3/9/22 AEW Dynamite Recap

Mar 9, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Estero, Florida.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring. Jericho says he loved Revolution, even though he tapped out to Eddie Kingston. He says he has to thank Kingston before that, because Kingston brought out something in him that he wasn’t sure existed anymore. He says he went back on his word when he refused to shake Kingston’s hand after the match. He says he wants to apologize to Kingston face-to-face, and asks him to come to the ring so he can shake his hand. Kingston comes to the ring and says he didn’t want to show up because Jericho was right, he was scared. He shuts down some “What?” chants from a few guys in the crowd, and then says four people came up to him and says his article in the Player’s Tribune saved their lives and changed his mind. He says he cried in his hotel room and wanted to make those people proud. Kingston says he hopes he did those people proud, and says the handshake wasn’t for him, but it was for Jericho. Kingston asks what is missing in Jericho that caused him to refuse the handshake. Kingston says he respected the old Jericho, the one from Japan who had matches with Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko, and says Jericho proved that he is still number one. Kingston says Jericho has to answer the question of what is missing himself, and Jericho says Kingston is absolutely right. Jericho says he respects Kingston and thanks him for giving him a great match, and he would be honored if Kingston would shake his hand. Kingston accepts the handshake and bows to Jericho, but they are interrupted by 2point0 and Daniel Garcia. They attack Jericho and Kingston and beat them down, but Santana and Ortiz rush the ring and make the save. Ortiz gives Jericho a bat, but Jericho lays out Santana and Ortiz with it. 2point0 gets back in the ring and joins Jericho in the beat down. Jake Hager rushes the ring and gets in Jericho’s face, but then joins in on the attack. 2point0 lay Ortiz out with a DDT, and then Garcia locks Santana in a Sharpshooter. 2point0 grab the timekeeper’s table, and then Hager powerbombs Kingston through it. Jericho says this is the Jericho Appreciation Society, and what they just did is Entertainment.

We take a look back at the Dog Collar Match between CM Punk and MJF from this past Sunday’s Revolution.

Match #1 – AEW World Championship Match: Adam Page (c) vs. Dante Martin
They shake hands, and then lock up. Page applies a wrist-lock, but Martin gets free. They run the ropes and Page drops Martin with a shoulder tackle. Martin comes back with a dropkick, but Page drops him with another shoulder tackle. Martin comes back with another dropkick, and then chops him in the corner. Page asks for more chops, and then Martin delivers and takes him down with a cross-body. Page hangs onto Martin and tosses him to the outside with a fall-away slam as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Martin delivers an enzuigiri and follows with a missile dropkick. Martin goes for the cover, but Page kicks out. Martin delivers forearm shots and kicks Page in the head. Page goes to the floor, and Martin drops him with a moonsault. Martin tosses Page back into the ring and comes off the top, but Page counters with a power bomb. Page goes for the cover, but Martin kicks out. Page goes to the apron, but Martin charges at him and they go to the floor. Martin delivers an enzuigiri and goes back into the ring. Martin goes for a dive, but Page shoves him back and then hits the Buckshot Lariat for the pin fall.
Winner and still AEW World Champion: Adam Page
-After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews Page. Martin has left the ring, but Page calls him back. Page says Martin made the most of his opportunity as a singles competitor and made it all the way to an AEW World Championship Match. Page says he knows Darius is back and they will be going after the tag titles, and says Martin is one of the hardest hitting guys in the locker room and says he would be honored to do it again. They shake hands, but Adam Cole interrupts. Cole says they went to war on Sunday, and Page got a fluke win on him. Cole says anybody can get lucky once, and when they meet again Page won’t get lucky again. Cole says he wants a six-man match, and Page can pick anyone he wants. Cole says he has two guys who are his friends, and not Page’s, and he is going to make Page’s life a living hell. Cole says Page’s days as champion are numbered, and he will not stop until he is the AEW World Champion.

Match #2 – Tag Team Match: Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley (w/William Regal) vs. The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry and JD Drake)
Danielson and Moxley attack Henry and Drake in the corner, and then Henry gets set to the floor. Moxley and Drake become the legal men, and Moxley drops Drake with a side suplex. Danielson tags in and delivers kicks to Drake’s chest and back. Danielson kicks Drake in the head and grabs him, but Drake backs him into the corner. Henry tags in and delivers kicks to Danielson against the ropes. Henry delivers forearm shots and chops, but Danielson comes right back and takes him down with a kick. Moxley tags in and delivers stomps and punches in the corner. Moxley stands on Henry’s face and tags in Danielson. Danielson chops and kicks Henry in the corner and takes him to the mat. Danielson applies a Romero Special and Moxley tags in. Moxley bites Henry’s face and chops him as Danielson keeps the hold applied. Moxley tosses Henry to the mat and goes for the cover, but Henry kicks out. Moxley sends Henry to the corner, but Henry comes back with a boot to the face and a missile dropkick. Drake tags in and chops Moxley a few times. Drake slaps Moxley in the face, but Moxley comes back with a big clothesline.
Moxley knocks Henry to the floor and tags in Danielson. Moxley drops Henry with a dive as Danielson delivers the Psycho Knee to Drake. Danielson stomps Drake’s head into the mat and locks in the LeBell Lock, and Drake taps out.
Winners: Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley
-After the match, Schiavone gets in the ring for an interview. Regal says it has been 29 years since they were first on TV together. Regal says he is 53 now and lived more than a hard life, and says he can see that Schiavone hasn’t found a decent tailor in all these years. Regal says Schiavone helped Regal in more way than he every imagined and tears up a bit, but then says that’s enough of being nice. Regal says he completely checked out of wrestling for the past two months, and then someone told him that Danielson mentioned him on Dynamite. He says he had to go and watch, and then he found out that Danielson was going to fight Moxley. Regal says a lot of people know him because his name is always mentioned along with Danielson’s. Regal says when someone wants it bad enough, he will train them to be a professional wrestler. He says Danielson is what he should have been, which is the perfect professional wrestler. Regal says Danielson became everything he couldn’t, because Danielson didn’t have the problem he had. Regal turns his attention to Moxley and says he’s known him for 11 years and says he knew that the team of Danielson and Moxley had to be together. Regal says whoever fights Danielson and Moxley better step up, or they will get stepped on.

Alex Marvez interviews Dark Order. He asks them what their relationship is with Adam Page. Page walks up and apologizes for what happened between them on Sunday. John Silver accepts and asks which two of them Page is picking for the six-man next week, but Page says he saw Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus earlier and they wanted revenge on The Young Bucks, so he chose them already.

Match #3 – Singles Match: PAC (w/Alex Abrahantes and Penta Oscura) vs. Wheeler Yuta (w/Chuck Taylor, Danhausen, Orange Cassidy, and Trent Beretta)
They exchange wrist-locks, and then Yuta drops PAC with a quick dropkick as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, PAC is in control, but Yuta comes back with a chop and a few forearm shots. PAC delivers a shot of his own and tosses Yuta to the floor. Yuta comes right back with a suplex in the ring. PAC sends Yuta to the corner, but Yuta dodges and takes PAC to the mat. Yuta goes for the cover, but PAC kicks out. PAC comes back with a dead lift German suplex and goes for the cover, but Yuta kicks out. PAC puts Yuta up top and delivers an avalanche brain buster. PAC locks in the Brutalizer and Yuta gives up.
Winner: PAC

The Cutler Cam is backstage with Adam Cole, reDRagon, and The Young Bucks. Cole says it wasn’t a good night for them on Sunday, and then reDRagon and The Bucks begin to argue. Cole calms them down and brings up his partners. Matt tells him they told him before if it involves Hangman, count them out. Cole gets flustered and says he wasn’t going to pick them anyway, and picks reDRagon as his partners.

Alex Marvez interviews FTR and Tully Blanchard. He asks them where their focus is now that they’ve been eliminated in two straight battle royales. Dax Harwood says they are looking at reDRagon and The Young Bucks, but Blanchard interrupts. Blanchard says when they listen to him, they win the titles, and Harwood gets in his face. They argue a bit, but Cash Wheeler gets in the middle and fires Blanchard.

The A.H.F.O. are in the ring for an emergency meeting. Matt Hardy and Andrade El Idolo go back and forth. Hardy says he apologized to everyone and Idolo asks him where his suit is. Hardy says he turned into an asshole when he put the suit on, and says Idolo knows what that’s like. Idolo gets offended and says they will have a vote on whether Hardy can stay in the group. Idolo gives a thumbs down, Hardy up, Jose down, Private Party both up, as Butcher and Blade stand by. Private Party turn their thumbs down behind Hardy’s back as he begins to talk to Idolo. Idolo tells Hardy he needs to always watch his back in this business. Everyone attacks Hardy and Idolo delivers a kick to the face. Jose gives Idolo a chair, but Darby Allin and Sting make their way out. They get into the ring and go after the heels. The numbers for the heels take advantage, but Jeff Hardy hits the ring and makes the save. The Blade is left in the ring and gets shots from everyone. Matt drops Blade with a Twist of Fate, and then Jeff delivers a Swanton Bomb. Matt and Jeff hug, and then Allin stares down The Hardy Boyz before going to the corner.

Schiavone interviews Swerve Strickland. His debut match will be this Friday on Rampage, but Tony Nese interrupts the interview. Nese says since he and Swerve have a history of wrestling on Friday nights, they should do it again this Friday. Swerve says they can revisit him beating Nese’s ass because this isn’t Nese’s house, it’s Swerve’s house.

Schiavone is in the ring, and he introduces the new Face of the Revolution and the number one contender to the AEW TNT Championship, Wardlow. Schiavone says Wardlow is still under contract to MJF, but Wardlow says we all have to decide if we are going to fulfill someone else’s hopes and dreams or our own. Wardlow says he thought his opportunity with MJF was going to free the wild animal from the circus, but he simply walked into another cage. Wardlow says he knew MJF wasn’t a good person when he signed up for the job, and he hopes he can be forgiven for associating with such trash. Wardlow says he knew from a young age that he wanted to be a professional wrestler, and says that MJF decided his own fate last week when he put his hands on him. Wardlow says he is under contract to MJF, but he doesn’t give a damn anymore. Wardlow says he is no longer MJF’s bodyguard, no longer watching his back, and no longer a member of The Pinnacle. Wardlow says he is finally free and says MJF would be smart to release him from the contract. Wardlow says after years of giving, it is his time to take and he wants it all. Wardlow says AEW is officially Wardlow’s world.

Alex Marvez is with Keith Lee and QT Marshall. Marshall welcomes Lee to AEW says sees why he is called Limitless. Marshall says they have a common enemy in Team Taz and says Marshall and The Factory have his back. Lee says he has a very large back, and he is good. Marshall says Lee will pay for this.

Match #4 – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus (c) (w/Christian Cage) vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster)
Jungle Boy sends Bowens to the floor, and then takes Caster down with a hurricanrana and follows with a dropkick. Luchasaurus tags in and delivers an uppercut in the corner. Jungle Boy tags back in and connects with a senton from over Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy goes for the cover, but Caster kicks out. Jungle Boy runs the ropes, but Bowens trips him up. Jungle Boy delivers a shot to Bowens and gets on the apron, but Caster delivers a clothesline back to the floor. Bowens lays Jungle Boy out with a forearm shot as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Bowens sends Jungle Boy off the ropes, but Jungle Boy drops him with a clothesline. Caster tags in, as does Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus drops The Acclaimed with shots, and then delivers back elbows in the corner. Luchasaurus drops them with a double clothesline and goes for a double choke slam, but they double team him. They go to the floor, but Jungle Boy takes The Acclaimed out with a dive. Back in the ring, Luchasaurus slams Bowens to the mat, and then chokeslams Caster. Luchasaurus connects with a standing moonsault and goes for the cover, but Bowens breaks it up. Luchasaurus tosses Bowens to the floor and tags in Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus delivers a shot to Caster, and then Jungle Boy goes for the Doomsday Device, but Bowens cuts him off. Bowens tags in, but Jungle Boy delivers shots. Bowens comes back with a superkick and tags in Caster. The Acclaimed hit the Mic Drop and Caster goes for the cover, but Luchasaurus breaks it up. They send Luchasaurus to the floor and Bowens goes for a dive, but Luchasaurus catches him. Luchasaurus gets the boombox away from them, but Caster dropkicks it into his face.
Bowens power bombs Jungle Boy in the ring and goes for the cover, but Jungle Boy kicks out. Caster gets sent to the floor, and then Luchasaurus tags in. They take Bowens to the corner and deliver the Doomsday Device. Jungle Boy tags back in as Luchasaurus kicks Caster back to the floor, and Jungle Boy gets the pin fall on Bowens.
Winners and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus

The AEW TBS Champion, Jade Cargill, and Smark Mark Sterling cut a promo. Cargill asks who’s next, and Sterling asks who’s left. Her next victory will make her 30-0 and Cargill asks who wants to step up.

Match #5 – #1 Contender’s (AEW Women’s World Championship) Match: Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa
Neither woman gains the advantage early on. Hirsch applies a front face-lock, but Rosa gets free and they get back to their feet. They exchange wrist-locks, but neither woman gains the advantage. Hirsch shoves Rosa away, but Rosa comes back with a few arm-drags and a dropkick. Rosa clotheslines Hirsch in the corner and follows with back elbows. Rosa goes for the Fire Thunder Driver, but Hirsch gets free and stomps on Rosa’s arm. Hirsch slams Rosa to the mat and kicks her in the face as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Rosa drops Hirsch with a few clotheslines. Rosa sends Hirsch into the ropes and delivers a dropkick to her back. Rosa follows with another dropkick to the chest and then suplexes her. Rosa goes for the cover, but Hirsch kicks out. Rosa clotheslines Hirsch in the corner and comes over the ropes, but Hirsch catches her and suplexes her. Hirsch goes for the cover, but Rosa kicks out. Hirsch delivers shots and goes up top, but Rosa cuts her off. Rosa takes her down and delivers a shoulder-breaker over her knee. Rosa delivers a sliding clothesline and goes for the cover, but Hirsch kicks out. Hirsch goes to the floor and Rosa grabs her hair, but Hirsch drapes Rosa’s arm over the bottom rope. Hirsch grabs an extra turnbuckle wrench from under the ring, but Red Velvet runs out and shover her back into the ring before she can use it. Rosa goes for the Fire Thunder Driver, but Hirsch blocks it and locks in an arm-bar. Rosa makes it to the ropes and slams Hirsch to the mat. Rosa goes for the cover, but Hirsch kicks out. Hirsch goes for a running knee strike, but Rosa dodges it and delivers the Fire Thunder Driver for the pin fall.
Winner and number one contender for the AEW Women’s World Champion: Thunder Rosa
-After the match, Schiavone says Rosa match against Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. next week will be inside of a steel cage.

Baker is backstage with Jamie Hayter and Rebel. Baker says she beat Rosa at Revolution, so why didn’t Rosa go to the back of the line like everyone else. Baker says it looks like Rosa made a friend in Velvet and asks where Mercedes Martinez is. Baker says Hayter will take care of her this Friday on Rampage, and says she is not scared of Rosa or a cage. Baker says she is, however, scared of what will happen to the Women’s Division if “carny riff-raff” like Rosa becomes the champion.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-Darby Allin vs. Marq Quen
-Jamie Hayter vs. Mercedes Martinez
-Keith Lee vs. QT Marshall
-Swerve Strickland vs. Tony Nese

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite: St. Patrick’s Day Slam:
-AEW Women’s World Championship – Steel Cage Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Thunder Rosa
-AEW TNT Championship Match: Sammy Guevara or Scorpio Sky vs. Wardlow
-Trios Tag Team Match: Adam Cole and reDRagon vs. Adam Page, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus

Match #6 – AEW TNT Championship Match: Sammy Guevara (c) (w/Tay Conti) vs. Scorpio Sky (w/Dan Lambert and Ethan Page)
Sky takes Guevara to the corner and delivers a series of shots. Guevara comes back and sends Sky off the ropes, and then delivers a dropkick. Sky goes to the floor and Guevara follows, but Sky delivers forearm shots. Guevara comes back with a few shots, and then slams Sky into the barricade. Guevara sets up a table and slams Sky into the steps. Guevara puts Sky on the table and goes up top. Guevara goes for the 630 senton, but Sky dodges it and Guevara crashes through the table. The doctor and Tay Conti come to ringside and check on Guevara as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Guevara is back in the ring and exchanges shots to Sky. Sky delivers body shots and sends Guevara back to the floor. Conti checks on Guevara, but Sky walks over and tosses Guevara back into the ring. Paige Van Zant is at ringside and gets on Conti’s face. Sky delivers a back-breaker in the ring, followed by a second. Sky goes for the cover, but Guevara kicks out. Sky applies a rear chin-lock, but Guevara gets to his feet and delivers forearm shots. Sky comes off the ropes, but Guevara rolls him up for two. Guevara delivers a back elbow and follows with a back heel kick. Guevara hits the springboard cutter and goes for the cover, but Sky kicks out. Sky comes back and goes for the TKO, but Guevara gets free and delivers the GTH. Sky rolls to the ropes, but Guevara pulls him away and goes up top. Guevara goes for a Shooting Star Press, but Sky gets his knees up. Lambert and Page get on the apron, but Conti pulls Page down. Van Zant hops the rail and attacks Conti. Van Zant slams Conti into the steps and distracts Guevara. Sky delivers the TKO and gets the pin fall.
Winner and new AEW TNT Champion: Scorpio Sky
-After the match, Sky lays Guevara out with a title belt shot, and then Van Zant takes Conti down in the ring. Van Zant signs her AEW contract on top of a prone Conti as the show comes to a close.

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