Mar 5, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Please join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling’s PPV, “Sacrifice.”  Coverage for the main show will begin at 8pm.

The Pre Show begins at 7:30 Pm.   Matthew Rewoldt and Tom Hanifan are on the call.  They run down the packed card for the night.  There is two matches on the pre show and we are going to cover it all right here.  Heath will finally get a World Championship match against Moose tonight.

Pre Show Match 1.  Gisele Shaw VS Lady Frost

The two tie up, collar and elbow.  Frost lands a snap mare, which makes Gisele angry.  Gisele fights back with a stiff palm strike.  Frost hits a head scissor on the outside.  Gisele hits the floor.  Frost tosses her back in the ring.  Gisele hits a stiff kick to the mid section upon re-entering the ring.  She follows it up with an uppercut and knee to the face combo.  Frost then eats a reverse clothesline.  She hits a reverse Samoan drop and twisting Vader Bomb for a two count.  Frost kicks out at two and ducks a splash.  Frost hits a punch and pump kick.  After another side kick, she hits a snowball, rolling thunder in the corner for a two count.  Gisele catches Frost on the top rope and DDT’s her from the second rope.  Frost kicks out at two.  Frost eats a twisting suplex, but kicks out at two.  Gisele misses a knee and Frost sweeps the leg and hits a spin kick.  Gisele catches her on the top again.  They fight for position.  Frost knocks her to the floor and hits The Frost Bite and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Lady Frost

Knockouts World Champion, Mickie James is interviewed backstage.  Chelsea Green comes in and says she wants to be her second to the ring.  Mickie says please stay in the back.  Mickie wants to end Tashia Steelz on her own.  Chelsea says she loves her and agrees to stay out of the way.

Pre Show Match 2.  Matt Taven and Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) VS Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Maria joins the announce desk to represent Honor No More.  Maria says she is good with Eddie Edwards being the head of the “movement”.   Bennett and Swann start off.  Bennett takes the early advantage and he and Taven show their tag skills.  Mack gets to the ropes and Mack tags in.  Mack shows why he is a former X-Division Champion.  Mack is using flying power moves to clean house.  Swann dives to the outside on Taven and Bennett after Matt tried to interfere.  Mack then takes to the outside from the ring and summersaults everyone.  Mack tosses Taven back in.  Swann works on Bennett on the outside. Taven gets a two count off a elbow drop.  Bennett tags back in and gets double teamed with a series of kicks.  Bennett pins Mack for a two count.  Willie then pop up punches Taven.  Swann tags in and hits a series of kicks himself.  He then gets a two count off a rolling thunder.  Mack hasn’t left the ring and they hit an assisted bulldog for a two count.  Bennett enters and takes out Swann from behind.  Taven recovers and hits a leg lariat for a two count.  Mack eats a Bennett superkick.  Swann superkicks Bennett.  Taven makes the save.  They set up the proton pack, but Mack shoulders Taven and Swann sunset flips Mike Bennett for the win.

Winners by pinfall.  Swann and Mack.

Sacrifice PPV main show begins.

The show begins with a vignette package, hype video.

Match 1.  Jake Something VS Trey Miguel, The X Division Champion

Jake has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.  He muscles Trey to the floor right from the tie up.  He is a massive man.  Trey comes back swinging with his hands and feet, but Jake shakes it off and hits a massive short arm clothesline.  Trey goes for a sunset flip, but Jake will have none of it.  Trey hits another kick and starts to realize he has a speed advantage.  Josh catches Trey flying and powerbombs him.  Jake then starts to pound on him.  Josh is slowing the match down now and that is working.  He whips Trey hard into the corner.  Jake gets a few pin attempts, but Trey keeps fighting.  Trey then throws in a few punches, but Jake shakes it off and hits another clothesline.  Trey looks overmatched.  He then hits a spear for a long two count.  Trey is getting rag-dolled, but somehow fights back and drops Jake with a clothesline.  He then starts hitting running elbows and a big flying forearm.  He gets a long two count.  Jake gets to his feet, while taking chops.  He just ignores it and hits a massive powerbomb.  Fans are chanting, “This is Awesome.”  Something hits another clothesline.  Trey somehow ducks another and knocks Something to the floor.  He then hits a Canadian Destroyer on the floor, leaping from the ring.  Something is dead weight, but Trey puts him in the ring.  Something kicks out of a pin. Trey goes for an armbar and Jake hits two massive power bombs.  Trey blocks a third, by driving his knee to the chest.  They meet on the top rope.  Trey slips behind and Trey does a series of 619 moves and then a Meteoria and gets the win.

Winner by pinfall and still X-Division Champion, Trey Miguel  

Tashia Steelz with Savannah Evans is interviewed backstage about her title match tonight.  She questions why Mickie doesn’t want Chelsea Green to second her to the ring.  She says it doesn’t matter, because he is going to send Mickie back to her husband and son as a loser.

Match 2.  Eddie Edwards (with Honor No More) VS Rhino (with Team Impact)

Rhino wants to tear the trader apart.  He attacks Eddie right from the onset.  Eddie spills  to the outside in retreat.  He re-enters, but Rhino stays on the attack.  Eddie does connect with a few chops, but Rhino simply fights it off and lays in some of his own before tossing Eddie to his teammates on the outside.  Swann launches him back in the ring.  Maria hands Eddie a kendo stick.  The ref notices and boots her from ringside.  Eddie uses that time to gain advantage.  He drapes Rhino over the ropes and his teammates work Rhino over.  Eddie locks on a rear chin lock.  He then hits a splash in the corner.  He tries for another and Rhino hits a shoulder tackle and back elbow.  Sabin and Kenny King start going at it on the outside.  Now all the outside teams are going at it on the floor.  Swann launches himself from the ring onto everyone.  Mack decides to do the same and hits a Swanton to the floor.  The fans are loving it.  Maclin enters and DDT’s Eddie.  Maclin then grabs the kendo stick and hits Rhino in the back, betraying his team.  He exits with the fans telling him off profanly.  Eddie leg lariats Rhino and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Eddie Edwards.

Match 3.  Knockouts Tag Champions, The Influence VS The Inspiration (with Kaleb with a K)

Kaleb will need to back his team with no interruptions if they are to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championship.  In fact, Madison and Tenille tell Kaleb his services will not be needed at ringside.

This should be an interesting match now that Kaleb has been told to stay in the back.  Jessie drops Tenille with a shoulder block.  She then hits a suplex.  Cassie tags in and they double team Madison, who just tagged in as well.  Madison and Cassie start a series of roll ups and arm drags.  Cassie ends up getting the advantage finally.  She drags Madison to their corner.  Tenille jumps the ring without tagging in and they try to take out the champs, but the champs toss them from the ring.

Out of nowhere, Cassie gets tossed from the ring by Madison.  Madison gets a two count off a rollup on Jessie.  She then uses the ropes to boot her in the ring.  Tenille puts Jessie in the tree of woe.  They work over her in their corner.  Tenille gets a two count after Jessie crumbles to the floor.  Cassie finally gets back to the apron and gets tagged in.  She takes out Tenille in the corner and lays out Madison with a huge kick to the head.  Cassie then kicks Tenille and gets a two count.  Jessie tags back in and Tenille gets kneed in the face for a two count.  Madison is nowhere to be found, but Tenille does a great job of handling herself.  Just then Kaleb enters ringside.  Jessie gets a two count off a spin kick.  He throws Tenille the tag belts and she lays out Cassie with it.  It isn’t totally obvious who he was trying to throw the belt too, but Dashwood took advantage and we have new champions.

Winner.  The Inspiration are new Tag Team Champions of the Knockouts Division.

Heath gets some inspiration for his match from He then tells Moose he is ready.

Brian Myers enters the arena and is sitting at a merch table.   He has action figures with him.  W. Morrissey enters and chases him off.  Morrissey then fist pumps the fans back up the ramp.  He is now a full on face.

Match 4.  Jonah VS PCO

This should be ugly.  Jonah and PCO tear into each other.  Jonah works him to the corner, but misses a whip and splash attempt.  PCO hits a DDT.  He then dropkicks Jonah in the back.  The match spills to the floor.  Neither back up an inch and eventually make their way to the ramp.  Jonah hits a Russian leg sweep on the ramp.  They get back in the ring and Jonah chops PCO about 10 times, it seems to have no effect on PCO.  He then starts chopping Jonah repeatedly.  The match spills to the floor and PCO hits a summersault to the floor.  They re-enter and Jonah is placed on the apron.  PCO then launches himself crushing Jonah from the top rope with a senton.  PCO looks like he hurt himself as bad as Jonah.  The guy is unstoppable.  Jonah recovers and they end up on the top rope.  Jonah hits a massive suplex that shakes the foundation of the ring.  PCO gets to his feet and and suplexes Jonah.  Jonah no sells it and clotheslines PCO.  PCO gets back to his feat, but eats a suplex and DDT.  He sits up again and Jonah kicks him in the face.  Jonah goes to the top and PCO chases him down first.  They are on the top rope and PCO hits a ranna off the top.  UNREAL.  PCO has been a wrestler for 35 years.  He heads back to the top and hits a moonsault for a two count.  This is awesome chants are heard.   Jonah rolls from the ring.  PCO chases him, but Jonah steps to the side and slams PCO into the steel steps.  He then piledrives him on the stairs.  That was ugly.  Jonah sets him up again on the stairs and powerbombs PCO to the floor. He tosses PCO in the ring and hits the Tsunami and gets the pin.  Incredible.

Winner.  Jonah

PCO refuses any help to the back.

Jay White is interviewed backstage about his match with his mentor, Alex Shelley.  Jay says you knew me, but not who I am now.

Match 5.  Jay White VS Alex Shelley

The fans seem to be split evenly.  They are chanting for the two former friends.  Shelley embarrasses White with some quick trademark, high speed moves to start the match.  Alex takes him down with an arm drag and then kisses Jay in the back of the head.  Jay is furious.  The two start trading forearms.  They are really going at it.  Alex kicks Jay off his feet and he rolls from the ring.  Shelly misses a dropkick to the floor, but sweeps the leg and faceplants Jay on the apron.  He then knee drops the back of the head.  Back in the ring, Jay takes a neck breaker, but picks up his knees to block a splash.  Alex is hurt and Jay goes right on the offensive with a back breaker of his own.  Jay recovers and chokes Shelley on the top rope.  He then works Shelley’s back over on the apron.  Jay is now in control and slows the match down.  He hits a massive back breaker.  He is so technically sound in his moves.  Jay and Shelley trade forearms and Jay whips Shelley in the ropes.  Alex hits a flying forearm and drops White.  Shelley then hits a series of kicks.  Jay fights out of it and hits a back elbow and a DDT for a two count.  Jay then hits a spinning suplex for two.  Shelley avoids a splash in the corner and faceplants White on the 2nd turnbuckle.   Shelley then gets his eyes poked by White.  They then tie up, trading knees and back elbows.  Shelley hits a sliced bread for a two count.  He then hits a big superkick.  Shelley rolls up Jay and locks on a arm bar, while pulling back the head.  Jay gets to the ropes.  The fans are loving this match too.  Shelley launches himself onto Jay, who bailed to the floor. Jay hits a swinging neck breaker onto the apron after catching Alex.  Back in the ring, Alex attempts the switchblade, but then eats Jay’s version.  Jay gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Jay White

Fantastic match.  Everyone is standing and cheering, even the announcers.  Both competitors slowly get to their feet.  They greet in the middle of the ring.  Shelley reaches out to shake hands.  Jay looks at him and laughs and exits the arena, mocking Alex.

Eric Young and Violent by Design are backstage and talk directly to the Good Brothers.  They want the tag belts.

Match 6.  ROH and AAA Women’s World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo VS Chelsea Green

This is an interesting match up.  Chelsea was a mystery foe for the match.  These two are the best of friends.

Purrazzo and Chelsea trade hip tosses to start the match. Chelsea hiptosses Deonna again, this time from the ring and dives on her to the ramp.  Back in the ring, Deonna is embarrassed and slams her and starts kneeing her friend in the back repeatedly.  Deonna goes for a pin and gets a count of two.  Deonna then hits a clothesline.  She starts to get cocky at this point and chicken wings Chelsea.  Chelsea counters and kicks Deonna in the head.  She then double knees her and gets a two count off a sunset flip.  Deonna rolls out of the pin and locks on a armbar.   Chelsea escapes and hits a dropkick to Deonna’s face.  They both get to their feet at the same time.  Chelsea takes a punch and then dropkicks her to the corner.  Chelsea then gets a pin attempt after kicking Deonna several times.  Chelsea then plants Deonna face first and heads to the top.  She misses and Deonna gets a quick two count.  They then trade bowing the arm back.   Deonna gets to the ropes.  Deonna injures Chelsea’s wrist.  Chelsea is in bad shape.  Deonna grabs the wrist and wrenches it back.  The ref calls for the bell.

Winner.  Champion, Deonna Purrazzo

Mickie enters to make the save as Purrazzo wouldn’t let go of the hold.  Deonna leaves gloating.  Tashia enters with Savanna Evans.  We are going straight to the match.  Chelsea is still getting helped from the ring.

Match 7.   Knockouts World Womens Champion, Mickie James VS Tashia Steelz (with Savannah Evans)

Steelz is determined to win the championship by any means.  The match starts and Chelsea is still trying to get from the ringside area.  Chelsea is shown sobbing at ringside again.  Mickie locks on the the crab, but is distracted with Evans attacks Chelsea on the ramp.  Steelz dives on Mickie who goes out to check on Green.  Steelz then throws the champion into the steel stair case.  Back in the ring, Steelz gets a two count.  Steelz is in complete control.  Mickie finally mounts a comeback in the corner.  Steelz is quick to counter and kicks Mickie in the face.  Mickie hits a back elbow and mounts the top rope, hitting Steelz in the head.  Steelz crotches James.  Steelz climbs back up and gets crotched as well.  They are tied up on the top and tumble to the arena floor.  Evans puts Steelz in the ring.  Mickie barely beats the ten count.  The two trade blows in the center of the ring.  James gets the best of that.  She then hits a series of clotheslines into a neck breaker.  James misses a Mick Kick, but hits a Twist of Fate.  Evans enters distracts Mickie.  Steelz jumps on her back in a crucifix.  Steelz rolls her up for a two count.  I can’t understand how Steelz isn’t DQ’d.  They start trading punches again.  James hits a ranna.  Mickie hits a stratisfaction for a two count.  She then heads to the top rope, but Evans meets her.  Evans is knocked to the floor, but James jumps into a stunner and Steelz gets the pin.

Winner and New Knockouts World Women’s Champion, Tashia Steelz

Match 8.  Violent By Design (with Deaner) VS World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers (representing the Bullet Club with Chris Bey)

Anderson and EY start the match for their teams.   Anderson hits a few leapfrogs and a arm drag.  EY misses a splash off a whip and Karl hits another arm drag.  EY then dodges a charging Anderson and does a armbar of his own, before raking the eye of Gallows and tagging in Joe Doering.  The two big men start exchanging shoulder blocks.  Gallows gains the advantage on a pump kick.  He then hits repeated elbows to the back of the neck.  He then locks on a chin lock for a minute.  Doering gets to his feet and elbows his way out.  The two crash again off the ropes.  Anderson and EY re-enter and The Machine Gun is in control with kicks and a senton.  He then hits a big back breaker.  EY flips out of a suplex attempt and tags Doering back in.  The former All Japan Champion kills Anderson with a slam and EY tags back in with a top rope elbow.  Anderson sneaks to make the tag.  Gallows comes in hot.  Anderson enters again and they hit a double suplex-cutter.  Doc gets a long two count.  Anderson officially tags in and they go for the Magic Killer, EY kicks his way free.  Doering tags in and slams, clotheslines and suplexes Anderson and gets a two count.  Anderson and EY end up on the top rope.  Gallows joins them and soon Doering finishes the Tower of Doom suplex.  EY took the worst of it.   Doering then tags in and goes to work on Karl.  Anderson slips a suplex and lays in a Anderson sidewalk slam.  Doering no sells it.  EY and Gallows are going at it on the ramp.  EY kicks him in the groin and spike piledrives him on the ramp.  EY joins Doering and they hit a powerbomb neck breaker combo and get the pin.

Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions, Violent By Design

Santino Morella joins the announce team for the Main Event.

Main Event for the Impact World Championship.  Match 9.  Heath VS Moose (Champion)

Moose has a great entrance.  It is surprising how big Heath is.  He doesn’t look small next to Moose and the champion is huge.  Moose is oozing confidence.  They stand in the ring looking eye to eye.  They start squaring off with punches  Heath wins until Moose picks him up by the waist and drives him to the corner.  Moose then beals Heath halfway across the ring.  Moose then whips Heath back first to the corner.  After another beal, Heath is looking outmatched.  Moose rips Heath shirt and chops his chest.  Heath loses it and chops him back and follows it up with a high knee.  Moose lures Heath to the floor and plants him after playing hurt.  Heath gets whipped into the barricade.  Moose then uses the corner post to pull Heaths arms from his body.   He then whips him into the steel stairs.  Back in the ring, Heath continues to take a beating.  He is trying to throw punches, but there isn’t much behind them.  Moose starts stomping on the ankle of Heath.  Moose then stomps his face to the mat.  He then locks on the abdominal stretch.  Heath bites his way out of the hold.  Moose then throws a huge forearm and tosses Heath to the floor.  He then choke slams him on the apron, not once but twice.  Brutal.  Heath is tossed back in the ring.  Moose stands on him for the pin attempt.  Heath kicks out at one.  Moose starts taunting Heath.  The anger is starting to boil and Heath makes a comeback.  He backdrops Moose to the floor and planchas onto him.  Moose re-enters the ring and gets rolled up for a two count.  Heath then hits a form of the back cracker for a two count.  Out of nowhere, Moose hits a sidewalk slam and a spear and gets the pin.

Winner and still Champion of the World, Moose.

Josh Alexander makes his return and attacks Moose.  He grabs the micorphone and says Scott D’Amore sent him home and told him to keep his emotions in check.  Josh says it was right to send him home where he could be with his family and also work out a new deal with Impact Wrestling for multiple years.  He also says he has a contract to face Moose at Rebellion for the World Championship.   He glares down at Moose as the show ends.

That was one heck of a show.

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