Arn Anderson says Bryan Danielson was the best wrestler of 2021

Mar 5, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“I like everybody in that category. I’m glad Roman finally got to be Roman. I wasn’t around Kenny Omega enough previously, you know? I was never anywhere that he was to be able to judge him. But I see his creativity and I see how having wrestled around the world and probably a thousand different companies, you know, what he brings to the table. Punk coming back was huge for the company, but I’ve got to go with Bryan Danielson. He was said to be too small, too vanilla, too this, too that, to all the naysayers years ago and I knew watching him perform all he had to have was a chance. And man, just when he wrestled the champion (Hangman Page) here just a few weeks back, and they wrestled for an hour. You know how many people in the world can do that? Maybe five guys. And keeping it interesting and keeping it intense. You keep the story up there, keep the physically up there. So this year, he gets my vote.”

quote credit: Sportskeeda a& Wrestling Inc.

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