Impact Report 4/14/22

Apr 14, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.  ROH World Champion Jonathan Grisham takes on Rocky Romero.  Jonah will take on PCO.  ROH and AAA Women’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo will have another Champ Champ Challenge match.  Alex Shelley will take on Steve Maclin and more.  We are emanating from the packed 23 arena in Philly.

We have a quick recap of the last few weeks to start the show.  Josh Alexander is taking out his frustrations on everyone.  He wants Impact World Champion, Moose. 

W. Morrissey is in the ring as the show begins.  He is happy to be alive and remembers the last time he was in Philly, when he wasn’t clean and sober.  The fans chant for his sobriety now.  They are showing a lot of love.  This is the biggest crowd for an Impact show in years.  Morrissey thanks the fans, because he is now not alone and he points to the crowd, saying they are with him.  The fans chant his name.  Brian Myers interrupts this emotional speech.  He asks if he is supposed to be sorry for him.  Then he asks why, because he was given everything and pissed it away?  Myers says over the last few weeks, the fans should feel sorry for him since W. has been picking on him.  He then goes on to mock W. saying he better be careful or he will wind up under another table passed out like the last time he was in Philly.  W. loses it and grabs Myers and beats him up.  He then sets up a table, but Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona make the save.   The two then double powerbomb Morrissey through the table.  The team is known as the Major Players.

Match 1.  Champ Champ Challenge, Deonna Purrazzo (Champion) VS Willow Nightingale

Nightingale is from ROH.  Purrazzo goes right on the offensive from the outset.  Willow finally hits a superkick and gets a two count.  The announcers mention the return of Taya Valkyrie.  She is challenging Purrazzo for the AAA Championship at an upcoming event.  After a quick break, we have Purrazzo in complete control.  Purrazzo hits a back elbow, but Willow hits a sidewalk slam.  Nightingale is slow to get to her feet, but manages a clothesline.  She then hits the pounce on Deonna and a cannonball for a two count.  Purrazzo hits a pump kick and standing moonsault.  Willow hits the babe breaker, but Deonna kicks out again.  Deonna catches Willow on the top rope and powerbombs her.  Purrazzo locks Venus D’Milo.  It is over.

Winner by submission.  Champion, Deonna Purrazzo

Mickie James is interviewed backstage about Chelsea Green, who turned on her.  Chelsea confronts her and they start going at it.  Cardona sneaks behind Mickie and holds her while Chelsea lays in the cheap shots.  Brian Myers watches with a big smile on his face.

Knockouts Women’s Champion, Tasha Steelz is interviewed backstage about her upcoming match with Rosemary.  Savanah Evans is with her.  On the TV screen behind her Decay pops on and scares Tashia with a creepy segment.

Match 2.  Jonathan Gresham (ROH World Champion) VS Rocky Romero

The two friends will square off in what should be a scientific match.  The two gain fans cheers with a nice series of takedowns.  Romero wins a chop off, but Jonathan hits a series of amazing arm drags until we go to break.

Gresham has a hammer lock on as we return.  Rocky struggles to get free.  We see Eddie Edwards watching backstage.  Rochy finally frees himself and the two go back to trading chops and forearms to the head. Romero and Gresham trade running chops and running clotheslines.  Strange, but cool exchange.  Romero kicks Gresham to the floor and then ranna’s him back in the ring.  He then hits a sliced bread for a two count.  Gresham hits a dropkick and 2nd rope moonsault.  He then suicide dives to the floor.  Back in the ring, Gresham ties up Rocky and rolls him up for the win.

Winner and still ROH World Champion, Jonathan Gresham. 

They shake hands and Rocky raises Gresham’s hand in victory.

We then get another Josh Alexander vignette.  It centers around Moose cashing in on his title shot, while Josh was celebrating with his family.   We see Scott D’Amore repeatedly telling Josh to keep his emotions in check going forward.  Josh says he has waited long enough for his rematch.  Josh admits his hiatus from Impact did him well.  He is reinvigorated and resigned with Impact Wrestling long term.   Next we see Moose go to the house of Josh and scare his family.  Josh says he will get his revenge April 23rd at Rebellion.

Match 3.  Steve Maclin VS Alex Shelley

Chris Sabin enters with Shelley.  He will stay ringside.  Maclin gets taken from his feet from a side headlock.  Shelley then tackles Maclin and the two start changing strikes, including punches, kicks and knees.  Shelley hits a headlock takedown.  Maclin gets to his feet and whips Alex off the ropes.  Maclin connects with a back elbow.   Maclin begins barking at Sabin on the floor.  Shelley elbows Maclin to the floor and kicks him in the face while on the apron.

After Maclin slowed the pace down, he catches Alex on the floor with a shoulder dive.  He then hits an Olympic slam in the ring.  Shelley hits the atomic drop, but Maclin gets a two count off a back breaker.  Shelley gets caught in the tree of woe and Maclin spears him.  Sabin crumbles to the mat.  He gets to his feet and is able to hit a pump kick and super kick.  Shelley gets a two count off sliced bread.  Maclin then takes a kick, but gets face planted into the second rope.  Shelley took to long to go to the top and Maclin sweep the leg and face planted Shelley on the apron.  Sabin and Maclin start arguing.  Shelley hits a sliced bread off the barricade on the floor.  He tosses Maclin back in the ring.  Shelley goes to the top and misses.  Maclin rolled up Shelley with his feet on the rope, Sabin kicks his legs off.  Shelley hits the Shell Shock and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Alex Shelley

We see The Influence fire Kaleb with a K on BTI.   Gisele Shaw confronts Madison backstage to rub in the loss of Kaleb.  Madison seems to care less and reminds Shaw they lost to her and Dashwood too.

We get a Moose vignette.  It chronicles his climb to the top of Impact Wresting.

Honor No More are all in the ring as we return from break.  Eddie grabs the mic. Eddie says he can feel the history of the building and mentions ECW.  Philly also birthed ROH.  Eddie says with all that is said about the fans of Philly, he tells them they are spoiled and overrated.  Mike Bennett grabs the mic and says this place is the birthplace of his career.  He says all you fans turned on ECW, ROH on Him and all his team.  Matt Tavin then says, but we didn’t turn on each other, like the hippocrites in the stands.  Matt then says he has plenty of fans that are still with him.  Just then the Bullet Club’s music hits.  The Good Brothers, Chris Bey and Jay White enter.  A too sweet chant breaks out.  White says you boys and everyone else knows who the best is.  Gallows says HNM should be thanking them.  Karl Anderson grabs the mic and says hello to Maria.  (he used to have a crush on her)  Anderson says HNM are like the old toys in the toy box.  Maria grabs the mic and says their too sweet can go right on her ass.  Chris Bey says why don’t we fight now, since they are in the mean streets of Philly.

Bullet Club walk to the ringand enter.  They all start fighting.  HNM has numbers.  Eventually the action spills to the floor and PCO jumps from the top rope onto everyone.  Just then Jonah’s music hits.

Match 4.  Jonah vs PCO

The Bullet Club and HNM members have left the arena.  PCO and Jonah trade blows around the ring and spill out to the floor and continue.  PCO hits a big headbutt and neck breaker.  PCO gets tape and tapes up his injured neck.  Jonah recovers and throws himself from the apron onto PCO.  We go to break.

Jonah is stalking PCO in the ring as we return.  He is chopping and throwing forearms.  He whips PCO to the turnbuckle.  Jonah locks on a reverse bearhug.  PCO drops to his feet and Jonah releases him.  Jonah then buckle bombs PCO.  PCO no sells this and clotheslines Jonah to the mat.  The two end up hammering away on each other.  Jonah then catches PCO off the ropes and piledrives him.  PCO kicks out at 1.  PCO stands up and hits a DDT.  PCO heads to the top rope.  He hits a crossbody for a two count.  PCO then hits a head but.  PCO then hits a diving head but from the top.  He heads back up and hits another.  Jonah kicks out at two.  PCO heads back to the top.  He misses the PCOsault.  Jonah rolls out of the way.  PCO heads back to the top.  Jonah dodges him and PCO lands hard on the apron.  Jonah then suplexes him on the barricade.  Jonah hits the splash and gets the pin.

Winner.  Jonah

PCO sits up.  Jonah goes ballistic and attacks him again.  Jonah gets a chair.  PCO sits up and gets hit several times by the chair.  PCO won’t give up.  Jonah puts the chair on PCO and splashes him off the top. Jonah appears to have hurt himself, but continues to taunt PCO.  The show ends with Jonah walking up the ramp.

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