Steve Austin accepts Kevin Owens’ invitation for WrestleMania 38

Mar 8, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

In a cool video shot seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Stone Cold Steve Austin accepted Kevin Owens’ invitation at WrestleMania in the best way Austin can, cutting a promo.

“19 years ago I wrestled my last match in a WWE ring. After three rock bottoms, one, two, three, I lost the match. And for 19 years I had to live with that defeat knowing my time was up,” Austin said looking straight at the camera.

“Kevin Owens I wanna thank you. I wanna thank you for waking up something deep inside of me that I kept buried for 19 years,” the Hall of Famer continued.

Austin said that ever since Owens started running his mouth running down the great state of Texas, he got his attention. Austin wondered why he wanted to do that.

“I can think of two reasons,” Austin said. “One, you are one dumb son of a bitch. And two, you are fixing to get your ass kicked by Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

Austin added that he doesn’t care if they call this the KO Show, a fight, a match, or whatever, but he can guarantee that he is going to open one last can of whoop ass.

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  1. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    I don’t know….does his being there really matter anymore?
    Yes he’s a name, but we KNOW he has limitations due to his history of injuries and age. I would bet money this’ll just end up being a chance for Owens to take a Stunner……wouldn’t a match have benefited him more?

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