Buff Bagwell says he and Eric “Butterbean” Esch nearly got into a fight

Apr 14, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Buff Bagwell says he and Eric “Butterbean” Esch nearly got into a fight at DDP’s Accountability Crib via Busted Open Radio:

“Me and Butterbean almost got in a fistfight. He called me – he said I looked gay in my American Male video. I said, ‘Hey listen fat ass, I’m right here bro and you just called me f–king gay.’ He said – and he calls Steve over from 10-feet away from me and he goes, ‘if he calls me fat ass one more time, I’m gonna kick his ass!’ I said, ‘Hey fat ass, I’m right here and there ain’t nothing between us, I’m trying my best. I didn’t put the video on, they did. It wasn’t like I threw my video on. I’m just tryna go with it and have fun like everybody else.’ And I said, ‘by the way, I’ve knocked out a few motherf–kers myself, so there ain’t anybody between us, bro.’ So, what started off a little bit negative like that, it took a turn that I de-escalated that situation that ended with a fist pump. Me and him got in a huge fight and I de-escalated it to a point where Dallas watched the tape back and he goes, ‘you see that there, that’s Marc Bagwell. Not the -when they’re cussing and yelling and all that – the Marc Bagwell, the charming motherfucker that de-escalated that argument.”

Quote source: Wrestling Inc.

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