Hogan shares photo with Jinder Mahal, says Mahal could be this generation’s Hogan

Mar 26, 2022 - by James Walsh

Hulk Hogan met up with Jinder Mahal on Friday night and shared a pic online, noting that Mahal could be “the new generation Hulk Hogan.” Hogan shared a photo he had taken with the WWE star from Hogan’s Beach Shop in Clearwater, Florida last night, as you can see below.

Hogan wrote:

“old school respect with the new school #JinderMahal physicality,he’s a bad man brother,with the right push he could be the new generation Hulk Hogan,he’s got it all brother!!!!

5 Responses

  1. Kyle Christie says:

    I just legit LOL’d reading the title of this article! Hogan is an absolute idiot.

  2. Smoky Mountain Wrassling says:

    People are way too harsh on Jinder for no reason. I understand the hate behind the booking of him becoming a champion out of nowhere (hell, it was done as a marketing strat going into the Indian market for the network), but that wasn’t his doing.

    He’s a solid worker who has very few weak spots, can cut a great heel promo, and he carried that belt like a badass during his run.

    Do I foresee a Hulk Hogan type run? No, but people need to stop acting like Jinder is a total joke.

  3. Sonia says:

    Jinder is under utilized. He could be so much more. Will he be Hogan no way ever, but he could be this generations Iron Sheik. He’d be real good for that. Someone get him some new boots…

  4. Kyle Christie says:

    I agree with you guys, I like Jinder and I agree that he is not utilized well but that title just had me laughing.

  5. MRK says:

    Jinder has been used way to horribly to ever get a decent main event level

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