Taya Valkyrie says she was threatened for standing up for her husband

Feb 27, 2022 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE star Taya Valkyrie aka Franky Monet addressed public backlash that she received for calling out the company after her husband John Morrison was released…

“I was just very anxious and didn’t know what to expect, especially because when I went to WWE, it was right after the whole 2020 pandemic when I didn’t work a single indie for a year, and I was, you know, only doing Impact TV tapings. So it had been two years basically since I had been around fans, spoken to fans. Because at NXT, you don’t really have any fan interaction at all, and you’re in the CWC every day. So, it was just different. I didn’t know, I was just like, ‘do they like me? Do they hate me?’ And then also, I will touch on this, the negative backlash that I got made me even more anxious. So when I got released, people were sympathetic and felt really bad for me, and then two weeks later when they decided to release my husband, I was mad. Like, I was sad and then I was mad. And then I said what I said because I was upset. I mean, I was standing up for my husband. Part of me was like, ‘what? Fire me. Don’t fire John. John Morrison, really? Like, why?’ So I was really upset, so I, you know, I was threatened online, I was told to kill myself. Every horrible thing you can think of, I was told because I stood up for my husband.”

(quote source: WrestlingInc.com)

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