Cody’s sister says Dusty would be “beaming with pride” if he could see what’s coming

Mar 21, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Teil Rhodes, the sister of Cody and Dustin Rhodes, posted a photo of her father and a young Cody next to him, writing that Dusty would be proud to see what’s coming next.

“I knew my old man best and I know he would be beaming with pride if he could see what’s next,” she wrote.

Cody shocked the wrestling world when he left AEW in mid-February, giving up on his EVP position with the company and reality show on TNT. His wife Brandi, who was the Chief Brand Officer at AEW, also left with him.

The move did not go down well with AEW fans, who turned on Cody when the announcement came that he left the company he helped co-found.

Last week it was reported that Cody finally signed a deal with WWE and will be making his return imminently. He has a match set against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

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  1. Ace says:

    That’s a nice tweet – I made the mistake of clicking on it though, and got to see all the mutants harassing her for posting it! Good grief, wrestling fans are the friggin’ worst

  2. Mackdeezy says:

    Is this the same sister who said that Vince needed to cut her mom a check? If it is, hopefully she’s at peace now. Having said that, yes, i agree, while I don’t like Cody Rhodes as a wrestler, he’s getting a bit too much flak for leaving a company. I do feel bad for him at this point.

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