Canyon Ceman post-WWE update

Feb 21, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Former WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development Canyon Ceman has landed a new job.

Ceman recently announced on LinkedIn that he has joined as their Chief Athlete Officer.

“I am proud to announce that I have joined as Chief Athlete Officer,” he wrote. “I am honored to join an ambitious, athlete centric startup led by strong female co-founders Tracy Benson (Best Buy, Home Depot) and Jonalyn Morris (Beats by Dre). I am inspired by Obsesh’s clear mission and purpose: to empower athlete entrepreneurs. This mission continues my lifelong goal of leading athletes to high performance in sport and life. During my career as a player, leader, and executive in beach volleyball, I always advocated for player’s interests. During my tenure at WWE, I helped build and lead a talent development system that generated global Superstars in a WWE Performance Center culture of athlete empowerment, respect, creativity, and growth.

“Now with Obsesh, I am ready to apply all of this passion and experience to help NCAA and Pro athletes achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Obsesh will provide the platform, the support team, the training, and the tools to help athletes thrive, in addition to innovative products and services designed with athletes in mind. If you, or someone you know, is an elite athlete with talent and personality that needs a platform to shine…we would love to help you through”

You can click here for the press release on hiring Ceman. To learn more about Obsesh or enroll as a talent, visit their Pro website.

It was noted by Fightful Select that Ceman’s experience with WWE NXT, and his NCAA experience, were major points of attraction for the people at Obsesh. Obsesh is a real-time sports platform connecting consumers to top athletes and personalities, but they do not offer any kind of pro wrestling service as of this writing.

Ceman was let go by WWE back in the summer of 2021. He just issued his first statement on his WWE career and departure back in January, which you can read at this link.

Ceman was hired by WWE to work as the Senior Director of Talent Development back in March 2012, after serving as the Chief Financial Officer of the Association of Volleyball Professionals until the organization closed in 2010. He was promoted to the role of Vice President of Talent Development in August 2015, and held that role until July 2018. Ceman was then promoted to the role of Senior Vice President of Talent Development, the WWE Performance Center, Business Development and Casting/Content in July 2018, and worked that role until his departure. During his time with WWE, Ceman was intricately involved in the scouting, recruiting and evaluating of talents for the WWE developmental system, and helped with overseeing the NXT brand.

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