Jeff Hardy: “I’ve got plenty more entrances to come”

Mar 21, 2022 - by James Walsh

Jeff Hardy recently appeared on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, and he discussed coming out to the Hardy Boyz music in AEW, meeting Darby Allin for the first time, and much more. Here are some of the highlights (via Wrestling Inc.):

Jeff Hardy on coming out to the Hardy Boyz music in AEW:

“It was awesome and that’s one of the big things, I’ve seen that music on so many reality shows over the years. I’ve heard it on all these other shows and anytime I do hear it, it is The Hardy Boyz music. Even moving forward I think it would be really cool if I can bring back one of my origins to when we do have singles matches, whatever music he comes out to, [Matt] uses that and then I come out to whatever I come to. Then [Loaded] is just for us when we’re teaming, that’s The Hardy Boyz music. That made it so much better, Sting and Darby Allin going out there before me was another swerve, made people go ‘wait a minute, he’s not going to be here tonight… oh shoot.’ But then the payoff was incredible and the music made it so good. I just wish I could’ve enjoyed it more because it was a run and save but it’s all good, I’ve got plenty more entrances to come so I can actually absorb all that energy from people being happy to see me.”

On meeting Darby Allin for the first time:

“It was so cool meeting him. We talked about skateboarding, motocross, he showed me the thing he did for the video with the car, like this is so cool. We were talking about if a pro wrestler has ever backflipped a dirt bike and maybe you could be the first one. I think I could do it if I came into a foam pit and had some training. Yeah, we had a great conversation about extreme sports and he is one of the fastest guys I’ve ever seen. The way he does that suicide dive. Matt’s told me how it feels to take it, it’s like a bullet coming at you.”

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