Impact Report 4/21/22

Apr 21, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rehwoldt are on the call.

After a brief recap of last week show, featuring Jonah dismantling PCO, the show begins.

Match 1.  Violent By Design, Eric Young and Deaner, with Joe Doering (Impact World Tag Team Champions) VS Decay, Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus (NON-TITLE MATCH)

Taurus lights up Deaner with chops and uppercuts to start the match.  EY hits Taurus from behind and Deaner capitalizes.  EY and Deaner make a few quick tags and kick and punch Taurus repeatedly.  Steve tags in and bites Deaner to gain an advantage for his team.  He then cannonballs Deaner in the corner.  He then hits a swinging DDT from the top rope, but EY drops an elbow from the top rope to break up the count.  Doering starts mixing it up with Taurus on the outside.  EY uses the flag on Steve and Deaner gets the pin.

Winners by pinfall.  VBD.

We get a hype promo for the title match this weekend between World Champion, Moose and Josh Alexander at Rebellion.

Backstage Savanah Evans and Knockouts Champion, Tasha Steelz attack Rosemary and Havok, while they were nursing Steve and Taurus.

Brian Myers, Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona, The Digital Media World Champion, head out to the ring next.  It was just last week that Myers continued his personal attacks at W. Morrissey.  Cardona grabs the mic.  He says the Major Players are here.  He tells the ECW arena is the Death Match King.  He says he carries titles all over the world, but now he wants to be World Tag Team Champions.  Brian says this version of himself is the best yet.  Chelsea declares they are the strongest unit in professional wrestling.  She brags about taking out W. Morrissey.  Myers declares themselves the most decorated team in the company and they are taking over.  Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke, The Full-Blooded Italians, head out to the ring.  Guido talks down to the the Major Players and tells them never disrespect the fans or this building.  A brawl breaks out.  Guido challenges Cardona to a match for the Digital Media Championship.

Match 2.  Little Guido (with Tony Mamaluke) VS Digital Media World Champion, Matt Cardona (with Chelsea Green and Brian Myers)

Guido starts the match with a takedown and then matt wrestles Cardona for a few mins.  Cardona is clearly frustrated.  The match spills to the floor, Cardona connects with a low blow.  Cardona then dropkicks Guido from the ring apron to the floor.  Matt then drags Guido back in the ring, only to choke him on the ropes.  After a highback drop, Cardona starts taunting the crowd more.  He gets a two count.  Matt misses a splash.  Guido with a leg sweep and basement dropkick.  He then hits the Sicilian Slice, but Cardona kicks out at two.  After a low blow, Cardona hits the Radio Silence and gets the win.

Winner by pinfall, Digital Media World Champion, Matt Cardona

Myers and Cardona get a table and put it in the ring.  Cardona leans it into the corner.  W. Morrissey comes out to a big pop.  He takes out Matt, but Chelsea crotches him from behind.  Jordynne Grace stops Myers from power bombing W. threw the table.  Grace takes out Cardona next.  W. Morrissey then chokeslams Cardona threw the table.   Grace and Morrissey celebrate and raise the ECW legends arms in the ring.

Honor No More cut a brief promo backstage calling out the Bullet Club.

Jonah has a vignette declaring victory over PCO and he is ready for Tomohiro Ishii at Rebellion.

Match 3.  Gabriel Rodriquez VS Shera (with Raj Singh)

Double chokeslam.  This match is over.

Winner.  Shera

Scott D’Amore and Moose are shown backstage.  Moose is complaining he has to apologize Josh Alexander and his family for what he did going to their home.

Match 4.  Honor No More, Matt Taven, Vincent, Mike Bennett and Kenny King (with Maria Kanellis and Eddie Edwards) VS Bullet Club, Chris Bey, Jay White, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson

PCO is noticeably absent from ringside.  Anderson takes to Vincent right from the beginning.  He batters him around the ring and tags in Gallows.   Vincent rakes the eyes and tags in Bennett.  Gallows and Bennett go at it and tag in White and Taven.  The fans want to see this, and they start yelling loudly.  Taven takes down White and both make the tag after the brief exchange.  Bey and King tag in and Bey catches King with a beautiful sunset flip.  King then tags in Bennett and he hits a brain buster on Bey.  Vincent tags in and chokes Bey, keeping him in their corner.  Taven tags back in and lays in some deep chops.  He then hits a corkscrew neck breaker.  Anderson tags in and clotheslines Taven a few times.  Bennett trips Anderson on the outside.  Anderson stands up and waves at Maria.  Taven dives to the outside, and we go to break.

Anderson hits a spinebuster on Bennett as we return.  Jay White enters as does Vincent.  White hits a DDT and a inverted atomic drop and DDT to Kenny King.  White then hits a spinning suplex for a two count.  Vincent blocks a suplex and hits a russian leg sweep.  Both are slow to get up, but they make tags to Gallows and Bennett.  Gallows hits a running shoulder block and then kick.  Anderson tags in and Taven makes the save.  White enters and the match breaks down into a full blown spot fest.  Chris Bey goes to the air and dives to the outside.  He was so high in the air. He is an incredible athlete.  Bennett takes a Magic Killer in the ring and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Bullet Club

The two teams bark at each other.  This story is far from over.

Steve Maclin has a vignette backstage.  He calls out Chris Sabin and Jay White.  He says he will beat them both at Rebellion.  

The Inspiration are shown backstage.  They claim they will regain their championships this weekend.

Taya Valkyrie is then shown and says she will regain her AAA Womens Championship at Rebellion when she faces Deonna Purrazzo.

Match 5.  Mikc Bailey and Ace Austin VS Laredo Kid and Trey Miguel

Ace and Trey start it off.  Ace and Trey trade arm twists flashy reversals.  Ace takes in Bailey.  Kid tags in too.  The pace picks up and they cross the ring, Kid hits a ranna and the two tumble over the top rope to the outside.  We go to break.

Bailey and Ace are in control.  They are teaming up well and look to have more fluidity as a unit.  They are making quick tags and the offense comes in bursts.  Kid finally hits a superkick.  Ace goes in and hits a neck breaker.  Kid gets to Trey and tags in.  Miguel hits a low dropkick and a series of speed kicks.  He then rannas Ace.  Bailey stops Trey from getting to the top rope.  Ace kicks Trey off the top rope to the floor.  Kid gets kicked to the floor and Ace and Bailey both backflip in tandem onto the foes on the floor.

Trey recovers and he and Ace go at it in the ring.  Trey gets the best of it, but Bailey makes the save.  Ace takes out Kid.  Trey blocks the fold and rolls up Trey for the pin.

Winners.  Kid and Trey Miguel

Ace attacks Miguel post-match.  Bailey comes in, looking to help Ace, but instead savate kicks Ace in the head, saving Trey Miguel.

Honor No More have a discussion backstage.  Vincent excuses himself and says he has business to do.  He gets some jumper cables from his car.  Walking in the dark, enters a garage where he plays the roll of Frankenstein and charges the monster back to life.  Slowly PCO starts moving and sits up.  PCO screams out Jonah as Vincent screams YES ….

Back from break, security is surrounding the ring with Scott D’Amore.  The building goes dark and the Impact World Champion, Moose enters in a suit to his music.  He grabs the mic.  He introduces everyone to his attorney, RD Evans.  Evans will read the apology.

Evans reads the letter to Josh Alexander and his family.  He says he went too far with his actions.  Moose grabs the mic.  He says he went too far.  He then apologizes for showing everyone how much of a loser Josh is, and for not being a protector and role model to his family.  He then says he is not sorry for whipping his ass at Bound For Glory.   He says this weekend after he beats Josh, Josh will beg him to show his family what a real man is.  Josh Alexander then enters and takes out security.  Scott D’Amore gives his blessing to Josh to beat up Moose in the ring.  Josh enters and starts slugging Moose.  Moose throws RD Evans into Josh,  and then chokeslams him.  Moose then chokeslams him again.  Moose then sets up a table at ringside.  Josh is still on the apron.  Josh blocks Moose and kicks him in the gut.  Josh then sets up Moose and hits a C4 Spike threw the table.  Josh picks up the belt and stands tall, before throwing the belt on Moose in disgust.  The fans chant Walking Weapon as the show ends.





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