IMPACT Wrestling Results – 3/31/02

Mar 31, 2022 - by Atlee Greene

IMPACT Wrestling – 3/31/22: South Philadelphia, PA @ ECW Arena

-The video of Moose spearing Josh Alexander’s wife at Destiney Wrestling over the weekend kicks things off. Scott D’Amore meets Alexander upon entering the building and informs him that Moose is not in the building. D’Amore says the committee is meeting to discuss stripping Moose of the championship and that he knows how Alexander feels because he’s known his wife longer than him.

Alexander pushes D’Amore against the wall and says he has no idea how he feels and objects to Impact stripping Moose of the title because he needs to be the one to beat him for it.

-Jonathan Gresham comes to the ring and says he came to Impact Wrestling to share the true essence of Ring of Honor. He says the foundation of ROH was built by guys like himself, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, and Eddie Edwards.

Kenny King of Honor No More interrupts Gresham. King calls Gresham a chump and a puppet for ROH and should stand with Honor No More. King says they call Gresham the octopus because he’s all arms and no balls.

King says every member of Honor No More voted to take Gresham out, and he doesn’t want that stupid piece of garbage around his waist (ROH Title) from a dead company and only wants to take him out.

  • Jonathan Gresham vs. Kenny King

They fight for position with an intense lockup before King pops Gresham with a cheap shot. Gresham tries to work the arm until he gets sent outside the ring and nailed with a corkscrew plancha from King. Gresham receives a snap vertical suplex on the floor for his troubles.

Gresham comes back with a dropkick and some chops back in the ring. Gresham misses a crossbody off the top rope and holds his right knee as King poses for the camera. King hits Gresham with a standing koopo kick followed by a spinebuster. Gresham kicks out King’s knee as both men are now limping.

Gresham desperately tries to get the pin with several schoolboy attempts and counters a full nelson slam with a roll-up for a near fall. King hits a snapdragon and tiger driver, but Gresham survives. King’s knee gives out, and Gresham takes advantage with a figure-four leg lock. Gresham stands up with the hold and pins King.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

Eddie Edwards comes out and attacks Gresham. He’s thrown the ROH Title out of the ring like nothing and looks to hit the Boston Knee Party until Rocky Romero makes the save, returning the favor to Gresham from last week.

-Motor City Machine Guns are interviewed backstage. Alex Shelly says he didn’t teach “Jamie” (Jay White) the mathematics of pro wrestling and that 1-2-3 equals a checkmark in the win column. Chris Sabin puts over his match with Jay White at tomorrow’s Multiverse of Matches event on Fite TV.

-Deonna Purrazzo is interviewed backstage about her Champ Champ Challenge at the Multiverse of Matches. She says her two championships make her Multiverse.

-It’s time for Swingers Chump Chump Challenge as he and Zicky Dice call out two chumps in the locker room. Worst case scenario arrives in the form of The Good Brothers.

  • The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. Swinger and Zicky Dice

Zicky Dice didn’t learn much in Swingers Dungeon, as it turns out. Fallaway slam followed by a Magic Killer on Dice ends things quickly.

Winners: The Good Brothers

-Backstage: The Good Brothers say they accepted the Chump Chump Challenge to show the world that they are the best tag team in the world. Someone is screaming in the background. The camera turns to the parking lot, and it’s PCO yelling for “JONAH.”

Jonah blindsided PCO with a dolly, put him on it, and wheeled him into some pallets. PCO fights back but Jonah powerbombs him on the concrete floor. Jonah tells PCO to stay down, but he tries to get to his feet. Jonah hits PCO with a sledgehammer and uses it to break a piece of cement on PCO’s chest.

PCO GETS TO HIS FEET and attempts to chokeslam Jonah. Jonah breaks the grip but gets the truck’s passenger door slammed into his ribs. Jonah is down, and PCO stays shoveling gravel on top of a wounded Jonah. He stops and looks into the camera like he has a sadistic idea.

  • Josh Alexander vs. Madman Fulton w/ Ace Austin

Alexander is all business as he suplexes Fulton at will and clotheslines him out of the ring. Fulton tries to fight back, but Alexander’s rage is too much. Alexander hits a German Suplex followed by a powerbomb and applies the ankle lock. Fulton reaches for the ropes but to no avail. Fulton taps.

Winner: Joah Alexander

Alexander won’t let go of the hold. Ace Austin tries to get involved, but Alexander gets in his face. Austin thinks twice about it and leaves. Fulton hits Alexander from behind, but Alexander takes him down and applies the ankle lock again. Austin looks on as he continues back up the ramp. Alexander gives Fulton’s ankle one big wrench that removes his boot and breaks his ankle.

-Trey Miguel confronts Mike Bailey backstage and asks about his relationship with Ace Austin. Miguel warns Bailey that he can’t expect Austin to watch his back since he just watched his only friend get his ankle broken. Bailey says he always expects the unexpected and walks off.

-A video from last week is shown with Mickie James is backstage after Chelsea Green turned on her. James says she looked at Green like a little sister and that she’s a bigger sellout than her husband. James acknowledges their husbands never got along, but she kept that separate until now and plans on giving Green a real ass-kicking at the Multiverse of Matches.

-Gia tries to interview Chelsea Green, but Matt Cardona comes out instead and asks why she doesn’t want to talk about being the longest reigning IMPACT Digital Media Champion. Green comes out and says she is not the little sister and will get a shot at James. Cardona comes back and says James and Aldis have been married for seven years and accomplished nothing, while he and Green have only been married since January and have taken over the wrestling business.

  • Knockouts Battle Royal – #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship at Rebellion

Participants: Lady Frost, Gisele Shaw, Madison Rayne, Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb), Jessie McKay (w/Cassie Lee), Havok, Rosemary, Savanah Evans (w/ Tasha Steelz), Jordynne Grace, and Alisha Edwards.

Impact Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt for commentary as the bell ring.

-Havok tosses out Alisha Edwards for the first elimination

-Jordynne Grace leads several wrestlers to eliminate Havok

-Jessie McKay eliminates Tenille Dashwood

-Jessie McKay is thrown out of the ring but is caught by Kaleb. Kaleb looks shocked as he continues to hold McKay, preventing her from touching the floor.

-Jordynne catches a distracted Madison Rayne yelling at Kaleb and dumps her over and out for the elimination

-McKay climbs up Kaleb to get back in the ring and is still officially part of the match since her feet never hit the ground. Kaleb acts as if he has no idea what is going on while Cassie Lee looks on with a big smile.

-Tasha Steelz is entertaining on commentary, calling all the women no factors.

-Savannah Evans eliminates Jessie McKay

-Savannah Evans eliminates Jordynne Grace

-Lady Frost, Rosemary, and Gisele Shaw quickly eliminate Savannah Evans

-Rosemary dumps out Shaw from the apron and catches Frost in the process for a double elimination.

-Rosemary is the new #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship. Rosemary and Tasha Steelz have a brief staredown as Rosemary celebrates her victory.

Winner: Rosemary

-Violent by Design video package: Eric Young says they took everything from The Good Brothers and will run through seven of the best tag teams at Rebellion. Young says it is all about power and control, which belongs to VBD.

-Brian Meyers is out at his own commentary/merch table for the next match.

  • Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Aiden Prince

Prince had nothing for Gujjar early on as he begged off after getting sent into the ring the hard way. Price tries to leave, but Gujjar doesn’t let him escape. Gujjar lights up Prince with chops and delivers a powerslam.

Prince caught Gujjar coming in with a boot. Gujjar turns things around with a sling blade, but Prince comes back with a vertical suplex. Prince misses a 450 splash from the top rope, and Gujjar hits a corner spear for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Bhupinder Gujjar

Brian Meyers leaves but gets cut off by W. Morrissey. Morrissey tries to powerbomb Meyers through a table, but Meyers holds on to Aiden Prince’s leg. Meyers runs off, and Prince shoves Morrissey. Morrissey did not like that all and powerbombs Prince through a table. Meyers looks on in horror as Morrissey celebrates with the fans.


  • Masha Slamovich vs. Abby Jane

Slamovich spikes Jane on her neck with a snapdragon and follows up with a Snowplow for the win…Complete squash match.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

-Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt rundown the card for Multiverse of Matches tomorrow night on FITE TV.

  • The Bullet Club (Jay White & Chris Bey) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelly & Chris Sabin)

MCMG used their tandem offense to take out Bey and White early on. White kicks out of a senton/knee drop combo and knocks Shelly off the apron by turning MCMG’s offense against them. Bey hits Sabin with a high crossbody off the top rope as we go to commercial.

Sabin is trapped in the Bullet Club’s corner and can’t make his way to tag Shelly. Bey gets a little cocky as Shelly breaks up a pin attempt. White puts the boots to Sabin, and Bey follows up with the choke behind the referee’s back. Sabin leapfrogs over White and Bey and makes the tag to Shelly.

Shelly lands a flat liner/DDT combo on Bey and White. Shelly applies the Border City Stretch on Bey, but White rakes the eyes to cause the breakup. MCMG go for more tandem offense on Bey, but White trips on Sabin and Bey levels Shelly with a beautiful enziguri.

Now Shelly is trapped in the Bullet Club’s corner as White sneaks in a cheap here and there unbeknownst to the referee. White holds Shelly outside the ring. Bey goes for a dive, but Shelly moves out of the way nails White. Shelly makes the tag, and Sabin hits White with a somersault plancha off the apron.

Sabin throws Bey in the ring drills him with a missile dropkick from the top rope. Sabin follows up with a hesitation dropkick. Shelly and Sabin hit Thunder Express, but Bey kicked out. White shoves Sabin into Shelly, which knocks Shelly out of the ring. Sabin follows, and Bey takes them out with a suicide dive over the top rope to the floor.

Bey hits Sabin with a drop splash off the top rope, and Shelly breaks up the pin. White complains to the referee, and as a result, the ref doesn’t see Bey pinning Sabin until it’s too late. Sabin and Shelly use teamwork to stop Bey and drill him with a cutter.

All four men attempt to hit their finishing maneuvers and get cut off until MCMGs take out Jay White. Sabin tries to hit with Cradle Shock, White runs interference, and Bey hits a springboard cutter for the three count.

Winners: The Bullet Club (Jay White & Chris Bey)

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