Impact Report 3/17/22

Mar 17, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Coverage for tonight’s show will begin at 8pm.  Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are once again on the call.  We start with a recap of the last few weeks.  Josh Alexander’s challenge of Moose for the Impact World Title is highlighted.

Match 1.  Bullet Club, Jay White and Chris Bey VS Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

Scott Hall is recognized during the introductions.

Shelley tries to shake his protege’s hand.  (Jay White)  White has nothing to do with it.   Shelley takes and early advantage and he and Sabin make a few quick tandem moves.  Bey tags in and gains control after some impressive kicks and arm drags on Sabin.  Shelley tags back in and he and Sabin regain some control.  They knock White from the apron.  The MCMGs are now in using quick tags and vintage tag moves from their move-set.  After a double superkick, Sabin gets a two count.  Sabin locks on the abdominal stretch.  Jay tries to break it up and Shelley ties him up too.  Jay hip-tosses out of the hold and makes the saves Bey.  Sabin dives through the ropes and takes out both members of the BC on the floor.  Shelley drags Bey back in the ring to Sabin.  Sabin sets up Shelley for a splash. White saves Bey from a Doomsday Device.  Bey takes to the air and summersaults on to the floor on both of the MCMGs.  White tags in and rakes the eyes of Shelley.  White chops and snap suplexes Shelley and gets a two count.  Bey tags in and he and Jay work him over in the corner.  Bey takes out Sabin on the apron.  Bey takes a face plant, reverse leg sweep into the middle turnbuckle.  Sabin and Jay tag in and Sabin backdrops him.  Bey tries to interfere and gets dropkicked.  All four end up in the ring and the Guns take control with more tandem tag moves.  Sabin gets a two count off a top rope DDT.  Jay is in trouble.  White slips a craddle shock and connects with a snap suplex into the corner.  Bey hits a series of dives and top rope moves.  The guy is so good.  Bey gets a 2 count off a spinning neck breaker.  Everyone starts dragon leg sweeping each other.  Shelley DDT’s both BC members with Sabin’s side kick.  One Skull and Bones later, The MCMGs get the pin.

Winners.  Motor City Machine Guns by pin fall. 

The Bullet Club feel Jay broke up the count early and leave in disgust.

Back from break, they are still talking about the finish between the two teams.  Impact mentions the strength of their tag division.

Match 2.  Steve Maclin VS Rhino

The former Santino Marella, Anthony Carelli is also on commentary.  Rhino is furious with Maclin betraying Team Impact against Honor No More.  He is all over Maclin to start.  He is battering Maclin with punches, slams and kicks as we hear a loud ECW chant.

Back from break, Rhino is still in control, but Maclin drops Rhino, throat first on the top rope.  Maclin then drives a few knees into the back of the neck.  He then drives more elbows and knees into the the same area.  Rhino stands up and the two trade punches, until Maclin boots in the midsection and hits a DDT.  Maclin locks on a rear chin lock.  Rhino stands out and eventually ducks a splash from the top rope.  Rhino chants are loud now.  Rhino hits a series of clotheslines.  Maclin reverses a whip and belly to back suplexes Rhino.  Rhino blocks another suplex, and lays one into Maclin.  Rhino stands and Maclin hits a high knee and then a gore of his own for the pin.

Winner by pin fall… Steve Maclin

The Inspiration come and sit down with Kaleb with a KCassie and Jessie tell Kaleb to get it right next time they fight Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne for the Knockouts World Tag Team Championship.

Rhino and Heath chat backstage and they decide they are back as a tag team.   They are fired up and decide they are better together.

Brian Myers joins the announce team for the next match.

Match 3.  Larry D VS Bhupinder Gujjar

Bhupinder will be known as BG.  Larry is back in Impact sporting a biker look.  Larry looks to also have lost some weight.  The two trade shoulder blocks and punches.  BG hits a dropkick to the lower leg and a leaping elbow drop.  Rag Singh enters the arena.  Larry gains and advantage and clubs BG in the back of the neck repeatedly.  BG then eats a shoulder block for a quick two count.  Larry takes down BG again with chops.  He then works him over in the corner.  BG hits a slingblade off a whip and then a back breaker, high knee.  He then Samoan Drops Larry D.  Larry gets up throwing hand and stomps BG for a two count.  Larry misses a clothesline.  BG and Larry climb the ropes.  BG blocks a superplex.  Larry falls back and BG spears Larry D off the second rope for the win.

Winner by pin fall.  Bhupinder Gujjar

W. Morrissey enters and chases Brian Myers.  Singh tries to raise BG’s hand.  BG tosses him to W. on the outside.  Morrissey powerbombs Singh on Myers private announce table.

Ace Austin approaches Mike Bailey again with Madman Fulton.  Ace continues his recruiting of Bailey to his team and help him win the X Division upcoming title match.  He is clearly buttering Bailey up, but Bailey is keen to his scheme and says they will need to help each other gain the X Division Championship.

Honor No More is backstage talking directly to camera, as if they were Josh Alexander.  Matt Taven is down talking Alexander when Alisha EdwardsEddie Edwards dismisses the group and has a confrontation with his wife.  He tells her Impact Wrestling is wrong and walks off.  She looks off pondering.

Match 4.  Lady Frost VS Gisele Shaw VS Deonna Purrazzo, AAA and ROH World Womens Championship in a Champ Champ Challenge Match

The three start off with a series of roll ups.  Frost bails getting elbowed in the mouth.  Shaw knees Purrazzo, but Deonna arm drags her.  Shaw headlock takedowns the champion.  Frost re-enters and hits a top rope cross body on Gisele.  Shaw then clotheslines Frost.  Purrazzo misses a shoulder block on Shaw and hits the post and spills to the floor.  Frost and Shaw trade blows until Deonna returns and moonsaults both down competitors.  She then armbars Shaw.  Frost locks on a leg lock on Purrazzo.  Shaw gets to the ropes and the holds are released.  Shaw hits a full nelson suplex for two after a senton.  Frost kicks Shaw and lands a running cannonball in the corner.  Deonna then suplexes both girls at once with a double German.  Frost somehow suplexes Purrazzo.  She then rolls up Shaw after a super kick.  She hits a tornado kick to Shaw next and heads to the top.  She lands a block buster, but Purrazzo hits the Queen’s Gambet for the win on Frost.

Winner by pinfall, Deonna Purrazzo, Champ Champ

Josh Alexander is interviewed by Gia Miller backstage.  He address Matt Taven, their match tonight, and his title match at Rebellion, with Impact World Champion, Moose.  

Scott D’Amore is with The Good Brothers and grants them a rematch for the World Tag Team Titles next week.  D’Amore says the match will be a lumberjack match.  Karl Anderson doesn’t like that stipulation.  The winners of the match between VBD and the Good Brothers will be in a 8 team tag title match at Rebellion.

Match 5.  Jonah VS Zicky Dice

Dice mistakenly turned his back to Jonah who floors him and then hits a top rope splash.  It is over that quick.

Winner.. Jonah

PCO is wheeled out in a hospital bed.  He sits up and walks to the ring.  Jonah is shocked.  PCO is in a neck brace.  He walks in the ring.  He whips off the brace and they start punching each other until at least 10 security officials hit the ring.  They fight threw the security and go at it more until Jonah ends up on the outside.  PCO climbs the ropes and takes out all of the security.  Jonah bails up the ramp looking half scared.

We see Tasha Steelz attack Mickie James at one of her country music concerts.  Mickie is interviewed backstage.  She wants revenge.  Chelsea Green says she wants to be in her corner.  Mickie doesn’t want her to help her since she is hurt.  Mickie says she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if Chelsea further got hurt.  Chelsea’s worship of Mickie is the underlying story being played out.

Match 6. Masha Slamovich VS Arie

Arie tries to shake hands.  She gets suplexed.  She then gets whipped into the corner.  Masha back kicks and snowplows Arie and gets the pin.

Winner.  Masha Slamovich in another squash match.

Zicky Dice is backstage and he says he is feeling rough.  He says he has the look, charisma, body, and connection with the fans.  He admits he must just suck as a wrestler.  He says he needs to go to a wrestling school.  He walks off excited after realizing this.

Johnny Swinger is shown next, plugging his latest business.  Swinger’s Dungeon.  This segment is hilarious.  Lance Storm even makes a cameo in this “commercial.”  You need to youtube this.  Zicky might be seen at this dungeon soon.

Match 7.  Main Event.  Josh Alexander VS Matt Taven (with Maria Kanellis)

Taven is out first and looking confident.  Alexander is making his in ring re-debut after his brief departure from in ring competition.  Maria joins the announce team.  She starts right in on Alisha Edwards.  They don’t like each other.

The two strart the match trading head and shoulder blocks off the ropes.  Taven takes a brief powder.  Once back in, we have a test of strength.  Taven boots Josh and then hits a suplex and gets a one count.  Taven takes a back elbow after whipping Josh. Josh hits a few chops and the two trade high speed offense with neither really gaining an advantage.  The pace is fast.  Josh heads to the top, but is met by Matt.  Matt tosses him off the ropes to the floor.  He falls hard.  Taven then basement dropkicks Josh in the arm, which was already hurt from the fall from the top rope.  We go to break.

Taven is in control with a short one count as we return.  He has been working the arm during the break.  Taven has an armlock, Josh rolls him up for a two count.  They mention Taven is a former ROH World singles and tag champion.  Taven hits a flatliner, floatover to a crossface combination.  Josh rolls through it for a two connt.  Alexander hits multiple suplexes, but Taven hits a twisting neck breaker.  He then misses a moonsault, taking knees to the mid section.  Josh hits a clothesline and backdrop.  He then boots Taven to the mat.  Taven fights his way back free with punches and kicks, but Josh hits a beautiful northern lights suplex.  Taven blocks a an underhook, but gets cross bodied to the floor.  Josh ends up on the floor too. Both beat the 10 count back in the ring.  Josh sets up the C4 Spike, but Taven fights free and rolls up Josh for a two count.  Taven then hits a second rope spin kick.  Josh locks on a ankle lock.  Taven gets to the bottom rope to break the hold.  Taven then drapes Josh’s neck on the top rope.  They then meet on the top rope and Josh suplexes him followed by the C4 Spike and gets the pin.

Winner.  Josh Alexander

We see Moose drive up in a car.  He has a envelope and walks up to a house.  It appears to be Josh’s house.  He hands the envelope off with his wife.  Josh’s boy is scared to death.  Moose says to tell your dad Moose says hi.  The show ends.




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    That end segment was pretty solid. Compared to the home invasion angle in the E of recent memory. this was short sweet and awesome.

    Now here i expect this will be the thing that pushes Josh to another level to take the belt off Moose.

    Also yes Swinger’s segment is great as he usually is. Tom and Matthew’s reactions after were also great

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