William Regal shoots down report on his health

Mar 11, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

The Wrestling Observer reported today that William Regal is dealing with significant health issues, and that he will explain those health problems in an interview he recently recorded with Chris Jericho, to be released on the Talk Is Jericho podcast next week.

In an update, Regal took to Twitter today and dismissed the report. He said he’s healthier than he has been in years, and indicated that he talked about his 2018 health issues with Jericho.

Regal wrote, “Already…. That’s why I stay out the rumour mill and gossip!!! I’ve just found out that there’s things being printed about my health. I am healthier than I’ve been in many years. I talked this week to someone about things that had happened to me in 2018.”

Regal suffered from a heart defect back in 2003, and spent some time away from the ring. He then underwent open heart surgery in November 2018, and tweeted one year later about how he was “healthy and fit as a butchers dog” due to the surgery.

Stay tuned for more. You can see Regal’s full tweet below:

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