Impact Report 2/24/22

Feb 24, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.

The show starts with a highlight package from No Surrender and the shocking betrayal of Eddie Edwards.  He turned his back on Impact and joined the invaders from ROH, known as Honor No More.

Impact World Champion, Moose heads to the ring and declares himself the great champion in the history of Impact since he disposed of W. Morrissey.  Moose is upset they are even bringing up Edwards, in the light of his greatness.  He says he ran Josh Alexander out of Impact Wrestling.  Moose runs down Jordynne Grace and Matt Cardona.  Then Heath enters the arena to seemingly confront the champion.  He is not there to fight though.  He wants Moose to join team Impact in the fight against Honor No More.  Moose tells Heath he could care less about ROH, Impact, his wife or his damn kids.  Heath loses it and drops Moose.  Heath grabs the belt and holds it high as Moose is down.

Heath meets Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Rhino in the back.   They agree to team up against HNM.  Scott D’Amore greets them and says they can’t touch Honor No More because they won at No Surrender, and they have every right to be in the arena. D’Amore says he knows Eddie Edwards screwed them over this past weekend but tonight, he’s off limits and they have to let him explain himself but at Sacrifice.  Rhino will get the first crack at the betrayer.   Rhino says he’s going to beat the hell out of Edwards and do it violently and the blood will be on Scott D’Amore’s hands. We then head to a commercial break.

Back from break, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, PCO and Maria Kanellis of Honor No More arrive to the arena and Scott D’Amore tells them they’re safe until the six-man tag match, which he hopes the IMPACT guys rip them limb from limb.  Moose enters and says he has no problems with them, but they better not get in his way or come for the Impact World Title. Honor No More exits, D’Amore asks what the hell happened to Moose and asks if he’s being serious about saying he doesn’t have Impact’s best interest.  He makes a match for Sacrifice.  Heath will face Moose for the Impact World Championship.

Lots going on, we haven’t even seen a match yet.

Match 1.  Jordynne Grace VS Digital Media Champion, Matt Cardona (Combat Match, digital media style)

Grace takes an early advantage much to the delight of the crowd.  She uses her strength to her advantage, and we go to break.  Cardona gains an advantage using the objects placed at ringside that are legal in this match.  Grace gets a chair and uses it to the midsection to mount a comeback.  She then finds some selfie sticks and beats Cardona with them.  She then hits a nice combo elbow and double knee strike.  She gets a two count.  She then powerbombs him on a bunch of cell phones.  Grace kicks Cardona in the groin, but Cardona has a cup.  He pulls it out to gloat and Grace crotches him again and takes the cup and puts it in his face.  Cardona whips Grace into the corner, where a chair was and rolls Grace up for the pin.

Winner.  Matt Cardona

Kaleb, Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood are confronted by Champions, The Inspiration.  Madison yells at Kaleb again.  The Inspiration defend Kaleb.  Madison gets slapped in the face.  Madison attacks them and Keleb plays peacemaker.  The champs walk off and Madison and Tenille talk down to Kaleb.  Who is he going to help when they have their upcoming match for the Knockouts Tag belts?

Jake Something is interviewed backstage by Gia Miller.  He lost a tag match with Trey Miguel on BTI.  Trey walks up and says they did their best.  They will do better.  Jake cuts him off and says he could basically care less about the tag match and wants to be the X-Division Champion, which Trey currently holds.

Match 2.  John Skylar VS Bhupinder Gujjar

Sklyar briefly has an advantage off a clothesline, but Gujjar comes right back with splash after a huge slam.  Skylar works his way free from the enormous, BG and trips him into the corner post.  It was a good enough move to earn a pin attempt twice, but BG was simply too strong.  Skylar continues to be on the attack, but a sling blade from BG stops him in his tracks.  BG then hits a massive spine buster.  After a spear the match is over bye pinfall for BG.

Winner.  Bhupinder Gujjar

Match 3.  Deonna Purrazzo, AAA Champion vs. Lady Frost — AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Frost comes out swinging and lays into the champion with some high-flying offense, she connects with a moonsault, and gets a two count. The double champion slows down the pace a bit and works over Frost’s knee, slides out of the ring and drills Frost’s knee into the apron.  Frost kicks Purrazzo back and lays her out with a back-flip off of the apron. Frost struggles back to her feet, really selling that left knee injury and gets back into the ring where she nails Purrazzo with a drop-kick to the back of the head, then a kick in the corner, goes for the cover but ‘The Virtuosa’ is able to kick out. Purrazzo lays Frost out with a clothesline then locks-in The Boston Crab but Frost crawls to the ropes to force the break, flips Purrazo back with a roll-up, Purrazzo rolls out and locks-up The Venus de Milo and Frost has no choice but to tap!

Winner.. Deonna Purrazzo 

Gisele Shaw’s music hits and walks right past Deonna Purrazzo, who’s exiting the arena and makes her way to the ring. Shaw poses in front of Frost and gloats.

The Bullet Club are shown backstage.  The Good Brothers are back with the boys. Jay White addresses the camera recently.  Eric Young and Violent by Design enter and say they are owed a tag team title match.  EY runs down the Good Brothers for listening to Jay White.  The Guerillas enter and a fight breaks out until the Bullet Club runs off.  It looks like VBD and the GOD are going to join forces, but they walk off at the last second says it was strictly business getting rid of the Guerillas of Destiny. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows

Match 4. Jonah VS Zicky Dice

Jonah absolutely destroys Dice with a series of power moves culminating in a powerbomb for the pin.

Winner.  Jonah

Jonah continues beating on Zicky post-match.  Backstage Gail Kim greets him backstage and informs him he will face PCO at Sacrifice.  Johnny Swinger shows up says he wants Jonah next week.  Gail agrees.

Gail is shown once again with Chelsea Green and Mickie James.  They are setting up their match.  Tasha Steelz enters and is furious that she isn’t involved in the title match.  She storms off and a match for next week between Chelsea and Tasha is set up.

Match 5.  Honor No More, Matt Tavin, Mike Bennett and Kenny King, with Vincent, PCO and Maria Kanellis VS Rich Swann, Willie Match and Chris Sabin with Rhino and Heath

Team Impact is all over the HNM from the onset.  Kenny King is the brunt of the onslaught.  Quick tags result in rapid fire offense.  Bennett tags in and takes more punishment and then Taven tags in.  Taven hits a neck breaker on Sabin and King tags in.  King uses the ropes to choke Sabin.  We go to break.

Back from break, Sabin kicks out of a pin attempt.  Sabin trips Bennett into Taven and lands headfirst on his crotch.  Taven gets punted to the face by Swann.  Mack and Swann hit a jumping spike DDT on Taven.  Mack hits the standing moonsault Somoan drop combo.  King interjects and Bennett and Taven hit a proton pack and get the pin.

Winners.  Honor No More

Maria Kanellis grabs the mic and introduces Eddie Edwards to the arena.  He walks out to boos.  Swann goes face to face with him on the ramp, but Eddie walks right past and heads towards the ring.  We go to break.

Back from break, the Impact contingent is forced from ringside by Scott D’Amore.  Eddie has the mic and says he gets it.  You are pissed off and betrayed.  He says they should feel that way but are wrong to blame him.  Eddie says he grew up in the business with ROH.  He was furious they are on a hiatus, but that wasn’t why he joined HNM.  He says the HNM is about more than one promotion.  They want to expose the dishonor in all promotions.  There is a smattering of applause.  He implies the Forbidden door opened all kinds of prosperity.  Rich Swann failed Impact Wrestling losing to Kenny Omega.  He said it was Impact Wrestling fault he wasn’t given the opportunity to defend Impact Wrestling and regain the World Title.  He then complains Josh Alexander was chosen instead of him to regain Impact’s honor.  Eddie says he had no choice but to join HNM, because Impact turned their back on him.  He then blames the fans for being happy for the others that failed.  He says he gave everything to this company and got nothing in return.

Eddie’s wife, Alisha Edwards comes out furious.  She says since you made this public, she is going to do the same.  She says he betrayed their brothers and sisters.  She says she understands he wanted the opportunity, but Josh brought the title back home.  She then tells him he needs to stop bitching   Eddie then says this is his family now.  Alisha then says what am I then?  Eddie says I don’t know, I’m just walking away from those who walked away from me.  He then drops the mic and walks off, leaving Alisha alone in the ring looking disgusted.

Great segment, as the show ends.

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  1. Indigo Andy says:

    While Eddie Edwards has never exactly been Mr Charisma, that was a pretty good segment to end the show. It’s not that complex but they referenced history and real life in a way that furthered the storyline rather than pivot it.

    It’s amusing both NJPW is basically letting Impact run one of the betrayal storylines they could have sat on for years.

  2. Scott Porter says:

    Totally agree on the NJPW storyline. I can’t believe they are playing this out on this platform.

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