Impact’s Savannah Evans talks about her WWE tryout

Mar 22, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“2017, I did my first extra work with WWE. During that year, I did three different loops with them. They didn’t ever use me for any type of extra matches because I’m a lot larger [taller] than a lot of the extra girls and they want to pick a smaller girl, usually. I did the No Way Jose conga line and maybe one other extra spot in 2019. I kept refreshing my information in their system. It was Gabe (Sapolsky) from EVOLVE, he put a word in, ‘this is a girl you guys should look at.’ He contacted me to let them know he gave them my information. October 2020, a couple of months prior, they let me know they were doing a tryout. In the wildest time where for some people, their live were shutting down and they couldn’t do anything, I was given this opportunity. It was real wild for me. That was the time when my tryout came, when training wasn’t open, so I hadn’t been in the ring for a little bit and the gyms were closed, so I was just working out outside. It was an odd time for me to be getting this opportunity. I just went full force forward,” Savannah Evans said.

“This tryout was unique in that it was not only during the pandemic, it was an all-female tryout. We didn’t have it at the regular PC, they had it as the back up PC. It was basically two rings in a room and smaller office off to the side. There we about eight or nine of us in the ring, we had our masks on, the coaches were there and they drilled us on conditioning, cardio, and see how well we moved and took instructions. We did some rolls, cardio, and promos at the end,” Evans recalled.

source: Speaking to Tommy Dreamer on his House of Hardcore podcast (via Fightful)

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