Asuka on being medically cleared: “not yet”

Mar 5, 2022 - by James Walsh

It was recently reported by PWInsider that Asuka is “ready to go” after undergoing shoulder surgery and being on the injury shelf. It was also said that she’s waiting until “WWE has a plan in place for her.” Asuka took to Twitter earlier today and commented on rumors that she’s been cleared to return to the ring.

She initially tweeted, “Am I medically cleared? [thinking face emoji]” She later added, “Let me know the percentage of news rumors that are correct.”

Later on she did post a tweet, writing, “My shoulders may finally be as strong as the Hulk.” A fan tweet replied, “Glad to hear you’ve feeling all healed up. Just make sure you don’t go waking up with one of those Bruce Banner hangovers. Wondering what happened last night and why your everything hurts.”

Asuka then responded, “not yet…”

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