WWE & The Ringer announce “Book of Wrestling” podcast series

Mar 29, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

WWE and The Ringer have announced a new podcast series called “The Book of Wrestling” to be a Spotify exclusive.

The 25-episode series will focus on a specific catchphrase and related stories from WWE’s Attitude Era. The series will be hosted by David Shoemaker, and the first episode will drop on Monday, April 4, with new episodes being released every weekday for five weeks.

“The Book of Wrestling” is inspired by The Ringer founder Bill Simmons’ wildly popular “The Book of Basketball,” which was moved from book to podcast form.

While an episode guide was not released, the trailer for the series included the following phrases – Austin 3:16, Die! Rocky! Die!, Suck It!, Bret Screwed Bret.

WWE first announced that they were partnering with Spotify’s The Ringer back in August 2021, for a new podcast network that will see Simmons’ group expand their pro wrestling coverage. This is a multi-year partnership.

Stay tuned for more on “The Book of Wrestling” from WWE and The Ringer. Below is the series trailer and synopsis:

“Based off of Bill Simmons’ highly popular book, which evolved into a podcast, the ‘Book of’ theme has established a brand that is known to fans. This theme focuses on the history of a sport and the people who have defined that history. The Attitude Era is one of the most celebrated in WWE history, and the catchphrases that helped define it live in the memory of every fan. This show looks to tell the stories behind those words and sounds that propelled wrestling to new heights. Each episode will focus on one catchphrase, with David Shoemaker serving as the host. He will set up the story, use audio to help bring the story to life, and talk to the people who either played a part in the creation of the catchphrase, or were there to witness its impact on the wrestling community.”

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