Jeff Hardy brings familiar theme song with him to AEW

Mar 10, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Many wondered how did Jeff Hardy enter AEW last night on Dynamite using his WWE theme song. Did WWE give permission?

Well, no, not really, because the original Hardy Boyz theme song is not owned by WWE and it is a production track that is used in several television and radio commercials.

The track is called Loaded and performed by Zack Tempest from the album The Unleashed Beast of Rock Destruction, released in 1999. So all AEW had to do was license the original song to be able to use it on their television broadcast.

While Matt Hardy had a few theme songs throughout his career, the Loaded song is often attached to Jeff or when they are wrestling as a tag team.

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  1. CP MUNK says:

    schiavone still has that surprised act down. like he didn’t know it was Darby’s music. and nice to queue up. Jeff Hardy’s music. let’s not make it. seem that everyone didn’t know he was on his way

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