Supercard of Honor

Apr 1, 2022 - by Atlee Greene



-ROH Supercard of Honor 2022 (Live Results) on Fite TV

Curtis Caldwell Center in Dallas, TX

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman.

The new era of Ring of Honor has arrived as this is the first show with AEW President Tony Kahn at the helm.


  • Swerve Strickland vs. Alex Zayne

Zayne and Strickland trade all sorts of moves in the opening frame. With a rear chin lock, Strickland takes control, but Zayne gets up and levels Strickland with a big clothesline. Zayne hits a pop-up hurricanrana as Strickland was perched on the top rope.

Strickland returns with a springboard dropkick to Zayne’s knee and applies a half crab. Zayne gets to the ropes. Zayne tries running off the ropes, but his knee is in too much pain. They fight on the apron, and Zayne hits a Poison-Rana off the apron to the floor on Strickland.

Zayne hits the crunch wrap supreme off the top rope for a close nearfall. Zayne hits an enziguri and goes for the cutthroat driver, but Strickland headbutts his way out of it. Strickland comes back with a snap german, rolling flat liner, and swerve stomp off the top rope and a close near fall. Stickland double stomp on the injured knee of Zayne and hits the JML Driver for the win.

Strickland is super over with this crowd.

Winner: Swerve Strickland


  • Ninja Mack vs. Tully Blanchard’s New Client

Blanchard’s new client is…Brian Cage!

Cage catches Mack in the air as he attempts a Sasuke Special and tosses him in the ring. Cage traps Mack in the corner and repeatedly drills him with clotheslines. Cage delivers a corner to corner release German suplex and delivers a second release German. Mack lands high on his shoulder. Fans call for one more, but Cage says no, and they boo him. Mack connects with a few kicks, but Cage catches him delivering a spinning wheel kick and delivers the drill claw for the 1-2-3.

Kaun and Toa come out and celebrate with Cage as Blanchard Enterprises have arrived.

Winner: Brain Cage


  • Lee Moriarty w/ Matt Sydal vs. Jay Lethal

Dueling chants for both wrestlers as they keep it technical in the early going with a great series of counters. Moriarty counters Lethal’s cartwheel dropkick and rolls him up for a two count. Moriarty counters another signature of Lethal as he catches the Lethal Injection and rolls him up for two.

Lethal hits the cartwheel dropkick this time around but is slow to get up, checking his chest. Lethal rocks Moriarty with a couple of shots across the jaw and throws him into the ropes, but Moriarty drops Lethal with a kick to the jaw.

So far, the story here is teasing that Lethal might not have it anymore. Lethal hits a dragon screw leg whip and works over Moriarty’s left leg. Lethal is explicitly targeting the inside thigh. Moriarty rolls out to the floor, and Lethal hits two tope suicidas and a baseball slide dropkick.

Moriarty pump kicks Lethal off the apron, hits a tope suicida but holds his knee in pain. They trade shots, but Lethal eventually goes to the knee to win the exchange. Moriarty hits Lethal with a hammerlock clothesline for a two count. Lethal backs Moriarty into the corner and goes for a top rope super plex but bends Lethal’s fingers to break it up.

Lethal Combination for a two count, and the former world champ is starting to favor his shoulder. Lethal hits two superkicks, an enziguri and a cutter. Moriarty and Lethal trade several different roll-up attempts, with each one closer than the next. The fans are into it.

The unexpected occurs as Lethal hits Moriarty with a low blow and follows up with Lethal Injection for the pin.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Lethal appears disgusted with himself as he sits in the corner while Sydal checks on Moriarty. Lethal kicks the crutch from underneath Sydal and hammers away on him, and Sonja Dutt and several referees run in to break it up. Ian Riccaboni Lethal never resorted to such tactics during his past heel run.


  • Interim ROH Women’s World Championship: Willow Nightingale vs. Mercedes Martinez

An exchange of headlock takeovers occurs then Martinez slaps Willow in the face. Willow comes back with a big body slam but runs into an elbow from Martinez. Martinez hits three double underhook suplexes in a row. Martinez applies a body scissors dragon sleeper.

Willow escapes and hits two clotheslines, but Martinez drops her with a pump kick. Martinez prevents Willow from obtaining any sustained offense. Martinez can’t lift Willow for a fishermen’s suplex and gets caught with a superkick.

Willow comes off the ropes for a big clothesline, and both women are down. They make the count and trade forearm shots. Willow gets the better of the exchange, but Martinez drops Willow with a series of clotheslines and a Saito Suplex. Martinez hits the Air Raid Crash for a nearfall.

Martinez hammers away at Willow’s neck but receives an Angle Slam for her trouble. Willow drills Martinez with the pounce and hits a corner to corner cannonball. Willow makes the cover, but Martinez grabs the rope. Martinez catches Willow climbing to the top and hits an impressive OG Drop, but Willow amazingly kicks out.

Martinez unloads with clotheslines in the corner on Willow and puts her in position for a second OG Drop. Martinez calls an audible and tries to German suplex her off the top. Martinez gets her leg trapped, and Willow hits a splash in the corner. Willow goes up top and hits a moonsault.

It looks like Willow legitimately hurt Martinez with the moonsault and needs a second before the referee administers the count for two. Martinez comes back and applies the Brass City Sleeper, and a new champion is crowned.

Deonna Purrazzo was mentioned quickly at the end as a future opponent for Martinez.

Winner and new interim champion: Mercedes Martinez


  • ROH World Tag Team Championship The Briscoes (c) vs. FTR

“HOLY SHIT” chant occurs before the bell rings as both teams stare each other down.

Cash Wheeler and Mark Briscoe kick things off as the lock-up gets thunderous applause from the crowd. Wheeler wins the ground exchange with a nice fireman’s carry takeover. Mark tries to slow Wheeler down with a drop toe hold. Jay tags in, and Wheeler quickly goes to his corner. Harwood tags in as the battle of Twitter rivals has arrived.

An exchange of headlock takeovers occurs. Harwood head stands out, slaps Jay in the face, and takes a powder. Jat hits two shoulder tackles but gets dropped with a forearm from Harwood. Jay delivers a huricanrana and clotheslines Harwood out of the ring. Harwood throws a chair in the ring out of frustration.

Wheeler tags back in and takes control of Jay with a forearm shot. Jay comes back with a big elbow and tags in Jay. Jay cuts off the ring and hits Wheeler with a nice vertical suplex. Wheeler reverses an Irish whip and drops Jay with a European uppercut.

Jay is trapped in FTR’s corner, and they hammer away. Harwood and Jay trade chops, but Harwood loses ground and resorts to using his fist. Wheeler tags in, but Mark makes a blind tag and levels him with a mafia kick. Jay Briscoe takes out both members of FTR with a dive over the top rope, and Mark follows up with a dive of his own.

Jay Briscoe receives a double team slingshot, and hit head hits a table on the way up. Jay is busted open. Harwood hits a beautiful superplex off the top rope. Jay is trapped in the FTR corner but rolls out and tags Mark. Mark is on fire with several suplexes on Harwood and knocks Wheeler off the apron.

Mark loses control of Harwood and Wheeler makes a blind tag. The Briscoes hit Redneck Boogie on Wheeler for a nearfall. Harwood hits Mark with a slingshot powerbomb and Wheeler immediately follows up with a frog splash for a nearfall. Mark reverses an Irish whip and the Briscoes hit Big Rigg on Wheeler for a close two count.

This match is absolutely crazy. Harwood is busted open as Wheeler hits Mark with a DDT on the floor. Mark pops right up and hits Wheeler with a DVD on the floor. Jay delivers a vertical suplex off the apron to the floor on Harwood.

Doc Sampson comes out to check on Harwood to see if he can continue. Harwood still wants to go. The match resumes, and all four men trade forearms with no clear advantage for either team. Mark hits Wheeler with a corkscrew plancha off the top rope and to the floor. In the ring, Jay and Harwood continue to trade forearms.

They slowly crumble to their feet but continue to return fire. Jay finally gets the upper hand and hits a neck breaker. Mark follows up with a frog splash on Harwood for a two count. Briscoes are setting up Harwood for the Doomsday Device. They’re a little slow setting up as Wheeler gets back in the tosses Jay out of the ring, leaving Mark open for a Big Rigg for the pin. New Champs!

Winner #AndNew ROH World Tag Team Champions – FTR


Former ROH owner Cary Silkin presents FTR with the belts. Briscoes and FTR adhere to the Code of Honor. As the commentary team teases this as the Briscoes’ last stand in ROH, THE YOUNG BUCKS (with Brandon Cutler) appear and drill both Briscoes with a superkick. FTR chases them off before they can hit Mark with the Meltzer Driver.

Harwood grabs the microphone and says he noticed that The Bucks are dressed to wrestle, and they should face each other right now. The Bucks agree to the match…for Wednesday.

Matt Jackson says he and his brother are the guys who quit ROH, started AEW, and essentially bought ROH. FTR and The Young Bucks II is official for Wednesday on Dynamite.

Harwood ends the segment by telling The Bucks it won’t be a gymnastic routine on Wednesday because they’re coming for a fight.

Great segment, but man, what a fantastic match!


  • ROH Television Championship – Rhett Titus (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki

Suzuki kicks away Titus’ hand away, refusing the code of honor. Titus slaps Suzuki in the face and Suzuki returns the favor. Suzuki traps Titus in an armbar on the apron and picks the ankle, bringing Titus to the floor. Suzuki throws Titus into the guardrail. Titus goes for a single leg but to no avail.

Suzuki applies a Fujiwara armbar but Titus quickly gets to the rope. Titus comes back with a few chops but Suzuki laughs at him. Titus hits a belly-to-belly on Suzuki and follows up with a running boot in the former. Titus hits a t-bone suplex and a two-count.

Titus goes for another single leg but Suzuki counters with a kneebar and Titus gets to the ropes. Titus blocks the Gotch Piledriver and hits a big dropkick for a nearfall. With the slick go behind, Suzuki holds the choke for a second and hits the Gotch Piledriver for the win.

Titus is still out. This match was all about Suzuki’s strong performance.

Winner: #AndNew ROH Television Champion – Minoru Suzuki


  • ROH Pure Championship: Josh Woods (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta

BJ Whitmer, Christopher Daniels, and Colt Cabana are the judges in case it goes the distance

A quick exchange of pin attempts and arm drags opens things up. Woods applies a rolling kneebar, and Yuta uses the first of his three rope breaks early on. Yuta is upset he had to use a rope break so soon. Woods rolls up Yuta a few times while grapevine the leg in a pin attempt and all Yuta can do is escape.

Woods is getting the better of the exchanges, not allowing Yuta to go behind him or gain top position. Yuta counters Woods and holds on to the side headlock. Woods puts pressure on Yuta’s head using downward force to break Yuta’s grip but immediately gets trapped in a head scissors.

Woods takes down Yuta and applies an armbar and Yuta has to use his second of three rope breaks. Yuta slaps Woods in frustration and Woods tackles him down. Yuta gains top control and uses a bridge to bend back Wood’s knee causing the champ to use his first rope break.

Woods is doing a great job of using power and technique to keep Yuta off balance. Yuta has the speed advantage but it’s not enough thus far. They trade shots and Woods gets the better of it and drops Yuta with an overhand right. Yuta seems a little lost as he hits a random DDT.

Yuta hits an enziguri and follows up with a clothesline off the top rope. Woods rolls out of the ring and Yuta follows up with a dive. Yuta goes to the top again but gets caught with a jumping knee from Woods on the way down. It looked vicious. Woods hits a release German but Yuta comes back with a German suplex of his own.

Woods delivers a spiral suplex into the corner. Yuta uses his third and final rope break to break up the pin. Yuta gets set up for another suplex, but he traps Woods and hammers away at the collarbone with many elbows. Woods reaches for the ropes but can’t make it as Yuta continues to strike. Woods is out on his feet, and Yuta rolls up Woods for the pin.

Woods adheres to the code of honor and presents Yuta with the championship.

Winner #AndNew ROH Pure Champion – Wheeler Yuta


Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman rundown the card for this Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite. Riccaboni gets word from Tony Khan in his headset that FTR will defend both the AAA and ROH Tag Team Titles against The Young Bucks on Wednesday.


  • Undisputed ROH World Championship – Jonathan Gresham vs. Bandido w/ Chavo Guererro Jr.

Gresham comes out first and is announced as the classic Ring of Honor World Champion. Bandido’s announced as the Ring of Honor World Champion. Gresham does his octopus thing while Bandido is dressed like Zorro. Chavo discourages Bandido from adhering to the code of honor, but Bandido shakes Gresham’s hand.

Some chain wrestling exchanges early on with neither man gaining the advantage. Bandido backs Gresham into the corner to break up the kimura. Gresham goes up and over in the corner, lands on Bandido’s shoulder, and hits a Mexican-style takedown. Gresham follows up with a dropkick.

Bandido hits a pump knee and a dropkick of his own. Gresham sweeps Bandido’s leg, and baseball slide dropkicks him off the apron. Gresham with the ankle pick and transitions into a side headlock. Gresham bends back Bandido’s arm over his shoulder and switches to a crossface.

Gresham is making Bandido wrestling while avoiding the Lucha-style offense. Bandido applies the surfboard and Gresham counters it but shifts his body weight to a seated position. Gresham applies an ankle lock but Bandido gets to the ropes.

Gresham with the cobra twist and transitions to the Octopus Stretch and Bandido gets to the rope for the break. Bandido has difficulty escaping a Gresham hammerlock. He finally escapes and hits a springboard corkscrew plancha from the top rope. Bandido with a deadlift vertical suplex and holds Gresham in the air for a full minute before dropping him.

Gresham hits a snap German for two and starts hammering away on Bandido in an attempt to get a referee stoppage. They begin to trade Irish whip chops in the corner until Gresham turns Bandido inside out with a big shot. Gresham hits Bandido with a German suplex and follows up with a Straight Jacket Suplex for a nearfall.

Gresham applies another crossface, rolls back into the ankle lock, and locks Bandido in the Octopus Stretch. Bandido collapses into the ropes after several shots to the jaw from Gresham. Bandido goes to the floor, and Gresham goes for a dive over the top rope, but Chavo pulls Bandido out, allowing Gresham to crash on the floor.

Bandido hits a nice vertical suplex and follows up with a shining wizard. Gresham comes back with a standing sunset flip and maintains body control with several roll-up pin attempts. Bandido drills Gresham with a superkick, but the referee gets caught in the crossfire. Chavo hits Gresham with the ROH Championship belt.

Bandido does not approve and sends Chavo to the back. Bandido wasted a lot of time waiting for Chavo to leave, giving Gresham time to recover with a series of roll-ups. Bandido hits a pop-up cutter, superkick, and a Fosbury flop. Bandido hits a pop-up knee and delivers the 21 Punch for a nearfall.

Bandido with a superkick to the jaw of a down and out Gresham. Gresham comes back with a springboard moonsault, springboards back in the ring, and holds on to Bandido while rolling through to trap Bandido for the pin.

Winner and undisputed ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham

Gresham takes the microphone and says his life goal was to make ROH pure. Jay Lethal interrupts him and says he knows Gresham is trying to send the fans home happy, but he has the perfect way to send them home happy by accepting his challenge for a title match.

Gresham agrees but calls him out on his current actions. Lethal gets mad and says no one would know who Gresham is without him. They start pushing each other until Sonjay Dutt runs in to break it up. BOOM, Dutt hits Gresham and aligns with Lethal.

Lee Moriarty comes out to make the save but gets a Lethal Injection for his trouble. Jay Lethal holds up both titles in celebration until SAMOA JOE comes out to a massive pop. Jay Lethal was Samoa Joe’s young boy back in the day as the two stared each other down. Joe snatches up Dutt and chokes him out. Lethal leaves

Samoa Joe helps up Gresham and holds his arm up. It’s announced that Joe will be on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday.



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