Jeff Hardy says leaving WWE match mid-way was “maybe the smartest thing” he’s ever done

Mar 18, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Appearing on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy Hardy podcast, AEW’s Jeff Hardy explained that what he did at that December 4 WWE live event when he walked out of the match was “maybe the smartest thing” he has ever done.

“That night in Edinburg for some reason I finished my heat. I took the heat, and I just said ‘I’m ready to go.’ Went over the railing, disappeared into the crowd and naturally they think I took something, like drugs or whatever, but I didn’t,” Jeff explained.

He said things happen for a reason and felt like he was guided by “something higher” than him when he decided to split.

The way Hardy was talking felt like it was premeditated to get fired although later he said he wasn’t trying to get released to join AEW, but it was the right thing to do.

Jeff mentioned that the first day he was in AEW, he felt more “valuable for the first time” whereas in WWE, all they cared about was to keep him to sell more merchandise.’

Judging from what Hardy said through his interview, it doesn’t look like he has any desire to ever return to WWE and said he was offended when they offered him a spot in the Hall of Fame after he got released.

3 Responses

  1. HereForTheLawls says:

    There’s company man and then theres working man. Cant trust him in the ring, probably should refuse to work with him if you’re a talent, guy doesn’t give a damn about who he is in the ring with and he has been proven that couple times.

  2. Steve says:

    Not a lawyer , but shoot all the things he said this weeks sure sounds like he purposely violated his contract. Wondering if the WWE after reading all the stuff he has done and his conversation with wrestling biggest mark could lead to a lawsuit

  3. art123guy says:

    Not quite sure how the WWE can sue him. They fired him BEFORE getting the drug test results back. Had they suspended him, waited for the results and THEN apologized because they came back negative, he’d still be in the WWE. It amazes me that the WWE can break contracts left and right without a care in the world, but if a wrestler finds a way out of the contract, the WWE has a hissy fit.

    If he DID do it on purpose to get fired, good for him. To me, this doesn’t seem that much different than what Pillman did decades earlier. He too got himself out of a contract because he wasn’t happy.

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