Zayn on his WWE character: “I definitely think there is a lot of the real me in there, a lot”

Mar 28, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“I definitely think there is a lot of the real me in there, a lot. I could have predicted that this was going to be me one day. Because I used to play foosball in high school with some guys that were really, really good, like tournament level, and I was OK. I was mediocre, maybe get a few goals on them. But ultimately, get annihilated. So the amount of trash talk that I would do and the way that I would get underneath these guys’ skin, I knew I was onto something from a pretty young age. It just took a really long time for it to come out because the character that I played on the independents was not a talker, and then coming to WWE and being a good guy as I was for 15 years, I would say you’re a little more constrained as a good guy. You can’t just say whatever you want because you kind of got to worry about being likable. When you don’t have to worry about that, the shackles are kind of off. The reason I think the character has kind of clicked is because you saw the unraveling of the character. It’s funny because as a good guy, I think it worked really well in NXT because they got to see the progression and they got to come along for the ride and watch this character develop. Then you come to the main roster from NXT and they’re just seeing this finished product. When you’re not along for the ride, you don’t click quite as much.”

source: New York Post

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