Lesnar recalls forming connection with Heyman early in his WWE career

Mar 13, 2022 - by James Walsh

Brock Lesnar recently appeared on The Michael Kay Show, and one of the topics the current WWE Champion discussed was the evolution of his relationship with Paul Heyman and his willingness to learn throughout his career. Here are some highlights (via Fightful):

Lesnar on the evolution of his relationship with Heyman: “I got called up on the road from OVW, I was a prospect in developmental and they brought me up to live events. Paul was on something to do with the creative team. Paul saw me taking it all in in the stands, came up, and introduced himself, we sat down and had a connection. He’s a dear friend in real life. A backstabbing friend right now. We all have somebody like that. [Our relationship has] developed.”

On his willingness to learn throughout his career: “A lot of people did [help me]. I always had an approachable personality and the willingness to want to learn. I was never scared to ask the stupid questions. I didn’t care if I got the answer no. I want to know, ‘will you watch my match? Tell me how I can do this different.’ If they told me to screw off, so be it. I’ve always been coachable. Always. I didn’t get this way by paving my own path. My eyes and ears were wide open. If my mouth was open it was asking ‘who, what, why when, where.’ That was it.”

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