Jack Evans finishing up with AEW

Apr 19, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Veteran pro wrestler Jack Evans is leaving AEW.

Evans took to Twitter this afternoon to announce that he will not be re-signed when his contract expires on Saturday, April 30.

“My time with #AEW has been a fun and enjoyable but it has come to an end as I will not be re-signed when my contract ends at the end of April. I’d like to thank everyone at AEW and the AEW fans for the opportunity,” he wrote.

Evans made several related tweets, and gave AEW props for keeping talents for the full length of their deals. He also responded to a fan who said it’s heartless to let him go.

Evans responded, “Nah it is part of the business. Not to diss myself but I wasnt giving any added value to the company truthfully and with a big roster you do gotta make cuts.”

One fan asked why AEW separated Angelico, noting that Angelico recently returned from an injury while Evans hasn’t been seen.

He responded, “There is only a set amount of time a company has so giving a soon to be released talent coveted airtime isnt how it is done.”

Evans also confirmed that he is not in the upcoming AEW video game.

After a successful career around the world, which began in 2000, AEW signed Evans in May 2019. He re-formed his tag team with Angelico, now billed as The Hybrid2. Evans has not wrestled since losing to Dante Martin on the March 1 edition of AEW Dark. One of Evans’ biggest matches in AEW came during the November 26, 2019 edition of AEW Dark, where he came up short against then-AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega in the main event that went over 15 minutes. This was Omega’s first AAA Mega Title defense.

There’s no word on what Evans has planned for his future,e but we will keep you updated.

Stay tuned for more on Evans status and AEW departure. You can see his related tweets below:

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