Cody Rhodes says he there is no anger with AEW, received closure with McMahon

Apr 3, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Some notes from Cody Rhodes Wrestlemania media scrum:

Triple H was the last guy to meet with Cody before his match and it made him emotional

-Cant wait for a WWE writer to approach him so he can lie to their face with a “Yeah, sounds great.”

-Had thoughts of returning to WWE around the Royal Rumble

-His daughter being born is what gave him the mindset that he needs to make a lot of money

Stone Cold praised Cody for his match with Seth Rollins

-Doesn’t want a management job in wrestling again as he doesn’t believe he’s mature enough

-Says that being an executive was cool for a minute, but he wanted to be World Champion

-Was prepared for a split crowd, but was very happy with the reaction he was given

-He’s appreciative that he and Tony Khan didn’t speak negatively of each other during Cody’s absence

-Says there’s no truth to any reports of his departure regarding money or creative control

-Says it’s not about the money as everyone in wrestling pays good

-Got his closure with Vince McMahon before he re-signed

-No anger with AEW as it was just a chapter that ended and that he’s on to a new chapter

-Wants to do what Dusty and Dustin never did and that’s win the world championship

source: Pro Wrestling Network

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