Santos Escobar on William Regal: “Regal, to me, is a very important person”

Feb 15, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“Regal, to me, is a very important person. Personally, when I first did my first tryout, my first and only tryout, which was probably 2009-ish. Yeah. He’s the one that spotted me from the moment he saw me. He said, ‘You got it. You got what we need. You got what we want.’ Of course, it was not his job to hire people. His job was just to spot people. Nothing came out of that. But then, as the time progressed, and as I evolved as an athlete, and I kept doing the right moves and checking all the boxes you mentioned before, we always kept in touch. Then eventually, I was able to come. Once I got here, of course, it was that feedback. It was that opportunity to be one on one with the people that can teach you, like Triple H, for example, or Terry Taylor, or The Heartbreak Kid, which to me is just sometimes, it’s unreal. Because you have the Heartbreak Kid here, face to face telling you, ‘You did good kid. Do this, do that.’ Or when you screw up, they give you the business. Your face is not that of a person that’s being given the business, but you’re more just in awe looking at them. That is just a whole lot of emotions that keep coming. They just keep coming. I think the best thing that I can do is just absorb it and then put it out there with my work.”

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