Shotzi Dealing with Lower Back Pain

Feb 26, 2022 - by James Walsh

Shotzi has been off TV for much of 2022, and has now revealed that she’s dealing with some serious levels of lower back pain. The Smackdown star, who has only had a quick appearance in the Royal Rumble this year, is the focus of a video released by Mondragon Chiropractic earlier this month in which she says she’s had lower back pain issues following a bump she took in a match.

Shotzi said when talking about her pain (per Fightful) that it was “Right now, my lower back. I actually got x-rays on it. It’s nothing crazy, but they said that my pelvic bone is tilted forward. They’ve been giving me rehab exercises and stuff. I’m way better than a month ago, for sure.”

Asked about where her pain level was at, she replied, “Ten. It was pretty bad. I had a match and then I woke up the next morning and it was really hard for me to get up. I slid off of the bed onto the floor and I couldn’t even put pressure onto my knees or crawl. I’ve been off for a little bit.”

It’s not clear when Shotzi will be back in the ring. On behalf of 411, our best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

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