Teddy Hart doc reportedly being produced for Peacock

Feb 18, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

A documentary on the controversial Teddy Hart is reportedly being produced for Peacock.

This is not a WWE production, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, but WWE is aware of the project. Officials have “kind of warned” people against participating in the documentary.

One source who said they were warned by two companies, including WWE, about the documentary being negative, said they participated anyway. People interviewed noted that the producers were digging deep into Hart’s past and there were a lot of questions about bad ex-relationships.

The documentary is scheduled to be released in December, but that could change.

Hart was signed to a WWE developmental deal from 1998-2002, but was released due to alleged problems with his attitude. He was re-signed to a developmental deal in 2006, but released again in October 2007. Hart has worked for numerous companies, including ROH, MLW, TNA, AAA and MTV’s Wrestling Society X, among others. He has dealt with several legal problems over the years.

Stay tuned for more.

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