Kenny Omega says Cody Rhodes was not a good fit for AEW

Feb 19, 2022 - by James Walsh

In a recent interview with the Wrestling Observer, Kenny Omega spoke about Cody Rhodes leaving AEW, how shocking it was, Cody’s vision differing from the vision he and the Young Bucks had, whether Cody was a “good fit” in AEW, and more. Highlights from the interview are below.

On being shocked about Cody’s departure from AEW: “Everyone was shocked. Yeah, I mean, wrestling is — we all know when our deals are up, especially the EVPs, like, we know when our deals are up. Especially in the case of The Bucks, they know when their options kick in, for myself I don’t have a deal like that, because you know I’m up next year, just straight up done. So I’d have to re-sign a new one, there’s no option. We knew Cody, as much like The Bucks, this was that time. And when we would hear that, you know, there’s possibly some difficulty with the renegotiation or whatever, it was almost like you never think it’s gonna go in that direction where the talent is going to opt for leaving.

“Especially since when this thing first started, I would say the most passionate person about our revolution, the most passionate person about creating kind of an ‘us versus them’ mentality, that was Cody. So it was strange for him just to choose to up and walk away. However, that being said, you know feelings change. The environment around you is ever-changing, it’s constantly changing, and maybe the mission statement or the goal, or the revolution, or whatever you were searching for and trying to create, maybe that isn’t what it is anymore to you. Maybe that isn’t your inspiration or what gets you out of bed every day.”

On Cody’s vision for AEW possibly not fitting with the vision he and the Young Bucks have: “I’m guessing that knowing Cody as well as I know him, I don’t really think it was an issue of money. I don’t think it was Tony not showing him enough cash to keep him invested with the company. Cody, he really believed in the vision, in the original vision that he brought to the table for AEW.”

“And maybe, in the end, we had The Bucks and their vision, we had my vision, and then we had Cody’s vision, and all of our visions were different from one another. And I would say mine was more similar to what The Bucks had envisioned and Cody’s was out there, it was much different. You’re gonna get that I think when, finally, you’ve committed your life to an industry, to a business, and finally, someone goes, ‘Okay, you’ve done this job all your life, you’ve been raised into this business with these shackles on you, to a degree, by someone or something. Now those are off, you’ve got carte blanche, what is it you want to do?’ And I can understand there might be some heartbreak if you were promised that or told that and it doesn’t come to fruition. I get it.”

On AEW perhaps not being a good fit for Cody anymore: “It’s essentially now just Tony’s show and, of course, he’s going to listen to our advice and take our suggestions to heart, but AEW is very much Tony’s thing, Tony’s baby, and we’re there to support it in any way that we can.

“And it’s very possible that this current version of AEW just wasn’t a good fit for Cody, to Cody. For me, you know, I feel like he was one of the original four and there’s always gonna be a place for him. You saw it in his ladder match with Sammy [Guevara], he’s got incredible utility and he’s able to help our younger talent. So it’s nothing from an in-ring perspective – there’s no issues there.”

source: Wrestling Inc.

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  1. motorhead says:

    Yeah, AEW is NOTHING like WWE. I don’t EVER want to hear that BS again. Replace “Tony” with “Vince” and tell me, honestly, that I’m wrong.

  2. Cookie says:

    You’re wrong motorhead. AEW is a professional wrestling promotion while WWE makes horrible movies. They are nothing alike

  3. What? says:

    With the role AEW is playing in wrestling right now, a better replacement for “Tony” might be “Ted” or “Dixie.”

  4. Pisto75666 says:

    You’d be right Cookie, except for that tiny little thing where a third of AEW’s roster is literally former WWE talent. There must be something about them AEW likes.

  5. Steve says:

    Baby Khan not renewing Cody’s contract doesn’t look good for the rest of the orignal 4. Mark my words. All the former WWE has altered thier product. Time will tell how the public’s views on the AEW is gonna react . Generic names changes to released talent

  6. Luke says:

    What exactly is your definition of a professional wrestling promotion? I see bits and pieces of professional wrestling and professional wrestlers in AEW, but calling it a PROFESSIONAL wrestling promotion seems like a major stretch. For every MJF you have an Orange Cassidy.

  7. Mackdeezy says:

    I don’t exactly care for Cody, but this is rich from Omega. Next i suppose the Young Dorks are gonna come out and say the same thing.

  8. Jon says:

    Aew is sports entertainment just like wwe but aew caters 100 percent to massive marks and the internet wrestling community. Professional means it’s not a work it’s a shoot… aew is a work… it’s not real… they actually do things that make wrestling look faker than it is. No selling And 150 pound guys kicking out of every move possible. Wwe sucks tho says the fan of aew who is filled with guys who used to be better in wwe

    Professional wrestling died in the 1950s. That’s why 20 minutes a match don’t draw.
    Omegas vision Is something North American wrestling fans will never accept. Why? Cuz AEW looks fake. That’s the problem.. nobody in North America outside this internet wrestling bubble gives a sh-t about wrestling.

    Trust the aew fan to bring up wwe tho eventho wwe sucks and your fav wrestlers are only known because wwe

  9. Jon says:

    Aew is ecw but cosplaying

    For anyone to suggest aew is pro wrestling… umm? They literally come out in promos and say it’s fake

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