Thunder Rosa addresses criticism of her matches with Britt Baker in AEW

Mar 21, 2022 - by James Walsh

During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, new AEW women’s champion ThunderThunder Rosa commented on her matches with Britt Baker being criticized…

“Everybody’s gonna criticize no matter what. I mean, even on Wednesday, people were criticizing. ‘Why are you guys — why is there so much blood? Why is there so much? Why are you so violent? Why is this? Why is that?’ It’s like people are programmed a certain way and they have been programmed for professional wrestling for decades a certain way because of how things have been handled before.”

“You guys can criticize us all you want but we’re working really hard and every single company I feel, because we’re changing things little by little and I’ll tell you, myself, I’m taking that to a next level.” (quotes courtesy of

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