Steve Austin to respond to Kevin Owens

Mar 8, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin is set to respond to Kevin Owens’ WrestleMania 38 invitation.

As noted, this week’s RAW closing segment saw Owens challenge Austin to appear on a special edition of The KO Show at WrestleMania 38. Owens talked trash about Stone Cold and said he wanted to leave him laying with a Stunner. WWE advertised the segment for Night One of WrestleMania 38, or WrestleMania Saturday, but they put a question mark next to Austin’s name.

In an update, WWE has announced that Austin will respond to Owens’ WrestleMania invitation at 12pm ET later today, Tuesday.

There’s no word on if Austin will use his personal Twitter account, or if WWE has some sort of promo to release with his answer, but we will keep you updated.

Austin had been rumored to come out of retirement for a match against Owens at WrestleMania, but it looks like he will be appearing on The KO Show to pay Owens back for all the trash talking against Texas.

Stay tuned for more. You can see WWE’s teaser for Austin’s response below, along with footage of the RAW segment with Owens:

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