Lashley angle at Elimination Chamber possibly done due to a legitimate injury

Feb 19, 2022 - by James Walsh

As seen during the 2022 men’s WWE Elimination Chamber match, former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was taken out of the match early due to “concussion protocol.”

While Lashley wasn’t legitimately injured during the match, former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide noted during The Ringer Wrestling Show that Lashley is apparently dealing with a legitimate injury from his match against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble…

“I have under good authority that Lashley is shoot hurt and has been hurt since the Rumble match. If you’ve noticed, he hasn’t worked any RAWs. He hasn’t really defended his title. He was shoot hurt at the Lesnar match at the Rumble.”

“From what I’m told, it’s for at least 4 months. Shoulder surgery. I’m hearing that he might not even make it to Wrestlemania. He’s a freak athlete so there’s a possibility.” (quotes courtesy of

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