“Hangman” Adam Page on working ROH shows: “I’m completely open to that”

Mar 7, 2022 - by James Walsh

Before becoming a top star in AEW, “Hangman” Adam Page made a name for himself in ROH. When All Elite Wrestling launched in 2019, Page was among the names to jump from Ring of Honor to the new promotion.

During the post-AEW Revolution media scrum, Page noted that he’s open to working in ROH now that AEW President Tony Khan owns it.

“Sure. I’m completely open to that. I have no idea what Ring of Honor will be going forward, so it’s hard to say anything there. I certainly wouldn’t mind showing up again.”

Page was then asked what he thinks Khan will be doing with the promotion:

“I could give you a thousand different ideas, but the truth is, whatever the hell he wants. He has a very good track record with what he’s done with AEW. Going forward, I trust this man with Ring of Honor and I care a lot about Ring of Honor. I trust Tony with it because I know he does too. He loves Ring of Honor more than I do and I worked there for a time. Whatever your intentions are, whatever your plans are, whatever you end up deciding to do, it’s a lot more people who have a job in wrestling. That’s one of the big things I was excited about with AEW. I knew all my friends who were trying to scrape by would be able to make a living doing this. That’s really the dream. To continue that, that’s a blessing. I’m happy no matter what.”

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