Bryan Danielson on his experiences of working with writers

Feb 26, 2022 - by James Walsh

During an appearance on The Masked Man Show podcast, Bryan Danielson talked about his experiences of working with writers during his time in WWE…

“In a weird way, I enjoy the concept of limitations. Some people like the idea of, for example, we don’t have writers per say in AEW. I enjoyed working with the writers. Not only was I part of the creative team with WWE, but when I had a promo, the writer and I would work together. It was a partnership and a collaboration. I’ve always enjoyed collaboration more so than just, here’s my thing.’”

“I think initially in wrestling, because I was very shy, I stuck to myself and just did whatever my idea was that was in my head. But now as I get older, one of the things I find the most fun about wrestling is the collaborative aspect of it, whether it be your opponent that you’re wrestling against, or it’s, ok, I have this interview segment. When I was the planet’s champion, my writer was Robert, and he and I worked together so well. He would present me with, ‘Hey, this is kind of what the promo is.’ Then I would be like, ‘What if we do this?’ We bounced ideas off each other really well. I find when you work really well with somebody in collaboration, to me, that’s a lot of fun.”

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