Bray Wyatt working on a horror film

Feb 23, 2022 - by James Walsh

During an interview with the Rock and Roll Beer Guy podcast, makeup effects artist and WWE collaborator Jason Baker talked about a horror film he is working on with former WWE star Bray Wyatt

“It’s happening, it’s going. Did some stuff in November in Tennessee and we’re working on some more stuff and it’s coming along and yeah. Hopefully, people like it once we finally get it all put together. I had such a blast working with him and directing him when we did the original first eight FireFly Funhouse segments that, you know, we just clicked and become really good friends and we just, you know, he’s an amazing collaborator. He’s one of the smartest people I know. So, he’s, you know, I’m like, why wouldn’t I wanna? Yeah and we’ve got some other really good people involved. And yeah, it should be fun, once we finally, once we finally get to put, you know, boots to the ground. Which is always the hardest part. Just getting your, just getting all your ducks in a row.”

Baker also said the following in regards to Wyatt leaving WWE…

“I have an amazing relationship with Windham, with Bray. I have an amazing relationship with WWE. They’ve always been amazing to us. You know, of course, I wish Windham was still there. You know, some of the funnest things I ever got to do in my career professionally and personally was with, involved with him and WWE. But you know, I’m like, again, circumstances that I was not a part of, that I don’t know exactly what happened went down and it’s just, you know, you know, it’s sort of how it goes, you know? So, would I like to see him back there? Of course, but is he going to be? I have no idea. You know, and even if he was, I wouldn’t wanna know because I’d want to be surprised just like everybody else.” (quotes courtesy of

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