DDP Confirms Steve Austin is in “Amazing” Shape Heading to WM38

Mar 26, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Filed to GERWECK.NET via James Romero of WSI:

My latest guest on the WSI | Wrestling Shoot Interviews YouTube channel is Diamond Dallas Page. On today’s clip, DDP confirms that Steve Austin is returning to WrestleMania in “AMAZING” shape, is looking like the Stone Cold Steve Austin of old and might actually be returning to wrestle rather than doing a talk show segment:

“Ya know, I will guarantee you Steve is coming in [to WrestleMania 38] looking amazing; he’s “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. I would have bet until recently no way he would wrestle, but [laughs] one thing you learn in this business, never say never. Yeah, who knows, maybe friggin’ Mr Stone Cold is gonna come out.”

“If it’s a match I don’t expect it to be long because he ain’t a kid anymore, he hasn’t been in the ring in a long time, but who knows, maybe, maybe there is [a chance]. I would love it as long as he’s taken care of and I’m sure everything would be, but I’d love to see it because that would just blow the roof off. I wouldn’t want to follow that, ya know!”

“To me, if you look at the greatest talents of all time, Steve Austin is right there [at the top]. If Steve had as long-a-run as Hogan… even if he had another couple of years… in the last 6 years of his career, he was the icon. If he could have kept that going, if he didn’t get dropped on his head, Steve would still be wrestling today no matter what. He would be in and out of there like [Roddy] Piper.”

Today’s clip also features DDP discussing Scott Hall impact on his career and creating the pre-curser to Razor Ramon, The Diamond Studd, in WCW:

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