Sami Zayn says he got 325K texts & 250K calls after Johnny Knoxville prank

Apr 3, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

TMZ shared..

Somebody got you good on April Fools? There’s no way it was worse than what Johnny Knoxville’s prank did to WWE superstar Sami Zayn, who tells TMZ Sports the jokester’s stunt last month caused his phone to ring nonstop!!!

The wrestler says that after Knoxville put his phone number on a plane for all of Los Angeles to read on March 11 — he got nearly 300,000 text messages and more than 250,000 calls!!!

“I’m not making these numbers up,” Zayn said. “That’s insane. That’s insane!”

Zayn tells us the phone number prank “ruined my life” — and now, despite having big beef with Knoxville for a while, he’s ready for the shenanigans to end.

Zayn — who initially started a feud with Johnny when the comedian made an appearance in the WWE several months ago — said he’s going to beat Knoxville to a pulp when the two throw hands in an “anything goes” match at WrestleMania 38 at AT&T Stadium today.

“If you’ve enjoyed Jackass over the years,” Zayn said, “and you’ve enjoyed watching Johnny Knoxville getting hurt, boy have I got something for you.”

For Knoxville’s part, he’s insisted he’s going to beat up Zayn so badly — the wrestler is going to have to retire after the match.

The fight is just hours away … and we can’t wait!

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