Impact Wrestling 3/3/22

Mar 3, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling starting at 8pm.

The show begins will a vignette on Eddie Edwards and his betrayal of Impact Wrestling.  The Bullet Club  is also featured.  Their feud with Violent by Design and The Guerillas of Destiny is also featured.

Match 1.  Eddie Edwards VS Steve Maclin

The two meet on the floor and start slugging it out to start the live action.   The fight is on heavy before the bell even rings.  Finally in the ring, Maclin is on the offense and connects with some heavy boots to the midsection.  He then dives on Edwards on the floor.  They both re-enter the ring and Maclin gets a count of two.  The two stand up and trade chops.  Eddie hits a blue thunder bomb for a count of two.  Again the two trade punches and chops.  Eddie gets the best of it this time and then he starts yelling at the crowd, before dropping Maclin with a clothesline.  Eddie then lays in some more chops.  He hits Maclin 6 times, but Maclin fights out of it with chops of his own.  Maclin actually is hearing cheers.  The two continue trading European forearms.  Maclin connects with a backbreaker and clothesline.  He then hits a back suplex.  Maclin heads to the top, but Eddie crotches him on the turnbuckle.  Eddie then mounts the turnbuckle, only to get dropped backwards into the tree of woe.  Maclin then charges with a brutal knee to the mid section.  Eddie tumbles to the arena floor.  Maclin tosses him back in.  Eddie grabs a kendo stick and smashes Maclin over the head.  The ref ends the match on DQ.

Winner.  Steve Maclin

Team Impact hits the ring to stop Eddie from continuing the beatdown.  Eddie bails to the ramp, where Honor No More greet him.  Maria Kanellis grabs the mic and cuts a long promo about the puppets of Impact.  Heath and Vincent go verbally at it next.  Heath challenges Vincent to a match.  Honor no More enter and the next match will be next.

Match 2.  Heath (with Team Impact) VS Vincent (With Honor No More)

The two stand in the ring.  They couldn’t look more different.  Vincent drops Heath with a back elbow off a whip.  This just seems to piss Heath off.  Vincent then takes him down and locks on a quick leg scissors.  Heath breaks free.  Heath then whips Vincent into the corner and mounts him for the 10 punches.  He then slams his head 10 times into the top turnbuckle.  After taking an elbow, Vincent connects with a clothesline off a whip.  He then hits a spinning neck breaker.  Heath kicks Vincent in desperation and then connects with a inverted atomic drop for a count of two.  Heath gets distracted by Matt Tavin on the outside and Vincent hits another neck breaker. We go to break.

Heath takes a Russian leg sweep as we return.  Vincent gets a two count.  The fans chant this is awesome.  Vincent then hits a side suplex/flatliner combo for another two count.  The Heath chants are loud.  Heath drives Vincent into the corner, Vincent climbs the ropes only to get suplexed.   Both struggle to get to their feet, but Heath is quicker to the punch.  He then pump kicks Vincent.  Vincent dodges a splash and hits Red Room for a two count off the top rope.  Heath blocks a another leg sweep and hits a wake up call for the win.

Winner.  Heath.

Honor No More try to attack, but Team Impact makes the save.  Moose enters from nowhere to attack Heath, but Heath drops the Impact World Champion with another Wake up Call.

Sabin and Shelley beat Team 3 D in a flashback moment.

Match 2.  Masha Slamovich VS Raychell Rose

This should be another squash match.  Slamovich butchers Rose in the corner with chops.  She then hits a running basement knee.  She then hits a powerbomb and a snowplow to get the pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Masha Slamovich

The Guerillas of Destiny are backstage and they call out Jay White.  They say they brought Jay White into the Bullet Club.  They say tonight is going to be real personal.  Eric Young and VBD come in and says this could be a nice business arrangement.  He and the GOD agree to work together to make it work against the Bullet Club tonight.

Madman Fulton, Ace Austin and Mike Bail all have quick chat backstage.  This ticks off Fulton.  Bail and Ace look to start teaming.  Fulton is jealous.

Match 3.  Madison Rayne (with Kaleb and Tenille Dashwood) VS Cassie Lee (with Jessie McKay)

The  Inspiration will face The Influence this weekend for the Knockouts Tag belts, tonight this one on one match will set up the weekend.  Madison is all over Cassie right from the beginning.  Madison is a former champion and it looks like it.  Cassie finally trips up Madison, but she just bails the ring.  Madison hits a jaw breaker as she re-enters the ring.  Jessie is furious on the outside.  Madison hits a northern lights suplex next.  Cassie ducks a clothesline and hits a series of elbows and kicks.  The action spills outside and Tenille slams Madison’s back into the apron.  Kaleb, who has been very friendly with the inspiration, saves Jessie from Tenille.  She ended up jumping in his arms.  Cassie hits a inspiral and gets the pin.

Winner.  Cassie Lee

Sacrifice is promoted for this Saturday.

A Josh Something vignette airs next.  He will face Trey Miguel at Sacrifice for the X Division Championship.

Mickie James enters to sit at ringside on commentary.  She is the current Knockouts World Champion.

Match 4.  Winner will face Mickie James for the Knockouts Championship.  Tashia Steelz (with Savanna Evans) VS Chelsea Green

The two start the match quickly with Tashia gaining a early advantage.  She uses kicks and whips in the corner to gain an advantage.  Tashia then hits a strong back elbow.  She follows it up with some double axe handles.  Mickie is clearly rooting for Green.  Tashia is busy yelling at James on the outside.  Green finally hits a back elbow.  Steelz baseball slides into a upper cut.  They then cross the ropes and butt heads.  Green recovers and hits a backstabber.  She gets a two count.  Tashia blocks an unprettier.  Green hits a face first suplex for a two count.  Tashia hits a bulldog after a super kick.  Savanna pump kicks Green on the outside.  Mickie is furious.  Evans tosses Green back in the ring.  After a frog splash, Steelz gets the pin.

Winner and challenger to the Knockouts Champion, Tashia Steelz.

NWA World and Digital Media Champion, Matt Cardona is shown backstage trying to make everyone respect him.  It doesn’t seem to be working.

Match 5.  Johnny Swinger VS  Jonah

The Swing Man goes right to the eyes of Jonah.  That is the end of his offense.  Jonah crushes him with a elbow.  He hits a splash off the top and it is over.

Winner.  Jonah

PCO will face him at Sacrifice and he heads out to the ring.  PCO steps in the ring and the two square off.  Jonah slams him and heads back to the top.  He hits the tsunami.  PCO simply sits up out of it and clotheslines Jonah from the ring with ease.

Deonna Purrazzo the ROH and AAA Womens Champion is interviewed backstage.   Giselle Shaw interjects in the interview.  This pisses off Purrazzo.  Lady Frost enters and challenges Shaw at Sacrifice.

Match 6.  Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, Chris Bey and Jay White (Bullet Club) VS The GOD, Tama Tonga and Tango Loa and VBD, Joe Doering and Deaner (and Eric Young)

Gallows and Anderson are so much better back with the Bullet Club.  They finally are back with the group they helped start.  Tama and Tango were booted from the BC after being 7 time NJPW tag champions.  They want revenge.  VBD want their shot at the tag straps.  This match has plenty of story behind it.

Tama and Tango charge the ring last and the fight breaks out.  They are targeting Jay White.  This is a complete mess and the match hasn’t started.  Security runs out.  Scott D’Amore enters and says this match can’t happen as a regular match.  This has to be a no DQ match.  We go to break with the fight picking back up.

Back to action, the NO DQ match is in full swing.  Chairs are flying.  The GOD clear the ring, then Anderson drags Tama to the outside.  Deoring takes out Jay White who enters the ring briefly.  White grabs a trash can and hits Doering with it.  Deaner has joined the match since it is no DQ.  Chris Bey ducks a trash can, steals it from Deaner and smashes it against his head with kicks.  Doering then catches Bey diving to the outside and drops him on the apron.  Anderson misses a gun stun on Tama on the ramp.  Tanga attacks Doc with a baseball bat.  White chokes Doering with a chain, but Doering flips Jay onto a trash can on the floor.  Deaner misses a splash on White.  Doc punts Doering.  The GOD clear the ring again.

Gallows and Anderson protect Jay White from the GOD.  They then fight up the ramp to the backstage area.  Jay White is left in the ring with Doering and Deaner.  They double up on him until Bey makes the save.  They have a split screen of the fight backstage and action in the ring.  The Good Brothers seem to be in control backstage.  Doering finds a door under the ring.  He brings it inside.  Bey avoids the door and ducks Joe who slams into it and spills to the floor.  The Good Brothers have the GOD tied up in a ladder.  They are using chairs too.  Jay hits Deaner with a Blade Runner in the ring and gets the pin.

Winners.. Bullet Club.

The show ends with the fight going on outside.  The GOD have turned the tables and bail after being hammered with a guard rail as the show ends.

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