3/4/22 AEW Rampage Recap

Mar 4, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Chris Jericho, Excalibur, Ricky Starks, and Taz are on commentary from Orlando, Florida.

Match #1 – AEW TNT Championship – Three-Way Match: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Andrade El Idolo vs. Darby Allin
Guevara and Allin join forces against Idolo, but Idolo ducks to the floor. They follow him out, but Idolo gets back into the ring. They get back into the ring, and Allin sends Idolo to the corner with an arm-drag. Allin and Guevara deliver shots to Idolo in the corner, and Allin drops Idolo with Code Red. Allin goes for the cover, but Guevara breaks it up and rolls Allin up for two. Idolo goes to the floor as Allin and Guevara go after each other now. Allin applies a side-headlock, but Guevara sends him off the ropes and takes him down. Guevara takes Allin to the corner and delivers chops, and then sets him up top. Guevara goes for a suplex, but Idolo gets back into the ring and power bombs Guevara and Allin to the mat. Idolo keeps control of the match as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Idolo delivers a series of suplexes to Guevara, and then finally suplexes him into the corner. Idolo keeps Allin grounded as well, and then goes up top. Idolo goes for a moonsault, but they roll out of the way. Idolo lands on his feet and hits a standing moonsault on Guevara for a two count. Idolo goes after Allin and gets a cover on him, but Guevara breaks it up. Guevara and Idolo exchange shots, and then Allin comes in with shots of his own. Guevara and Idolo double-team Idolo, but Idolo drops Guevara with a clothesline. Guevara comes back with an enzuigiri to Idolo, but Allin sends Guevara to the floor. Idolo hits Allin with his belt and drops him with a scoop slam and goes up top. Allin cuts him off and grabs his belt. ALlin hits Idolo with his belt and hangs him in the corner. Guevara hits a Coast-to-Coast dropkick on Idolo and sends Allin to the floor. Idolo goes to the floor as Allin gets back into the ring. Guevara catches Allin with a roll-up for two, and then Allin gets a few two counts of his own. Guevara gets another, but Allin bridges up and Idolo comes back in.
Guevara kicks Idolo, but Idolo kicks Allin. Idolo slams Guevara to the mat and goes for the cover, but Allin breaks it up. Idolo delivers an elbow strike to Allin, but Allin kicks him in the face and hits the Stunner. Guevara delivers the GTH to Idolo and Allin sends Guevara to the floor. Allin hits the Coffin Drop and goes for the cover, but Guevara hits a senton to break it up and gets the pin fall on Idolo.
Winner and still AEW TNT Champion: Sammy Guevara
-After the match, Guevara puts his belts on the mat and offers his hand to Allin. Allin doesn’t accept and leaves the ring as Guevara calls after him.

PAC, Penta Oscura, and Alex Abrahantes are in the ring. Abrahantes says if The House of Black wants to start a war, they can add some fuel to the fire this Sunday. Abrahantes says they may be down a Lucha Brother, but there are three of them and three of us. Abrahantes says an eye for an eye, and an arm for an arm. The House of Black appears on the screen. They say that Abrahantes’ sacrifice to the house will be honored. The lights go out and The House of Black appear on the apron. Abrahantes says he never said the “three” were currently in the ring. He says The House of Black has their monster, and they have theirs, and Erick Redbeard makes his way to the ring. Redbeard gets into the ring as security rushes out to keep the six men separated. The House of Black escape the ring as Redbeard takes out every security guy. Penta puts one of the security guys in the arm-breaker as the match is made official for the Buy-In this Sunday.

Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky are backstage. Lambert says Sky will take on Guevara next Wednesday for the TNT title, and Paige Van Zant will officially sign her AEW contract next week as well.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Keith Lee vs. JD Drake
Drake delivers a few chops, but Lee isn’t fazed. Lee delivers a few of his own and knocks Drake to the mat. Drake comes back and runs the ropes, but Lee drops him with a shoulder tackle as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Drake delivers a clothesline, but Lee comes back with a headbutt. Drake delivers a shot in the corner, and then chops Lee’s throat. Drake sends Lee to the corner with a double chop, and connects with a Cannonball. Drake hits a moonsault press and goes for the cover, but Lee kicks out at one. Lee puts Drake on the top, but Drake shoves him away. Drake goes for a cross-body, but Lee catches him and puts him on his shoulders. Lee hits the Spirit Bomb and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Keith Lee
-After the match, the rest of The Wingemen hit the ring, but Lee powers over them and takes control. Lee power bombs Cezar Bononi, and then throws Peter Avalon onto the rest of the group on the floor. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs start walking to the ring, but Orange Cassidy’s music hits and they stop mid-ramp.

Exclusive footage of CM Punk from this past Wednesday airs. Punk says that MJF will find out what he thinks he already knows. Punk says he is the master and knows who he is. Punk says if MJF wants the guy he grew up idolizing, congratulations, but he’s not ready. Punk says he will beat MJF over and over again until his own mother won’t recognize him. Punk says this is what MJF wanted, and this is what he deserves. Punk says he will become a monster to fight the monsters all over the world, because he is CM Punk and he is better than you.

Tony Schiavone interviews Jade Cargill. Smart Mark Sterling is with her, and he says they are locked and loaded for Revolution. Sterling says he put a clause in the contract that Tay Conti couldn’t tough Cargill until 48 hours before Revolution, and Anna Jay walks up and asks what day it is. He says it’s Friday, and then Conti lays Cargill out with a kick to the face and tells her that she has less than 48 hours left with the TBS Championship.

Match #3 – 5-Minute Rookie Challenge: Serena Deeb vs. Leila Grey
Grey ducks out of the ring as the bell rings. Deeb follows, but Grey gets back into the ring. Deeb follows, but Grey goes back outside. Deeb finally catches her and pulls her to the floor. Deeb delivers a back-breaker over the middle rop and then locks in a front chancery, and Grey taps out.
Winner: Serena Deeb
-After the match, Deeb applies the Serenity Lock, but Hikaru Shida’s music hits and she rushes the ring. Deeb delivers shots to Deeb with the kendo stick all around the ring and on the floor. Shida destroys Deeb’s knee with the kendo stick before security rushes out to separate them.

Tony Schiavone interviews Eddie Kingston. Kingston says the match is on Sunday and he doesn’t want to talk anymore. Kingston says Jericho is going to regret what he did, and he is going to embarrass him on Sunday.

Match #4 – Face of the Revolution Qualifying Match: Christian Cage vs. Ethan Page
They lock up and Page backs Cage into the corner. Cage comes back with a few right hands, but Page beats him down in the corner. Cage comes back with a kick, and follows with an uppercut. Cage goes for the cover, but Page kicks out. Cage sends Page to the floor and drops him with a dropkick as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Cage delivers a few elbow strikes to Page. Cage comes off the ropes, but Page meets him with a back elbow. They go the floor, and Cage slams Page into the steps. Cage drops Page with a tornado DDT on the floor and tosses him back into the ring. Cage delivers shots in the corner and gets a roll-up for a two count. Cage stands on Page’s back in the ropes, and then delivers an uppercut. Cage drops Page with a reverse DDT and goes for the cover, but Page kicks out. Cage runs the ropes, but Page comes back with a Cutter. Page goes for the cover, but Cage kicks out. Cage drapes Page over the top rope and delivers a diving headbutt. Cage goes for the cover, but Page kicks out. Cage goes for a Spear, but Page counters with a shoulder tackle. Page goes for the cover, but Cage kicks out. Page goes for Ego’s Edge, but Cage gets free and drops him with a Spear. Cage goes for the cover, but Page kicks out. Page comes back and sends Cage shoulder-first into the ring post. Page goes for Ego’s Edge, but Cage gets free and delivers the Killswitch for the pin fall.
Winner: Christian Cage
-After the match, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus come to the ring and celebrate with Cage. The Young Bucks and reDRagon make their way to ringside. Kyle O’Reilly and Matt Jackson make a quick dive into the ring and grab the tag title belts. The Bucks and reDRagon get face-to-face, and Luchasaurus takes the titles back. Jungle Boy dives onto The Bucks and reDRagon and then stands tall with Cage and Luchasaurus as the show comes to a close.

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