Video: Jeff Hardy debuts in AEW

Mar 9, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

In the ring with The AHFO. Matt Hardy is annoyed Andrade is trying to fire him from the AHFO. Matt apologizes for how he’s treated everyone in the AHFO. Andrade wants to take a vote on if Matt stays. Matt says Private Party will obviously be behind him. Andrade votes no, Matt is stay, Jose is go, Private Party say stay, but change to no. Andrade says Matt needs to watch his back. Andrade attacks Matt and the rest of The AHFO beat down Matt in a 6 on 1.

Darby Allins music hits and out come Darby and Sting and they take their time getting to the ring. But its still 3 on 6. “Loaded” hits and out comes Jeff Hardy who helps take out The AFO. Matt hits a Twist of Fate and Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb. Matt celebrates with Matt and Darby Allin stares down Jeff.

6 Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    He’s running down to save his brother and he stops to do his little dance. Why?

  2. AustinIdiots says:

    Another boring ex WWE Star in AEW. *surprise face*

  3. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    So much was wrong with this segment > . <. I know some will say we're nitpicking but we expect our sh-t to make sense!!! If you're every being jumped, it's nice to know that Darby and Sting will take their sweet ass time walking to the ring… I get they were outnumbered but wtf was that? And Jeff doing his little dance in the ring as Joseph pointed out….wtf

  4. TrollBuster says:

    AEW doesn’t need that overrated, drug addicted spotmonkey

  5. Pisto75666 says:


    Oh of course they do. He’s former WWE. Where else is he gonna go? But hey…AEW, something something “new stars” /s

  6. Sean says:

    another predictable segment. Matt needs this more than Jeff. shake things up. imagine this intro:. from passages, mailibu. Jeff Hardy, jon moxley. they are : probably drunk! what a team!

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