Gangrel: “I like to be surprised”

Apr 21, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Pro wrestling legend Gangrel admits that keeping anything quiet, like Cody’s return, is a tricky situation now as everything gets speculated and he misses the surprises in professional wrestling.

“It is tough, it’s tough with a lot of networking and stuff, they need to know everything too. Everybody has got to know something, and everybody knows this and that, so there’s no surprise moments. Definitely, I believe that mystery is missing in it, and that magic, suspense, and surprise of things.

“Because everybody speculated he was coming, that Cody Rhodes was coming over, you can’t hide anything anymore when it’s publicly traded companies. Everything is bound to get out, but I miss that, it hurts wrestling, the fans like me. I like to be surprised, I want to watch something and not guess the outcome.”

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  1. Mickey Dee says:

    Gangrel hit it right. I miss that too. If any of wwe or aew creative reads this, f—k ratings that week. Give us the surprise and you will see the bumb next week because everyone who cares about wrestling will be talking about it and want to see what happens next.

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