Dax Harwood talks about FTR’s feud with the Briscoes

Mar 31, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“I don’t know if you would call them promos. You know, it wasn’t any kind of promotional material from any team. I think that underneath it all both teams feel that they are the best in the world. That’s a great marketing tool but I don’t think it’s marketing. I think they think they’re the greatest team maybe of all time and of course, myself and Cash think we’re the greatest team of all time. But to finally have this match, it does mean a lot to us because we are the only tag team in professional wrestling right now that has wrestled the greatest teams of this era, and I’m talking about the New Day, Usos, DIY American Alpha all the way to SCU, Young Bucks, Hardy Boys and now to cap it off, it’s going to be the Briscoes.

I don’t think there’s another tag team in the world that can say they’ve faced that caliber of talent and so, Supercard of Honor, I know that we have something to prove to the Briscoe Brothers and I’m sure they have something to prove to us but ultimately, both teams, all 4 men have something to prove to the audience, and that is we are the best – Cash and I are the best.”

source: PWinsider

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