Impact Wrestling Report, 3/10/22

Mar 10, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  It should be an eventful show fresh off the PPV (Sacrifice)  last Saturday.  Coverage begins at 8 PM.  Josh Alexander will make his long awaited return to the Impact Zone. Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rehwoldt are on the call.

The shows starts with a rundown from the PPV.  We have a new Knockouts and World Tag Team Champions in Tashia Steelz and Violent by Design.  Josh Alexander challenged Moose to a title match.

Josh Alexander enters the arena as the show begins.  Josh says it is good to be back.  All he wants now is his shot at the champ.  He recollects being sent home, but he is back and now is here to stay.  He talks about how his son, Lucas inspired him to return and gain revenge.  Honor No More, lead by Eddie Edwards enter the arena.  Eddie says it must be nice to have the red carpet rolled out for you.  The fans are hot on Eddie.  Eddie brings up Lucas and says why don’t you tell him you were given everything.  Josh warns him to never speak his son’s name.  Josh argues the fans have been with him, but Eddie cuts him off and says they will turn on you in an instant.  Josh goes back at him hard, Matt Taven cuts him off and says he and Eddie were World Champions that didn’t lose in front of their wife.  Josh starts fight all of them.  Taven hits a big boot as Josh is tied up.  Willie Mack, Heath, Rhino and Rich Swann hit the ring and chase off HNM.  Scott D’Amore enters and says tonight we will have matches all night with HNM members banned from ringside all night long.

Match 1.  Kenny King VS Willie Mack

King hits a massive splash and high knee to gain an early advantage.  Mack connects with a series of arm drags and a drop kick.  He then drops King with a shoulder block.  He then launches himself onto King who bailed to the floor.  Willie then connects with a series of slaps to the face.  King hits a forearm shiver, but Mack backdrops him on the arena floor.  Mack tosses King back in the ring.  King pretends to be hurt and trips Mack into the corner and starts punching Mack.  He then hits a leg drop for a two count.  Mack recovers and slams King, but misses the standing moonsault.  King drops an elbow and locks an armbar.  Mack gets to the ropes, but King locks on a camel clutch.  Mack uses a low blow to break the hold.  He hits a few clotheslines and a Samoan drop.  He hits the standing moonsault for a count of two.  The two trade blows strong style in the center of the ring.  King hits a massive powerslam for a two count.  King hits a forearm in the corner and a t-bone suplex for a two count.  King misses from the top rope.  Mack hits a stunner and frog splash from the top and gets the pin.

Winner by pin fall, Willie Mack

Backstage Moose confronts Scott D’Amore about the way Josh Alexander got his title match.  Moose thinks Alexander went over his head to get the match.  Scott says he basically set it up and hands him the contract.  Moose is furious.  Scott tells him to sign it by next week for he will strip him of the title.

Match 2.  Crazzy Steve VS John Sklyer VS Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton)  (X Division Champion, Trey Miguel is at ringside)

Ace is busy trying to make alliances for battle, but nobody wants to help him.  Skyler and Steve are taking turns pounding on him.  Fulton pulls Ace from the ring to save him.  Skyler rolls up Steve for a two count.  The match then goes to the outside with a Steve leap to the floor.  We go to break.

Ace is in control as we return, but he gets tossed hard by Steve to the floor.  Steve then gets side slammed by Skyler for a two count.  The fans are behind Steve.  Skyler heads to the top and the others follow him.  Ace is knocked to the floor.  Skyler then falls to the mat.  Ace recovers and side kicks Steve to the mat.  He then sets Steve back up on the ropes.  Skyler knocks Steve to the floor.  Ace hits a fold from the top on Skyler and gets the pin.

Winner.  Ace Austin.  Trey will have a shot at Rebellion.

Larry D interrupts an interview with Bhupinder Gujjar.  Pinder and Larry are setting up a grudge match.

VBD have a promo backstage.  Eric Young and Joe Doering are the new Impact World Tag Team Champions.  They explain to The Good Brothers they set them up from the beginning and are now the champions.

Match 3.  The Influence (Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne) , Knockouts Tag Champs (with Kaleb) and Tasha Steelz, Knockouts Champion. and  Savanah Evans VS The Inspiration (Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay) and Chelsea Green and Mickie James

Cassie and Dashwood square off.  Cassie pulls her toward there corner and Jessie tags in after they do some damage.  Tenille breaks free and Jessie chases her to the other corner.  She and Madison drop Jessie.  Evans tags in and chokes Jessie.  Jessie tags in Cassie and they double team Evans.  Evans then hits a Samoan Drop on Cassie.  She follows it up with a leg drop.  Steelz tags in and goes to work on the back of Cassie.   Evans tags back in.  She spears her in the corner and Rayne tags in and locks on a rear chin lock.  Rayne keeps her in the corner and Tenille tags back in.  She suplexes Cassie for a two count.  Steelz tags in and gets kicked in the head.  Mickie tags in and hits a senton on Tasha.  Savanah enters and gets chic kicked from the ring.  Kaleb pulls Chelsea from the ring.  She kicks him in the crotch.  Mickie DDT’s Tasha and gets the pin.

Winners.  Mickie James, Chelsea Green and the The Inspiration

Jonah is shown outside gloating over his win over PCO.  He says he doesn’t believe in monsters, but they believe in him.  He claims he broke PCO’s neck and proved he is human.

The Bullet Club enter the arena.  The Good Brothers, Jay White and Chris Bey are in tow.  Karl Anderson introduces the crew.  Doc Gallows says we are not hear to have fun.  They are here to put everyone on notice.  He mentions The Briscoe Brothers and Violent By Design.  Jay White takes the mic and says the The Good Brothers will handle their business.  He says he handled his business with Alex Shelley.  He pays respect to Alex verbally, but he tells Shelley he failed.  He invites him down to the ring to Too Sweet the leader of the Bullet Club.  Alex comes out and calls him Jamie.  He says he let Jay live in his house for a year.  He says he will take nothing from Jay, he is the best pro wrestler in the world, but Alex thought as bad as he treats everyone else, Alex is his big brother.  Jay says his personal feelings are his fault.  Everything his business to him, saying you don’t know the Switchblade.  Alex makes the claim that everything Jay has become, he is his mentor.  Bey grabs the mic and asks Alex what it feels like to be lonely.  Alex says he is never alone.  Chris Sabin enters.  Chris says would you look at this.  We are back together and automatically the best tag team in Impact Wrestling.  They challenge White and Bey to a match next week.  The match is accepted and will happen next week.

Josh Alexander wants to fight in the main event tonight.  Scott D’Amore says not this week, but he can fight Matt Taven next week in the main event.

Deonna Purrazzo says she feels no remorse hurting Chelsea Green.  Lady Frost and Gisele Shaw enter and a three way title match is set up for next week for the AAA and ROH Championships.

Match 4.  Eddie Edwards VS Rich Swann (Maria Kanellis is on commentary)

The two start off right on the floor.. It is a brawl.  We go to break.

Swann is chopping and punching Swann everywhere.  Eddie lands a few punches and chops of his own.  Eddie gets kicked to the floor and  gets 619.  The brawl going back and forth.  We go to another break.

Swann is taking a beating as we return.  Swann gets dropped face first and Eddie gloats over him in pain.  Swann recovers and rannas him from the apron to the floor.  That was vicious.  Eddie landed had on the concrete.  He is slow to beat the count back in the ring.  AEW could use that rule…   Eddie and Swann starting trading strong style blows.  Swann hits a rolling Thunder into a clothesline.  He then hits a corkscrew.  Eddie kicks out at two.  Maria keeps making fun of the fans and Impact wrestlers.  Eddie crotches Swann on the top rope.  Eddie hits a backpack stunner for a two count.  Eddie floats over to a Boston Crab.  Swann gets to the ropes after a few minutes.  Eddie knees the midsection off a whip.  Eddie pisses off Swann by punk slapping him.  They start trading superkicks and running punches.  They both collapse to the mat.  This match has really picked up.  Swann reverses a Tiger Driver into a roll up.  Swann hits a side kick and cross body into a head scissors.  Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb out of nowhere for a two count.  Eddie hits a Tiger Driver for a two count.  Swann hits a cutter and back spring cutter off the ropes, but he can only get a count of two.  Swann then kicks Eddie in the face, but misses  Phoenix Splash.  Eddie hits a Boston Knee Party after a clothesline.  After a Diehard Driver, Eddie gets the pin.

Winner.  Eddie Edwards

HNM all enter the ring and celebrate as the show ends.


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