4/13/22 AEW Dynamite Recap

Apr 13, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Match #1 – Singles Match: CM Punk vs. Penta Oscuro (w/Alex Abrahantes)
They get face-to-face after dueling chants from the crowd, and then shove each other away. Punk delivers a kick to the midsection, and then delivers a few chops. Penta fires back with chops, and Punk does the same. They quickly transition to right hands, and then Punk delivers a kick to the midsection again. Penta comes back with a kick to the face, but Punk comes back with another kick to the midsection. Punk drops Penta with a hip-toss and delivers a shot to Penta on the mat. Punk goes for the cover, but Penta kicks out. Punk chops Penta into the corner and goes for the GTS, but Penta escapes and applies an ankle lock. Punk counters and sends Penta face-first into the turnbuckle, and then follows with a rising knee strike in the corner. Punk goes for the bulldog, but Penta counters with a pair of Slingblades. Penta goes for the cover, but Punk kicks out. Penta kicks Punk in the hamstring and tosses him to the floor. Penta goes for a baseball slide, but Punk dodges and then takes Penta down with a tope suicida as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Penta delivers a kick to Punk, who was on the top rope. Penta climbs and delivers a few headbutts. Punk fires back with right hands and then slips off the ropes as he tries to pull Penta down. Penta kicks Punk in the head, and follows with a clubbing shot to Punk’s neck. Penta sends Punk across the ring, and Punk collapses on his injured knee. Penta stomps on Punk and puts him up top. Penta delivers a few shots, but Punk counters and takes Penta down with a hurricanrana. Punk delivers a rising knee strike and goes for the GTS, but Penta delivers elbows to get free. Penta goes for the arm-breaker, but Punk counters and locks in the Anaconda Vice. Penta gets his foot on the ropes, and they both go to the apron. They exchange chops and right hands, and then Penta goes for Fear Factor on the apron. Punk counters and goes for a pile-driver, but Penta counters out. Punk delivers a roundhouse kick and Penta falls back into the ring. Punk takes Penta down with a clothesline from the top, and then delivers the rising knee strike in the corner. Punk kicks Penta in the head and goes for the GTS, but Penta blocks it and goes for Fear Factor. Punk gets free, but Penta delivers an enzuigiri. Penta goes for the arm-breaker, but Punk counters and they exchange pin attempts for two counts. Penta delivers a shot and comes off the ropes, but Punk counters and delivers the GTS for the pin fall.
Winner: CM Punk

The Jericho Appreciation Society was shown arriving to the air port earlier today. Before Chris Jericho can say much, Eddie Kingston, Ortiz, and Santana pull up in a car and say they will see them tonight. They pull away, and Angelo Parker and Matt Menard are lying on the ground after being dumped from the car. Jericho, Daniel Garcia, and Jake Hager run over to them and check on them.

Match #2 – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus (c) vs. reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)
Jungle Boy and Fish start the match with a lock-up, and Fish quickly delivers a knee to the midsection. Fish sends Jungle Boy off the ropes, but Jungle Boy counters with a shoulder tackle. Jungle Boy takes Fish down with a hurricanrana, and then follows with an elbow strike. Fish comes back with a knee to the midsection and tags in O’Reilly. O’Reilly applies a side-headlock, but Jungle Boy sends him off the ropes as Luchasaurus tags in. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus double-team O’Reilly, and then Luchasaurus sends Fish to the floor. Luchasaurus goes for the cover, but O’Reilly kicks out. O’Reilly dodges a kick and Luchasaurus gets caught on the top rope. Fish tags in as O’Reilly dragon-screw leg-whips Luchasaurus onto the apron. Luchasaurus suffers another dragon-screw leg-whip on the floor, and then Fish gets him back into the ring. Fish delivers a few shots and O’Reilly tags back in. O’Reilly applies a knee-bar as Fish tags back in. Fish connects with a senton and tags O’Reilly back in. Fish and O’Reilly double-team Luchasaurus in the corner, but Luchasaurus comes back and takes both of them down and tags in Jungle Boy.
Jungle Boy delivers shots to Fish and drops O’Reilly with a clothesline. Jungle Boy sends them to the floor and drops them with tope suicidas. Luchasaurus takes them down with a moonsault and tosses O’Reilly back into the ring. Fish chop blocks Luchasaurus, and then Jungle Boy takes Fish out with a dive to the floor. Jungle Boy delivers a shoulder to O’Reilly, but Fish grabs his ankle before he can get back into the ring. O’Reilly drops Jungle Boy with a dragon-screw leg-whip in the ropes and Fish drops Jungle Boy to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, O’Reilly goes for an arm-breaker, but Jungle Boy rolls through and gets a two count. Jungle Boy drops O’Reilly with an arm-drag and tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus drops Fish and O’Reilly with shots and kicks, and then delivers hip attacks to both in the corners. O’Reilly accidentally kicks Fish in the face, and then Luchasaurus drops O’Reilly with a German suplex. Luchasaurus kicks Fish in the face, and then drops them with a double clothesline. Luchasaurus delivers a double chokeslam and connects with a moonsault press on O’Reilly. Luchasaurus goes for the cover, but O’Reilly kicks out. Luchasaurus goes for the tag, but Fish knocks Jungle Boy to the floor. O’Reilly drops Luchasaurus in the corner and Fish tags in. They double-team Luchasaurus in the corner, but Jungle Boy drops O’Reilly with a kick to the face on the apron. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus drop Fish with a side-slam/elbow drop combination. Jungle Boy goes for the cover, but Fish kicks out. O’Reilly comes back and takes Luchasaurus to the outside, and then he and Fish double-team Jungle Boy.
O’Reilly goes for the cover on Jungle Boy, but Jungle Boy kicks out. O’Reilly locks in an arm-breaker, but Jungle Boy gets his foot under the ropes. O’Reilly gets Jungle Boy up top and delivers shots, but Jungle Boy fights back. Fish grabs Jungle Boy’s leg, but Luchasaurus knocks Fish to the floor. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus go for the Doomsday Device, but Fish makes the save and tags in. Fish delivers an avalanche Falcon Arrow to Jungle Boy as O’Reilly has Luchasaurus in a front chancery. Fish goes for the cover, but Luchasaurus and O’Reilly fall onto him to break it up. Luchasaurus and O’Reilly exchange shots, and then Jungle Boy drops O’Reilly. Fish drops Jungle Boy and O’Reilly drops Luchasaurus, but Jungle Boy comes back and takes O’Reilly down with a DDT. Luchasaurus delivers a kick to Fish’s face, and then he and Jungle Boy drop Fish with the Jurassic Express and Jungle Boy gets the pin fall.
Winners and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: Jungle Boy and Luchasuaurs
-After the match, O’Reilly lays Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus out with a chair. FTR’s music hits and they come to the stage. They raise the ROH Tag titles in the air as they wear the AAA tag titles around their waists. reDRagon and FTR get face-to-face as Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus look on from the ring.

Schiavone is backstage with William Regal and the Blackpool Combat Club. Regal says he is excited, and Bryan Danielson says Wheeler Yuta is finally fighting with them. Jon Moxley says they don’t like The Gunn Club and he thinks they are a bunch of goofs. He says it’s time to get mean, and Yuta says the real work begins on Friday.

Schiavone is backstage with Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm. It is announced that they will meet in the first round of the Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Hayter says she wants this match more than anybody, and says this is her crowning moment in AEW. She says she is going to win and is going to break Storm’s face. Storm gets in her face, but walks away without saying anything.

Match #3 – Singles Match: MJF (w/Shawn Spears) vs. Shawn Dean
MJF acts like his ring jacket is stuck and Spears gets on the apron to help. Spears gets in Dean’s face and MJF attacks him from behind. MJF stomps Dean in the corner and finally takes his jacket off. MJF sends Dean across the ring, and then we see security laid out in the back. MJF tosses Dean to the floor and slams him into the barricade. MJF tosses Dean back into the ring and leans against the apron. Wardlow walks up behind him, wearing a security shirt, and then MJF turns around and sees him. Wardlow chases after MJF, but Spears hits Wardlow in the back with the chair. Wardlow grabs Spears and goes for a power bomb, but more security runs out to stop him. Wardlow power bombs one of them on the apron as MJF calls for more. They run out, and then about twenty of them finally hold him back as the referee continues to count. The referee gets to the nine count, and MJF says he will triple the referee’s pay if he doesn’t count to ten. Bryce Remsburg thinks about it, and then counts to ten.
Winner via count-out: Shawn Dean
-After the match, MJF gets in the ring and shoves Bryce, but Bryce shoves him back. Spears gets in between them and holds MJF back. Wardlow is backstage and is still attacking security. He says he isn’t going to stop until he gets his hands on MJF and MJF releases him from his contract.

A vignette for Darby Allin airs. He tells Andrade El Idolo he is ready to put a nail in this thing, and challenges Idolo to a Coffin Match.

Malakai Black cuts a promo. He asks if Fuego Del Sol’s hopes and dreams are worth it. He says maybe one day Fuego will appreciate the House instead of the fan base. Black says one day, maybe, Fuego will kill it, and says he hopes Fuego appreciates the shadows.

Match #4 – Trios Tag Team Match: Eddie Kingston, Ortiz, and Santana vs. The Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia, and Jake Hager)
Jericho and Santana start the match, and Santana takes Jericho to the corner with a right hand. Santana follows with a series of rights in the corner, and then sends Jericho across the ring. Jericho kicks him in the face, but Santana does the same to Jericho. They exchange chops and Santana gains the advantage. Santana takes Jericho down and delivers more right hands. Kingston and Ortiz take down Garcia and Hager on the outside, but Hager comes back and throws Ortiz into the barricade. Jericho goes to the outside, but Santana follows him as Hager takes Kingston down and chokes him. Jericho gets back into the ring, but Santana takes him down and delivers right hands. Kingston comes back on the outside and bites Hager in the face. Ortiz tags in, and then he, Santana, and Kingston triple-team Jericho. Ortiz grinds his forearm into Jericho’s face, and then Kingston takes Garcia down on the outside. Jericho comes back with a shot to Ortiz, and then tags in Hager. Hager and Jericho slam Ortiz to the mat, and then Hager delivers more shots to Ortiz. Ortiz comes back with a dropkick to a knee and a few chops, and then gets a roll-up for one.
Hager comes back and tags in Garcia. Hager slams Ortiz to the mat, and Garcia delivers right hands to Ortiz. Jericho tags in and drops Ortiz with a back suplex. Kingston comes in the ring and shoves Jericho away from Ortiz as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Ortiz and Jericho exchange shots. Jericho delivers a dropkick, and follows with a few right hands. Ortiz comes back with a shot and goes for the tag, but Jericho stops him. Ortiz drops Jericho with a clothesline, and Jericho tags in Garcia. Ortiz delivers a shot and tags in Kingston. Kingston takes Jericho and Hager out and then drops Garcia with a suplex. Santana tags in and delivers Three Amigos to Garcia. Santana connects with a frog splash and goes for the cover, but Garcia kicks out. Kingston tags in and quickly chops Garcia in the corner. Santana tags in and slams Garcia down, and then tags in Ortiz. Ortiz connects with a leg drop, and then Kingston knocks Hager to the floor and drops him with a tope suicida. Ortiz throws Garcia onto Jericho, and then Santana takes Hager out with a dive. Parker and Menard come to ringside, but Ortiz takes them out with a dive. Kingston tags in and delivers quick shots to Garcia. Kingston drops Garcia with an exploder suplex. Kingston comes off the ropes, but Hager hits him with the baseball bat and Garcia gets the pin fall.
Winners: The Jericho Appreciation Society
-After the match, The Society jump Kingston in the ring and beat him down. They get Ortiz in the ring, and Jericho drops him with the Judas Effect. The Society stand tall as Kingston, Ortiz, and Santana are down in the ring.

Alex Marvez is backstage with MJF. MJF asks if they think what happened to him earlier is funny. Smart Mark Sterling is with him, as is Spears. MJF says he doesn’t nee sympathy, because he has money. Sterling says MJF has the right to book Wardlow against anyone he wants, and then Jose the Assistant walks up. MJF hands him an envelope of money, and says Wardlow will take on The Butcher.

Match #5 – Singles Match: Marina Shafir vs. Skye Blue
Shafir drops Blue immediately, and then goes for a slam. Blue gets free and applies a front face-lock, but Shafir turns it into a bear hug. Shafir slams Blue to the mat and clubs her across the back a few times. Shafir takes Skye down with an overhead throw, but Blue comes back with a quick pin for one. Blue goes for a pump kick, but Shafir blocks it and locks in a triangle choke and Blue taps out.
Winner: Marina Shafir

Lexy Nair is backstage with Hook. She says his first match on Dynamite will be next week, and asks him how he’s feeling. Before he talks, he is interrupted by Tony Nese and Smart Mark Sterling. Nese gets in his face and Hook stands up with a medicine ball. Sterling calms Nese down and they leave. Danhausen tries to curse Hook from behind, but Hook tosses the medicine ball over his head. Danhausen catches it and falls down.

Dan Lambert, Ethan Page, and Scorpio Sky are backstage. Page says Sammy Guevara begged for a title match, and he got it. Lambert asks what happened to the mixed tag that Tay Conti wanted, and says it will be another Saturday night that she is left unsatisfied. Sky says the only thing that Guevara will lay down for this Saturday will be his undefeated streak.

Match #6 – Tag Team Match: Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland vs. Team Taz (Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks)
Strickland and Hobbs start the match. They exchange quick shots and Strickland applies a wrist-lock. Hobbs drops him with a shoulder tackle and tosses him across the ring with a fall-away slam. Starks tags in and applies a wrist-lock. Starks walks the ropes and delivers a clubbing shot to Strickland’s shoulder. Strickland comes back with a hurricanrana, and then delivers a dropkick. Strickland takes Starks to the corner and tags in Lee. Lee and Starks exchange chops, and Lee gets Starks in the corner. Strickland holds Starks in place and Lee delivers a double chop. Strickland tags back in and delivers a shot and goes for the cover, but Starks kicks out. Lee tosses Hobbs to the floor, and then does the same to Starks. Strickland springboards off of Lee’s chest and takes Strickland and Hobbs down with a moonsault as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Lee drops Starks with a few shoulder tackles and sends him to the corner. Starks comes back with a knee strike, but Lee delivers a headbutt. Hobbs splashes Lee in the corner, but Lee delivers a back elbow. Starks delivers a knee strike, but Lee hops over Hobbs and Hobbs hits Starks in the corner. Lee takes Hobbs and Starks down and tags in Strickland. Lee and Strickland double-team Starks and Strickland goes for the cover, but Starks kicks out. Strickland sends Starks to the floor and kicks him in the face. Strickland tosses Starks back in the ring and pulls Hobbs to the floor. Strickland gets in the ring, but Starks drops him with a Spear. Starks knocks Lee to the floor and slams Strickland to the mat with a flipping DDT. Starks goes for the cover, but Strickland kicks out. Starks takes Strickland to the corner, but Lee tags in and delivers a Pounce as Strickland throws Starks from the top. Lee goes for the cover, but Hobbs breaks it up. Starks delivers an enzuigiri to Lee as Taz walks to ringside. Starks goes for Rochambeau on Lee, but Lee tosses him across the ring.
Lee knocks Hobbs to the floor and sets him up for Strickland. Hobbs knocks Strickland to the floor and picks him up, but Strickland slams Hobbs into the ring post. Spears drops Lee with a Spear from the middle rope, but Strickland connects with a 450 splash on Starks. Hobbs clotheslines Strickland in the corner and Lee runs the ropes, but Taz grabs Lee’s boot. Hobbs slams Lee with the spine-buster and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Team Taz

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage, which will air at 7 PM Eastern:
-AEW World Championship – Texas Death Match: Adam Page (c) vs. Adam Cole
-Trios Tag Team Match: Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Gunn Club
-Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament – Qualifying Match: Ruby Soho vs. Robyn Renegade

Announced for this Saturday’s Battle of the Belts II:
-AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Thunder Rosa vs. Nyla Rose
-AEW TNT Championship Match: Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Sammy Guevara
-ROH World Championship Match: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Dalton Castle

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite:
-Coffin Match: Andrade El Idolo vs. Darby Allin
-Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament – Qualifying Match: Jungle Boy vs. Kyle O’Reilly
-Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament – Qualifying Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Danielle Kamela
-Hook’s Dynamite debut
-The Butcher vs. Wardlow
-Tony Khan will make a huge announcement

Schiavone interviews the AEW Women’s World Champion, Thunder Rosa. Before she can talk, Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero interrupt. They brought a cake with them, and Guerrero says they are celebrating Rosa having the world’s shortest title reign. She shoves the cake in Rose’s face, and then Rose goes after Rosa. Rosa dodges and Rose hits Guerrero. Rosa attacks Rose, but Rose slams her into the wall before referees run in.

The video package for the Texas Death Match between Adam Page and Adam Cole airs.

Match #7 – ROH World Television Championship Match: Minoru Suzuki (c) vs. Samoa Joe
They get face-to-face and exchange chops and then forearm shots. They go back to exchanging chops, and then right hands and forearm shots. Suzuki gains an advantage, but Joe drops him with a clothesline. Suzuki gets in the ropes and locks in an arm-bar. Suzuki rolls to the floor and pulls Joe out with him as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Joe has Suzuki in a cross-face, and then transitions into an arm-trap submission. Joe grinds his elbow into Suzuki’s ribs, but Suzuki makes it to the ropes. Suzuki comes back and delivers shots in the corner, and then sets up for the Gotch-style pile driver. Joe counters and they exchange chops again. Suzuki dodges a final chop and locks in a sleeper, but Joe counters with a side walk slam. Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt are shown at ringside, and then Joe delivers chops and shots to Suzuki against the ropes. Joe runs the ropes now, but Suzuki counters with a dropkick. Suzuki goes for the pile driver, but Joe gets free. Suzuki delivers a shot in the corner, but Joe counters and puts Suzuki up top. Joe delivers an enzuigiri and sets up for the Muscle Buster, but Suzuki counters. Suzuki goes for the arm-breaker, but Joe counters and delivers the Muscle Buster and gets the pin fall.
Winner and new ROH World Television Champion: Samoa Joe
-After the match, Lethal and Dutt say they have Joe’s special present that they promised. Lethal puts his hand through the present box and simply flips Joe off. The lights go out in the arena, and when they come back on Satnam Singh drops Joe with a clothesline. Lethal and Dutt get in the ring as Singh tosses Joe back in. Singh grabs Joe in a vice grip. Lethal and Dutt stomp on Joe and Lethal gets in his face. Lethal drops Joe with the Lethal Injection, and they drape Joe’s title and towel over him as the show comes to a close.

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