Kimber Lee accuses husband and NXT star Nash Carter of domestic violence

Apr 5, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Impact Wrestling star Kimber Lee accused her husband and current NXT Tag Team champion Nash Carter of domestic violence, uploading photos on social media a few days after MSK made headlines again by winning the titles again at Stand & Deliver.

“Hey @WWENXT this is my face after your tag champ @NashCarterWWE got wasted and hit me so hard he split my lip open,” she wrote. “He told me I’m a wrestler so I’m always marked up. I’ve hid this for a year and even forgave him. But I can’t hide it anymore.”

In another post, Lee said sorry she backed out before but her husband was telling her “lies all weekend” to get her not to say anything.

Carter has not publicly addressed the accusations yet and not even WWE at this point.

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  1. Pete Haines says:

    Call the police, dummy. Don’t just post it on Twitter.

  2. DB says:

    I’m in agreement with Pete Haines on this. File a police report.

  3. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    “I’m sorry but the fact that I’m not ready to talk is why some of y’all are dragging me is ridiculous. I’ve been going through emotional and mental abuse and hell since October to the point where I have almost taken my life. Look at how you’re treating a victim. Shame on you.”

    Dafuq?! So we’re talking less than a year?! Go to the police. I wouldn’t blame a victim, but if you stay then what do you expect? Also, “the fact that i’m not ready to talk”…but…you are……because you went and posted it for literally everyone to see. Also, don’t call yourself a victim, this is all allegedly. If he smacked her around then bury him under the jail, 100%, but if you’ve been getting smacked around for 6 or so months and instead of going to the police you go to Twitter and THEN claim you can’t talk about it I have a reeeeeeal hard time taking you seriously.

  4. Steve says:

    Its a shame domestic abuse, & Nash Carter should be prosecuted for assault. Now playing devils advocate, but Kimber Lee is saying she aint ready to talk about while posting some very damming pictures of the alleged assualt. If it happen called the cops & let the courts do ttheir job. If this not something recent but a publicity shame on you

  5. Joseph says:

    Kimber Lee also accused him of being anti LGBT and Wes Lee’s wife, Queen.E.Marie, came out on Twitter defending Nash Carter by saying that he has been living with them for months and that he was avoiding Kimber Lee and her mental abuse.

  6. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    “Just call the police” Good grief, folks it’s not as simple as that. Cops are going to want evidence. If they don’t feel the report is credible, guess what, nothing comes of it. There are some officers that will question the complainant to gage if she or he provoked the other party. Posting the photos on social media is a way for her to chronicle the alleged assaults. There is also a power issue at hand. Not to mention that the alleged abuser will also do what they can to say “sorry” and otherwise attempt to show power over the over party.

    And I’m sure you’re asking yourselves how do I know all of this. I work in the legal field. I see more cases like this in a week than most of you will read about in your lifetime. I know it’s easy to say “Call the Police” or “Just leave” but it’s never as simple as that. Now that you’ve all been given a little more insight, I hope you’ll find it helpful before you post on an article like this in the future.

  7. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    “It’s not as easy as that”…it literally is. You call the police and remove yourself from the situation. Even if they don’t take up the case you can remove yourself from the situation. “if they don’t feel the report is credible, guess what, nothing comes of it”…yeah…if it isn’t credible then nothing should come of it. Seems right tome. If instead of going to the police, leaving the person, or doing literally anything else you instead go to Twitter to make allegations then you already appear less credible. You don’t feel you have enough proof to substantiate your claims from a legal sense but you’re certain you have enough to stir up the court of public opinion….big red flags. Now it sounds as if she removed herself from the situation after some time (not sure why you stay after the first incident, but okay), which is great if the abuse allegations are true.

    “I work in the legal field” you probably work in a building that rents to a legal firm at best….

  8. HereForTheLawls says:

    There’s victim blaming then there’s this. She wants the internet clout, feel sorry for me. No leave and call the police don’t post it on the internet with the “I’m not ready to talk about it…”

  9. Joseph says:

    What happens if you make false allegations online about someone? What happens if you make false allegations to the police about someone?

  10. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    @Joseph: Filing a false report? That’s a criminal charge. She can be charged for that.
    As for Rob, In many cases, such as the alleged victim doesn’t have resources or family, they won’t press charges because they’ve got no place to go and heading to a shelter isn’t an appealing choice. So they will decline to press charges. Sometimes they even say in the accusatory that they decline to press charges. Everyone thinks it’s as easy as “Just leave”, but it’s really not.

  11. Joseph says:

    @Disgruntled Jobber – She can be charged if she goes to the police and files a false report. Online you can accuse someone and nothing is really done. The other person can take you to court, but what good does that do?

    Just leaving is not easy. I would agree with you but according to Queen.E.Marie, Nash Carter has been living with her and her husband for the past few months. He also had divorce papers served against her. So if he’s been living with his tag team partner and wife, why is it hard for her to leave and file a report with the police?

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