Khan says AEW would never run a show during WrestleMania weekend

Mar 23, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW President Tony Khan said on Busted Open Radio that he will never run an AEW show during WrestleMania weekend, and the only reason they’re going ahead with the ROH Supercard of Honor is because people had already committed to it and had to do right by the fans.

Khan claimed that this is the first time that he is going to WrestleMania weekend. “It’s not normally something I would do. It’s not normally something AEW would do. It’s not something AEW would ever do and we’re not doing it,” Khan said, noting that he knows there will be a lot of people around the area.

Khan, who announced that he purchased Ring of Honor earlier this month, said that they will try to make this the best pay-per-view possible for the fans who purchased a ticket “even though it’s unusual to go into enemy territory and run a show that weekend.”

He said he wished he had television time to build the card but that’s the hand they were dealt with and he’s ready to go in 100%.

“I never expected to be talking about WrestleMania weekend and the logistics of the shows there,” Khan quipped.

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  1. Blade Fuego says:

    Tony Khan, you are scared of Vince! If you are truly putting the superior show on, people will watch and turn away from WrestleMania.

  2. Damian W says:

    Wouldn’t matter if you had the better show.. no one can compete with the legacy of Wrestlemania

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