Corey & Carmella reality TV show premieres on WWE’s YouTube

Feb 28, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

The Corey & Carmella reality show made its debut today on WWE’s YouTube channel.

Episode one, titled House-hunting Hell, is 11 minutes long and deals with the couple going around the city of Pittsburgh to find a new house, a house which must have a nice kitchen, a nice bathroom, a nice backyard, and lots and lots and lots of closet space for Carmella’s clothes.

There will be five episodes in total. Episodes one and two are both available today with episode three coming tomorrow, episode four on March 2, and episode five on March 3. Initially, the episodes were supposed to be four minutes each and split into 10 parts.

The whole season is the pilot episode that was filmed by Glass Entertainment Group, the producers of tons of reality TV shows.

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