series of dropkicks.  She then starts chopping Deonna in the corner.  Deonna tries to fight back, but takes another suplex and knee strikes.  Valkyrie then tries to tie Deonna up on the ring poll on the floor, but Purrazzo slams her head into it.  Back in the ring, Deonna drops a series of knees into the back and locks on a rear chin lock.  Taya gets to her feat and tries forearms, but Deonna locks on an arm bar after a leg sweep.  Taya breaks the hold.  The match spills to the outside.  The two knock each other off their feet.  Deonna then backs Taya into the apron hard.  They both struggle to get in the ring.  They start going at it strong style.  Valkyrie is proving to be the heavier hitter.  She knees Deonna and sidewalk slams her.  Taya then takes a knee to the face.  Deonna hits a standing moonsault.  She rolls into an arm bar.  Taya squirms to the ropes to force a break.  Taya and Deonna end up on the top rope.  Taya slips out and hits a sit out powerbomb.  She then locks on a crossface crab hold.  Very cool move.  Deonna gets to the ropes.  Purrazzo then hits a suplex for a one count.  Purrazzo then goes for a piledriver, but Taya gets free and and hits a reverse suplex, face plant.  We have a new champion after the pin.

Winner and New AAA Women’s Champion, Taya Valkyrie

Tasha Steelz is backstage with Gia.  She directs her first words at Taya, and tells her she has the title, not a title.  She then turns her words to Rosemary.  She says she will be Knockouts Champion after their match.

Triple Threat Match for the X-Division Championship.  Ace Austin VS Trey Miguel (champion) VS Mike Bailey

Bailey is fresh off his turning on Ace Austin last Thursday.  He is a martial arts expert and ready to get out of Ace’s shadow.  Trey comes out next.  The Champion is playing to the crowd.

Ace is attacked by both participants to start the match.  Bailey and Trey take turns kicking him as he lay prone on the mat.  They quickly turn on each other with a few roll up pin attempts.  Ace recovers and the 3 go on a kick tear.  The speed of this match is insane.  The flips, kicks and acrobatics are off the chart.  Trey clotheslines Ace on the floor from the mat.  Bailey and Trey go at it in the ring.  Ace interjects and catches a leaping Trey and powerbombs him onto Bailey.  Incredible move set.  Ace then mares Bailey.  they then trade blows, Ace wins the exchange until Trey interjects.  Bailey misses a wizard on Trey, but Trey planchas Ace on the floor.  Bailey with a sliced bread on Trey, Ace tosses Bailey to the floor and gets a two count on Trey.  Bailey then this a ridiculous gainer off the ropes to the floor on Ace, only to get body blocked by Trey.  This is a spotfest of the highest degree.  Trey heads to the top and Ace meets him.  They jockey for position.  Bailey joins and lauches Ace backwards.  Bailey then moonsault stomps Trey, who was draped over Ace.  Bailey hits a wizard kick, then a inverted moonsault on Ace from the second rope.  This may be the craziest match I have ever seen.  Bailey kicks Ace, Trey rolls up Bailey, Ace breaks it up.  Trey heads to the top and hits a Meteaoria but Bailey kicks out.  Ace hits the fold and we have a new champion.  Incredible pin of Trey.

Winner and New X Division Champion, Ace Austin

Honor No More cut a quick promo telling everyone how they will beat the Bullet Club.  

Match 3.  Jonah Vs Tomohiro Ishii

This promises to be an absolute slugfest.  These two are not fancy, but will beat the hell out of each other.

Ishii is out last, in a show of respect.  The two stare at each other for a while and meet nose to nose in the ring and then start trading blows strong style.  They are not wasting any time.  Neither can take each other off their feet until Jonah finally hits a shoulder block off the ropes.   Jonah drops him again and then starts stomping Ishii in the face.  He locks on a rear chin lock.  Jonah is doing a good job of laying all his weight on Tomohiro.  Jonah stays in control, but Ishii gets to his feet.  Jonah backs him into the corner, but Ishii fights his way out.  After a kick to the midsection, Ishii tries for a suplex, Jonah blocks hit and slams him.  Ishii stands right up and knocks Jonah to the mat with a clothesline.  Jonah recovers and the two trade about twenty chops.  Jonah hits a series of shoulder blocks and a splash in the corner.  Jonah declares the win and says it is over.  He sets Ishii up in the rack, but Ishii elbows hout.  He then starts chopping the knees of Jonah out from under him.  He fails at another suplex and Jonah racks him and hits a flying slam for a two count.  Ishii then hits a back suplex on Jonah off the ropes.  Jonah’s momentum made the move even more pronounced.  Ishii hits a series of lariats.  Jonah nevers goes down and hits one of his own.  Ishii finally hits a lariat that takes Jonah off his feet.  Ishii hits a wizard kick.  Jonah hits a tackle.  Jonah takes Ishii down with a powerbomb for a two count.  He then hits a clothesline for a two count.  Ishii then eats a spear.  Jonah misses a top rope splash and Ishii gets a two count.  Ishii hits a series of headbuts and then hits a vertical suplex that shocks the crowd.  He gets a three count.

Winner.  Tomohiro Ishii

Match 4.  8 Team Elimination Challenge Match

The Major Players, Matt Cardona and Brian Myers head out first with Chelsea Green.  Cardona is the current Digital Media World Champion and NWA World Champion.  They will face Jordynne Grace and W. Morrissey to start us off.  Myers and Grace begin.  Grace kicks Myers and starts elbowing him right from the start.  She then hits a massive vertical suplex.  Morrissey tags in as does Cardona.  W takes Cardona down with kicks, splashes and a sidewalk slam.  Grace tags in and she hits a powerbomb with a helpful big boot from Morrissey.  Morrissey chokeslams both Myers and Cardona next.  Grace planchas them both on the floor.  W follows Myers outside, Cardona makes the save, but then gets thrown into the barricade.  Green slaps Morrissey, but he then powerbombs her threw a table.  Cardona loses it and tries to console his bride.  Myers throws up the X sign and The Good Brothers enter the arena.  Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows hit the ring.  I guess the ref DQ’d W and Grace.  The Good Brothers hit a quick Magic Killer on Myers and they are eliminated.  Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice head out next.  Dice immediately gets pounded by the Good Brothers.  One Magic Killer and Dice is done.  Swinger loses it on Dice and verbally and physically punishes him out of the arena.  Up next Rich Swann and Willie Mack enter.   This should be a better match.  They go on the advantage right from the beginning.  Swann hits a kick to the head of Anderson after a head scissors.  Mack tags in and works Karl over in the corner.  Swann tags back in and hits a clothesline, but Mack hits one right after.  Swann gets a two count.  Anderson rakes the eyes in defense and tags in Doc.  Gallows misses an elbow and gets kicked in the face by Swann.  Doc recovers and hits a big boot off the ropes.  The match slows down as he works over Swann in the corner.  The Bullet Club start working the crowd.  Gallows hits a vertical suplex after holding Swann up for about 20 seconds.  He continues to pound of him with punches.  He tags in Anderson, who lays in the boots.  Eventually he locks on a headlock on the mat.  Swann gets to his feet.  Anderson misses a splash after a whip into the corner.  Gallows tags in and drops an elbow on Swann.  He then hits about 5 more and locks on a rear chin lock.  Swann hits a chin buster and makes the tag.  Mack attacks Anderson, who tagged in.  Anderson then takes a Samoan Drop.  Mack then hits a moonsault for a two count. He wants a stunner, but Anderson hits a spine buster for a two count.  Gallows enters.  Swann makes the save and Mack hits a pop up punch on Anderson after knocking Gallows to the floor.  Mack goes to the top, but Anderson meets him.  Anderson falls, but Gallows grabs Mack’s leg.  He falls badly.  Swann gets taken out by Gallows.  Magic Killer on Mack and they are eliminated.  The Good Brothers will now face Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.  Honor No More is all at ringside.  Anderson goes for a suplex, but his leg is held and Taven lands on him and gets the pin.  The Good Brothers start taking everyone out on the outside with Magic Killers.  They are still made to look strong in defeat.  Heath and Rhino head out next.  Rhino works on Bennett in the corner.  Heath tags in and they double team Mike.  Heath whips Bennett and Maria distracts him.  Taven tags in and hits a swinging neck breaker on Heath.  Bennett tags in and the two crossbody each other.  Rhino and Taven tag in and the Man Beast hits a spear.  Bennett interferes and Taven hits a spring board crossbody for two.  All four are in the ring, Rhino spears Taven again and gets the pin.  Lastly, the Impact World Tag Team Champions, Violent by Design enter.  Deaner will accompany Joe Doering and Eric Young.  The champs look fresh and take an early advantage.  Joe and EY methodically control the offense in a slow paced manner.  Rhino finally blocks a splash and he and EY trade a clothesline out of the corner.  Heath tags in and takes it to EY.  He uses leg and regular lariats to do the work.  He then hits a neck breaker for a two count.  Doering takes the match to the outside.  EY attacks Heath from behind and gets a two count back in the ring.  Heath powerslams EY for a two count.  Doering made the save.  Rhine sets up the Gore on EY.  Doering breaks it up and slams his head into the corner post.  EY  gets backdroped by Heath.  EY then hits a piledriver and gets the pin on Heath.

Winners and still Impact World Tag Team Champions, VBD.

Knockouts Women’s World Title Match.  Rosemary (with Havok) VS Tasha Steelz (Champion) (with Savanah Evans)

The Champion enters last.  Rosemary attacks Steelz before the bell.  Rosemary locks on the octopus in the ropes.  She then uses a clothesline and reverse chin lock to gain an advantage.  Steelz bails to the outside and smacks Havok.  Havok fights back and gets kicked out of the arena.  Rosemary greets Havok on her way out.  As she turns back to the ring, Steelz leaps from the ring and lands on her.  Steelz stays in control on the outside, using the apron on Rosemary’s back.  Back in the ring, Steelz whips Rosemary to the corner.  She then uses a swift kick to get a one count.  Steelz hits a back cracker next.  Evans is still outside in Tasha’s corner.  Rosemary loses it and bites Steelz on the rear.  The two start trading blows in the center of the ring and then collide.  Rosemary gets to her feet first.  She hits a series of running clotheslines.  After a fisherman’s suplex, she misses a splash and Steelz knees her in the face.  Rosemary hits a running back elbow, then a unprettier for two.  Steelz hits a thrust kick and springboard DDT for a two count.  Steelz distract the ref, Savanah punts her and Steelz gets a two count.  Rosemary then hits a Samoan Drop for two.  Steelz misses a splash.  Rosemary spews green mist at Savanah and spears Steelz for a two count.  Steelz hits a cutter off the top rope and gets the pin.

Winner and still Knockouts Women’s World Champion, Tasha Steelz

Havok runs back in the arena before Steelz and Savanah can do more damage.

Main Event.  Match 5.  Impact World Champion, Moose VS Josh Alexander (with his son in full dad wrestling gear)

Very cute seeing the son dressed like his father.  Moose heads out next.

The two stand toe to toe mid ring and jaw jack each other.  Naturally, Josh uses a fireman’s takeover to start the match.  Josh outwrestles the Champion for the first few minutes, so much that Moose bails to the floor to stop the momentum.  He re-enters and Josh stays right on the attack with a series of knees.  Moose then gets hip tossed to the floor.  Josh attacks him when Moose starts yelling at Josh’s wife.  Moose throws Josh into the corner post and then back in the ring.  Moose slows the pace down now and uses chops and a backdrop.  The fans seems somewhat split in the arena, but they are invested.  Moose and Josh spill to the floor and this time Moose hits the corner post.  He recovers and takes Josh off his feet and then swings him by the legs, into the barricade.  Moose drags Josh back in and locks on the abdominal stretch.  Josh hip tosses out and uses a series of punt kicks to gain an advantage.  Eventually Moose goes down and Josh stomps him repeatedly.  Moose tries to bail twice, but Josh is just relentless and won’t let up.  After tossing Moose back in a second consecutive time, Josh goes for the C4.  Moose breaks the hold, but gets rag tagged in the corner.  Josh then hits a series of belly to back suplexes.  He hit 10 in a row without letting go of Moose’s waist.  Josh failed in another C4 attempt and got backdropped.  Moose then hits a sit out powerbomb.  He was too tired to make a cover.  Moose misses a spear, but punt kicks Josh.  He then goes for a splash and Josh ducks it and locks on a anklelock.  Moose gets to the ropes.  They both get to their feet and yell at each other and begin throwing chops.  This goes on for a few minutes.   Josh finally goes down, but gets right back up and tries again.  Moose takes him down again, but Josh gets back up.  Moose chokeslams him, Josh gets back up swinging.   He hits the C4, but Moose gets his foot on the ropes before the 3 count.  Josh is feeling it now.  He sets up the C4 again, but Moose backs him into the corner and starts biting his forehead.  Moose puts Josh on the top rope and follows him.  He then hits a superplex for a two count.  Moose goes a spear, Josh catches him and transitions into a Styles clash.  He then locks on a leglock.  Moose low blows his way free while the ref looked the other way.  Moose then violently rams Josh into the corner and spears him.  Josh kicks out at a long two.  Moose gets up slowly and starts stomping Josh.  He is exhausted.  he decides to rip off the top buckle pad and then buckle bombs Josh on it.  Josh then hits a slam out of nowhere.  He sets up the C4 and gets the pin.

Winner and NEW Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

Josh’s wife and son join him in the ring post match.  The have a nice moment.  The fans chant, “You deserve it.”  The show ends.

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